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Hi there!

I have dozens of projects that I failed to finish. This one is a year old and I decided to spend last 2 days making it releasable. Otherwise it'd rot on my hard drive forever. It's still missing of of the most important features of action rogue-likes: multitude of characters/enemies/weapons/items, but I guess it's better to have it released like that than not at all, even if it's only fun for 5 minutes : )

So... Fight more then one (!) kind of monster with your trusty sword and no plot what-so-ever, collect treasure of coins with no way to spend them and remember - I had more fun writing the game than you have playing it!

Hope you like it.

Published 20 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsFantasy, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite


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SlashSlashSlash_win32.zip 5 MB
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SlashSlashSlash.love 1 MB


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I wonder the name of the sound when the floor falls.

Internally it's called "2", not helpful I guess.

Unfortunately I lost track of which sound comes from whom, but if you feel like searching you can check the links in the credits section (it was some sound pack iirc)

this game is very funny. i like it

HAHA; I wasn't able to get that far (no without cheating that is : )) - congrats on your score, and thank you for playing!

i like this game. maybe you can change the gold collection sounds :d

Well, everything needs a review I guess. Working on it as we speak : D

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Good Game!

Please tell me the tile map effect algorithm name.

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uh... Not sure if there is any name there tbh. Just delay each tile by the direction you moves + add a little bit of randomness. Otherwise you just move up tiles with some ease each frame:

if tile.delay < time then tile.z = tile.z * 0.8 end

You can download the .love file and unzip it (as it's just a renamed .zip) and see for yourself in rooms/Floor.lua, :getTileDelay method and :update

Like this game! Keep up developing it!  =)

Thanks : )

I've been doing the same things with my old and forgotten prototypes.

Looks fun. Good luck!

Thanks, I'm going to need a lot of it : )

What engine did you use?


The art is a pleasure. The juice is beyond delicious. I'm truly impressed.

Super fun game! although there isn't much in it right now, I really love what it has so far. The graphics and sounds all tie together so well. This seems like a game i'd personally love to kill a weekend with. Looking forward to where you take it!

Thanks. I'm glad you like it. No enough content for a weekend but maybe in the future : )

Cool game, I like the graphics and the sound effects have body to them. Music is good too. Sorry I couldnt afford to pay for it!

Don't worry about it. It's free as it's a hobby project.

Music and sound effects are all kindly provided by other people (see credits); I only wrote code and draw pixels.

This will be one of my favorite games when you finish it! Just pure love!

I hope I'll manage to do so; no promises though : )

I appreciate the penguin support

Well, it's a löve file so it just work. All the thanks to developers of löve and sdl2 : )

I liked it, it doesn't do much, but what it does is polished and snappy!


I really enjoy all your stuff you put out! I'm excited to play this when I get home from school today. Thank you for always inspiring me! <3

Thanks for the kind words!