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I couldn't do justice to the graphics, but I tried :)

So much juice, I've enjoyed it so much! Great jam entry, and your first no less!

Amazing :)

What a hidden gem

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Hey 0x72, I'm making a small game based off this asset in order to learn better. Question though: how do you place all the environmental blocks? I'm so used to auto-tile that I have no clue how to do this without placing one by one (unless there's a way to auto-tile these).

Hi there! I don't think I understand the question. Are you asking how to set up auto-tile rules in the software that you use?

Well, I'm using Godot, I'm just wondering what method you used to place all the blocks? I'd love to create levels with these assets, but am just wondering if you used some sort of autotiling to place all the intricate blocks/environment?


I've placed them one by one, or stamp a couple of them (the cluster ones) sometimes with tiled - it wasn't too much work, but I had to create only one map.

These days, I'd probably use ldtk which is amazing. Especially if you need to produce multiple levels

I took a look at what Godot offers here by default and yeah, it seams too simplistic (or I'm missing something, which is probable) to achieve the effects as in the preview image. 


Thank you for the advice! I'll check those out. I'm excited to work with these as I'm using your assets to try to learn how to build games block by block.

Used this and more of yours, thank you for the great asset :)


Finally got some time to play this one! Haha, the tiniest boss ever! Love it :)

:D Thanks for your time!

Holy crap, if I had money to spare I would legit donate as much as I possibly could.
Your style is possibly one of the coolest I have ever seen, and I have browsed every game asset site imaginable.
Gold sticker star for you

I just downloaded it for free but I need to pay for it eventually. Keep creating amazing content like this ( not that I doubt you will :D ) and you got yourself a devoted follower.

thanks for the kind words! Don’t worry about money. It was a conscious choice to make it available for free. Just go make a game (maybe a game jam) and have fun!

Absolutely love this spritesheet! Amongst many of your others. I'm prototyping a platformer/RPG style game in it right now. 

I'd love to see more assets of this type

I follow your page for a time and your work is amazing! Congrats and thank you for more one great resource!

This is actually perfect for something that somebody I know is working on. Perfect resolution, perfect bit-depth (they use a shader to change the colors around), even the  same basic art style.

So beautiful! Thanks!


Honestly, what you give to the community is fantastic, and I love the fact that you release such great art to the public domain. It's a real benefit for budding game devs who might want to focus on their code, but still have the satisfaction of making something that looks good!


Thank you for the kind words. I'm just happy it's used somehow : )


This this this this this


Anything that's by 0x72 has to be awesome :P


Thank you!

Love your work. Takes me back to my youth.

Been playing around with your assets in Unity. Just prototyping functionality within the Corgi engine. In the event someone is interested..

If only you had more enemies :)


Thanks. How do you feel about borrowing some of the enemies of my industrial  tileset (with some recolor)?


Might just do that. Thanks!

Hi 0x72, all of your work that you've published here is just amazing! Considering this is just a distraction, I wonder what other projects you have going on. Just curious, do you work on pixel art professionally? And do you also work on level design for games? Thanks again for the artwork. You are awesome!

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Hi there! Thanks!

I'm definitely not pro level artist; I'm just a programmer who draws pixel art in his free time. I don't work (nor ever have worked) in gamedev.

As for my other projects - too early to spoil the surprise, sorry. Stay tuned though!

You are awesome! Go make a game! : )


very nice


In a sea of generic 2bit collections that look white and black, yours looks like it has texture and great detail.




I like how your "micro-projects" are already a very decent quality and diversity!


Thanks, I like to think I'm slowly getting better : )


I've noticed the progression, and you're definitely getting better. Keep up the great work! By the way, your "LÖVE  Platformer Guide" has helped me a lot. I hope you get to make more guides using LÖVE in the future. Your other assets are awesome as well! I'm a great fan of your style.  Thank you.

I'm so glad you've found the guide helpful. TBH it's a bit opaque and only a determined person might find it useful. I should have spent more time polishing it maybe.

In any case thanks for the support, cannot wait to play your LÖVE game (no pressure) ; )


As always thank you buddy really good work here =D


Thank you!