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You should add the license into metadata for the asset pack(s):

"Edit asset pack->Metadata->Release Info->License for assets" It will increase the size of audience that will be able to find your art


The UI looks simple and clean, and I love the font! I used vrtxrrya's packaged version of the font in my submission to Mini Jam 98, feel free to check it out:

(I gave both you and vrtxrrya credit)

Where is the packaged version



thanks so much bro

This is a great UI sprite, but how am I supposed to use the health bars?

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Not entirely clear what you're asking for.

### I assume it's a technical question here:

Well, it very much depends on the engine/framework/libraries/others you use to create your game. I imagine you'll have to slice/cut/mark-regions-of the bitmap and render the elements of the health bar you want to see in the place you want to have them.

Rendering a couple of fragments of a bitmap must be quite easy in any setup - you'll handle this! 

### I assume it's a ux question here:

Segmented health bars are easier to read for the player I guess but the values have to be in small ranges + the with might change during the gameplay (or with different characters). The continuous ones can be always the same width (hence more consistent visually) but the player might not know instantly if particular value is "a lot" or "very little" in particular instance.

Either case, when the red bar shrinks to nothing then the character is dead (usually).

This is actually a complicated topic and there is no best answer here (although there are plenty bad/good ones). Let know if you figure out something unique!

### In any case:

Good luck!


Hi!! I took this UI sprite set and make a resizable version of it:


i used them amazing work

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Hello all! I've come back after two days of trying to create a bitmap font file with the font included with no success (tried ShoeBox and BMfont). Does anyone have a suggestion?

Update: I was able to do it with ShoeBox. Separating the characters further did the trick (ShoeBox could not distinguish them with only 1px between them) Here's the font: You can just add it here if you wish, 0x72! Thanks for the great font

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Amazing! Thank you! Feel free to add punctuation and what not as you've suggested. I've included the link in the description so people can find it more easily : )


I've changed my username and the link here does not work anymore, wanted to let you know :)


Another update: It is now a TrueType font. It has been so for a time now but I had forgotten to write here.

uhhh, how do i separate all the parts of the png?

This looks like a good tutorial:

Hey, thats a great UI pack, I also wanted to ask what is the font called?

uh, idk... "DungeonUiFont"?

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Haha I meant is this a true type font that I could download online or is it an original font you made. Also on Windows 10, the primary photos app makes the transparent background white, so the font letters are invisible. When I posted the comment I couldn't see them at all...

Always  love what you have done :) 

Great !!! :)

This was released 3 hours ago from right now, which was when I started working on a Java game using your dungeon tile set II thing. Thanks!

nice job 0x72 

Great work 0x72 ^^.

Thanks a lot! I'm just working on a small roguelike with your dungeon tileset and this came right on time :)

Thank you, I was looking forward to this. Great asset pack as always!

Woah, AWESOME! I was just planning on using your dungeon asset pack to prototype my new game idea. This will come in very handy! Thank you!