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looks cool


This tileset is so pretty :o


hi robert! how does the algorithm look like to make these dungeons? 

im working on a little 2d dungeon game with your awesome dungeon tileset and your characters and i would really love to use these kind of dungeons in my game. 

but i dont know how you are generating them :/ 

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I don't remember to be honest, but you can use browser dev-tools to find out - take a look at index.html and grid.js files - they are not minified or anything.

That being said I'd recommend you search for "dungeon generation algorithms" or "procedural dungeons howto" or something like that - reading my rubbish code's probably not worth your time.

Good luck!

-- edit: It's slightly different take but I love this method:



this is what i was looking for


plz give source code T_T


This one is actually not minimized so can download from and run/modify locally.

Is there anyway to load your own art into this and generate your own dungeons?

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You'd have to download the app with the dev tools or wget, run locally and provide own replacements for each image (or change the code - it's rather simple, maybe even primitive - a bit if you have more/less assets)

If it's like "let's make it a feature" - very unlikely I'll find time for such a thing.

This work really well ! I would like to be able to play in them, cause the dongeons are really nicely generated  !

it's there in my Projects/UnnamedPaperDungeonGame and I'm afraid it might be rotting...

uh : (

These are beautiful dungeons!

thanks : )


Is this tool and the resulting assets 100% Royalty Free for commercial use?

If CC, then who do we credit? Thanks.


100% free. No attribution needed.

You can still credit me if you want an way that suits you:


Robert Norenberg

In any case thanks for using the assets : )

Fantastic effort mate, thanks!


thanks : )

Ah, this is fantastic! 

You should release a spritesheet for this style (maybe a colored one as well!) 



Hey! That's not a bad idea! Someday maybe : )


Honestly you make some great stuff, and the fact that you release your assets into the public domain is really generous. Keep up the great work!


Thanks a lot himselfe!

It's just a hobby for me so I'm happy to do something that helps people.


I love your work.. I see some of your work make a great game :D especially is your assets


Wow, this is really nice! The cross hatching is fantastic.

Do you make tutorials by any chance?



Not sure what kind of tutorials you have in mind really, but unfortunately, I'm not doing any at the moment.

Pixel art tutorials. You're really good!


Thank you!

I don't have any plans for pixel art tutorials, but who knows? maybe one day : )

Really nice, could use some room decor (like inner walls or other stuff), tho.

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Heh, there's already code written for some random items (commented out) but i didn't like hiw it looks. 

Didn't think about inner walls though! Great idea.

Someday maybe : )


This is cool, nice work.

Thank you, much appreciated!

Really nice!
Maybe you could add an export-to-array button tho (or you could put the finished grid into a textarea with readonly or something) (I know, I could just check the source code).


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You can download a csv file with the dungeon serialized now.

: )

Works like a charm :D


This looks great! would you consider releasing the source code?

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Proper releasing would require to clean it up and what not because the code sucks. 

It's written in plain js (+ browser api), not minified nor anything so feel free to just download as is with dev tools.

No comments and full of anti-patterns - it is what it is. I don't mind you taking a look, although I doubt you'll find anything of value.

Let know if you make any use of it or you have trouble running it!

Thanks! I could really make use of this algorithm, since it's coded in js it would be easy to translate for actual game development.

However I'm more used to working with Unity and C#, could you tell me how exactly i can download it?

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E.g. in Chrome you can: 

- open the dev tools (e.g. menu -> more tools -> developer tools) 

- go to "sources" tab -> right-bar -> index.html

- download index.html file and grid.js file


that being said I just did a sloppy implementation of: - I'll believe you'll have more luck just reading that - there is even C# example implementation there you can use.

Good luck!

Well done 😎


This is awesome bro. Well done. 

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Thanks  :)