Hi there!

I missed a way to privately* talk to other itch's users so here's a little app that fixes that. It's very bare bone, and it lacks some basic features, but i hope it'll be useful for someone**

Couple things to keep mind:

- you need to know (or copy-paste) the username of the user you want to talk to (there is no search nor contact list inside the app). itch lets you change the display name so it might not always be what is shown next to the avatar. Best to take a look at the person's profile page or account url. e.g.  my account url is 0x72.itch.io and my profile page is itch.io/profile/0x72 so my username is 0x72

- There is no way for me to notify recipients that they have an unread message :(

- You can however send a message to anyone (even users that do not exist (yet) - I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature :)).

Because of those limitations I guess the only usecase I can think of is something like: "hey I'd like to send you an email but I don't wan't to share it here in this comment section so I've sent it to you using this app, please respond" - not much i guess but its exactly what I needed recently :)

If you find a bug, please let know in the comments (except the pagination being wrong, I know about this one)

Tested in firefox and chrome.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not associated with itch.io nor the itch.io's owner. This is just a little hobby-proof-of-concept-project please treat it as such. I do not guarantee it'll be working properly or at all (aka. provided as-is without warranty) :)

[*] as in "Not publicly" not as in "Secure" or "Encrypted". Even though the app is using a secure connection it must not be consider a secure communication channel - do not share bank information, state secrets, compromising informations etc., messages won't be encrypted.

[**] it was also fun to write \o/

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Published 2 days ago
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