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Man thank you sso much , i will donate immediately once i got mony

it's probably not possible, but can you add a jump animation to any of the robots? Thanks :)


What a beautiful job! I created a game with this asset pack:

Hi Robert!
I've used your tileset on my game for the Mini Jam #121

You can see it here:


So difficult!

Haha! I should learn Godot as well! Thanks for using the tileset.

Hey Robert!

I just released my new game demo SyRec using this tileset.

You can see it here:

Hope you like what I've done :)

Looks amazing! When the full release?

I guess that depends - if lots of people like it and want to see more levels I'll make them. But there's always other game projects calling for my attention 🙃 (I say as I am literally opening Unity now to work on my next project...).

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Great work! I used this tileset in my jam entry:

Magrix by Anıl Konaç (


Thanks for sharing this tileset. I used it to create Doctor Lectro.

Yo, Amazing art.

I made a prototype game with it in pygame



Looks great! Looking forward for the release release! :D

I've totally forgot about pygame! Always felt like Löve's more usable, and better documentation/community/tutorials, but I've assessed long time ago so I know nothing. How does it stand in 2022? Would you recommend?

Pygame is absolutely awesome. It's a great learning tool. Highly recommend it if you know python and want to start making games. It has tons of good yt tutorials: Techwithtim, Clear Code, **"dafluffypotato"**, etc.
I don't know anything about Löve so I don't know how they compare.

Hi 0x72. This tileset has so much potential that I already created two game prototypes out of it and still missing a lot of elements.

Control Their Reality Ltd just used the basics but I already had some fun with it:

And into Orphebot I wanted to put as much content as possible, so the UI is a little more barebones, and still couldn't add all the bots and objects. I couldn't figure out a good use for the beams, buttons, and displays that would still fit into my base concept, and I also had to slightly modify the height of the bots, but here we are. I hope you'll like it:

I think I'll come back to this tileset in the future, and create a game that will really use eeeeverything from it. :D

Hi, my friend and I used your awesome robot in my first ever Game Jam project:
Thank you!


Hi, I used your tileset in my game

Damn, it's difficult!

Great work! :)


I'm in love with this tileset

hello! a friend and i used your tileset in a game jam! i wanted to use the set to its fullest but i ran out of time! also, my friend had already made his own robot sprites, but still, it was a very helpful set :)




Thank you very much for this art, I used it in an educational game that I created for a college homework and it was very good, in case you want to see the game:


What app did you use to utilise the tileset please?


Hey, I just used you tileset to make a game jam bullet hell game :D
Used to create the microwave background worked as a glove! :D

Thanks for using the assets, cool game.

Found a safe spot in the top-right corner unfortunately ^^

Hey 0x72, thanks for playing! :D 
I'm working on some fixes for a new version hahaahhah :D


Hey, I've used your tileset to make my entry for the WOWIE game jam:

Hey. Great work! This art looks amazing! Well done.

Are you interested in a co-op bundle? I recently finished an update for my game ([DIS] Assemble) and we are making a black friday bundle with another games and art packages. 

My game is about robots in a space station, so it fits the theme.

Hi, thanks for the kind words.

The tileset is free so cannot bundle I believe but thank you for the offer :)

Maybe I'll have something prepared for the next year!

I'm making a top-down RPG game in unity and I've been trying to slice the characters to make my enemy's in unity and I just cant figure out the correct dimensions to do so. Thanks in advance

Sorry for late responding - if still relevant: all is drawn on 16x16 pixels grid. The robots are all 16x32 (WxH) but first one starts at pixel 208x16 - so you might need to add 16px vertical offset or something like (I know nothing about unity). Good luck!

Thank you for this great assets. I made a game using the robot sprites. I used it for enemies at level 2. Check it out at

Nice! Thanks for using the robot :) also: Godot \o/

Hi, I really liked your tileset and I made and posted the game used by it on

It is currently in development and I work hard on it every day.

I admire the determination!

