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Hi 0x72, I really like your 2BitCharactersGenerator! I'm sorry to message you here, but that project doesn't have a comment section, and I couldn't find a way to private message you. You see, randomized 2 bit characters is something I really want for my game, but I've had difficulty designing the sprites to be modular. I really like your implementation of it. Is it possible that you could release all the partial sprites separately as sprite sheets? 

Learn how to use your browser's developer tools. You'll spend like 15 minutes on it and it'll serve you for rest of your life.

Good luck.

That didn't occur to me, thanks

Excellent but would be cool to be able to specify margin/spacing between the tiles

How do I turn multipule images in to a tileset?

I'd use `--sheet-pack` feature of aseprite, or maybe some imagemagick.

This ad-hoc tool is not for this task unfortunately.

I have no idea what that is.

Very nice bro, I made something similar for unity, you should check it out sometime. 


I'm just curious - why don't people just use the built in feature? .

I actually use Unity Tilemap. Its actually quite nice.