A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is my entry for mini-jam 55 with theme "stealth" with limitation "cannot contain any violence".


A friendly scout competition of stealing others troops' pennant is both stealthy and non-violent and is part of my childhood so it fits the jam perfectly.

I used oil6 palette by Created by GrafxKid.

Made with LÖVE.


The game is total mess, but I'm happy to submitted it, finishing a jam for the first time.

The game allows you to throw frogs to deceive the guarding scouts. This is not violent, as you throw them very gently, just to make them croak.

Please don't throw real frogs!



    arrows / wasd - move
    j / c / enter - action / pick up / throw
    shift / z / l - running (noisy)
    space - show compass
    q / e - rotate camera
    m / n - toggle music/sounds
    escape - restart


No frogs were harmed during the production of the game.

Install instructions

Mac/Windows version should work out of the box, alternatively you download LÖVE executable to run the .love file.


tiny stealthy scout.love 1 MB
tiny stealthy scout-win64.zip 5 MB
tiny stealthy scout-win32.zip 5 MB
tiny stealthy scout.app.zip (broken package) 7 MB


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Nice concept.


Not bad i like it