Looks like a cool game. Fingers crossed!

Hi, thanks for sharing such a great tileset.
Here is a game made using it for Ludum Dare # 47

Cool mechanic! I've noticed that a lot of people use the same character as the player's one - this is unexpected : )

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Hi! Just read that u'd be happy to see how ur (cool!) tileset was used. So, i wanna get u happy :D

heck, super difficult, but looks cool, thanks for sharing : )

I love it. The only thing I do not like is that there is everything in one image. I would prefer having everything as a collection of images and then pack it into the atlas my self.

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Hi! I used your tileset (adding some animations) to make a phone game that I published on the PlayStore a few days ago
If you want to try it out here is the link (you are on the credits)!

Awesome tileset! Thank you very much, I used it for my game for a Godot Jam:

I had no time to credit you in-game, but I'll add you to the page!

I like the mechanics, but it's too super easy to screw up accidentally and then you have to restart the game. Shouldn't memory clear up with a new bot?

Cool idea nonetheless, are you going to work on this one after the jam?

Yes, of course, memory should be cleared up after a restart. Times flies and there are many small things I had no time to fix before the submission. You can still clear memory with "q" in the meantime.

Yes, I am waiting for the judging period to end, but I will definitely work a bit more on this one later. I agree that it needs a lot lot more tweaking in terms of difficulty, playability, puzzles... so why not turning the proof of concept into a more mature game ;) If it happens, I'll keep you informed!

Hi, I really liked your tileset, but I have one question: how to animate lasers (blue and red) that prevent robots from passing through ??

Just render random tile out of the 3. you could also randomly apply flip (scaleX = -1), there is really not much into that.

Hey! I made a 48h jam game with your tileset (which is really pretty btw)!

And here a gameplay:


Amazing! I like the cat-like-one the most as well! :)

Fantastic tileset, i have used it in a gamejam. Found my game here! Hope you like it:

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Charming game! I finished it and I like it : D

making a game with this (Or at least attempting to) the main mechanic is that you can charge momentum and then release it mid-air.

keeping fingers crossed - any progress so far?

Some, but not much still trying to figure out stuff and it's getting really annoying ( the game not the tileset)

I know your pain, I'm in the same place right now. I wish you good luck!



Awesome work! I've used it in a game I just published:


game's fun : ) 

random idea: maybe some ricochet mechanics?

Have you tried raygun? Or did you mean something else?

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Oh, here it is! I've missed that. I guess I didn't have anything exact in mind but the raygun seams to be it : ) great work!

I hope I can use this in rpg maker!

Thank you for the assets. I have used them in my game. I have given attribution to you in credits of my game. Check it out here. Its a game made by a noob developer but hope you enjoy anything from it at all.

Thank you again for the wonderful assets.

Hi there! 

Nice project, but still very alpha, I'm glad you share stuff in so early stage (they say it's good to do so).

If I can have one suggestion - work on the physics variables - I feel like greater (I like infinite but obviously up to the game designer) acceleration would make the game more responsive.

Good luck!

Thank you for the suggestion. I didnt want to increase the game acceleration as the player object is already decently fast and anymore speed would make it too difficult to stop the speed as there is this sliding effect in the game. I could change it though but I mainly used it to learn all about this game development better and I seem to have gotten a lot better now.

Though making games more responsive by increasing acceleration surely seems interesting and my next simple 3D project is gonna be based on that.

Hi 0x72, I love this tile set and I want to ask you if can I use this tile for commercial purpose, thanks

Thanks. Sure of you can.

hello 0x72, i want make a game but i don´t know draw (sprites), we can make a game together?

Hi there! Thanks for the offer, but no time recently. However, you are free to use my sprites any way you like (CC0).

This is the first level, also I don't have any game play

What app did you use to utilise the tileset and sprites please?

Thanks for this amazing tile set

also what software did you use to make this


I'm using and recommend aseprite.

I used your tile set here ,  was a great help in finishing my first game. 

thank you great tile set

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