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i dont get it.. what exactly is it doing? can you make your sprites appear on a gameboy screen? how can i connect my gameboy with the pc?


Why, I'm not a programmer in the project I've been using this plugin for, but basically you use the bytes from the exported .c file and use them as sprites or tiles directly in your game, compile your game and than transfer it to a cardridge.

If you'd use GameBoy Development Kit it'll be something like in this tutorial for sprites .

The exported file is basically just bytes spelled out so if one uses different way of compiling a game it's still useful.

As for transferring to cardridge: search for something like "Gameboy Flash Cardridge" or   "Gameboy cartridge reader/writer" - this is for development or very small-scale, self-handled release I guess.

If you'd actually like to release 100s (1000s? fingeres crossed) copies of non-writable cardridges you'd probably want to find a publisher that handle that for you. 

Finally you can always just release .rom files and let your players handle that (either with emulation or their own cardridge writers)

hope it helps!