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this was very cool


I love this little pixels <3 

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Hey! I'm a university student in my final year, currently working on documenting my Bachelor's project, which I chose to be a rogue-lite game. I felt that you should be credited, as I used your tileset and I absolutely loved it.

I've modified it to include different angles for characters and made some custom angled textures for walls:

Link to the game itself:

As mentioned, you will be citated and credited in my scientific paper. Thank you for your efforts!

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Amazing, I've never dreamed that those little pixels would be used for science! :D


I'm doing procedural generation for my dissertation too! I'm using Perlin Noise and Cellular Automata and lord has it been a big undertaking XD. Yours looks super cool, good luck!

You say that I don't have to credit you, but that doesn't seem fair. Sure you gave the permission to not be credited but it feels wrong. You, my friend, is getting a credit in my game (if I get around to finishing it)


Thanks a lot!

Fingers crossed for your game! Cannot wait to see it.

( I'm working on mine and it's a struggle :/ )


Hello 0x72, I'm an indie gamedev and I just released my new game on play store. It´s called Pixel Caves, a fighting and exploration platformer based on some of your art.

Please take a look!

Play Store Link:

Hey! it looks super cool! Keep up making games! :D


Enjoy the Coffee off to test this out.


Thanks for the sprites it made it easy to start in game dev :)

Thank you :),

I appreciate your work.


Thanks for the art! I'm using this to follow the first game dev tutorial that I'm watching :)


Thank you for these sprites, I used them to create my first game on Unity, you have been credited in the description.


I just want to say thank you for making these sprites available to the public domain.


Obrigado pelos ativos. Eu usei alguns dos seus personagens no meu jogo. link:

I'm using this for a digital D&D battlemap/initiative tracker that I'm using for my campaign.

BTW, do you know of any 16x16 fantasy character art beyond that in this pack?

I have another one and there is a list of "extensions" from other people - they should match the style.


Hey Bud! Thanks for the assets. I use them to make my first solo project, here's the link:

Ah bloody traps!!!

I love the promo art!

Thanks for this tileset! Been using it as a base for my upcoming steam game


Hi 0x72!

I used some of your assets for the Game Jam #9:

You are credited in the game and in the comments.

The first comment gives you a thumbs up :-)

If you can rate the game so it would be live streamed it would be great!







(+1) these? I noticed your comment and thought I'd give it a go although they're very rough :) I hope this helps anyway! 


That ermosoooo, you can do more or you can contact me

la verdad es que me encanta, si puedes quisiera contactarme con tigo y hablar de cosas por favor responde pronto, translate english

la verdad es que me encanta, si puedes quisiera contactarme con tigo y hablar de cosas por favor responde pronto, translate english


If you write to me at I can see what I can do...although I have a lot of projects on the go already so I can't promise much :)

cuando termines tus proyecto, no tengo prisa, suerte amigo, y gracias por los sprites me gustan mucho, te escribire, translate english my english is mediun

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Amazing! I love tchem :)

Hi I am a young programmer i have problems making art so can i please use them. please reply

They are released with CC0 license. It’s quite liberal and most likely you can use them in your project.

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Hello, I am a young programmer, I continue to learn, I really liked your assets, I would like if you could make assets in the star wars style please if you can or want, thank you. reply soon

I have no plans to make Star Wars related content.



I used your tileset for a game jam ! The Bored Pixel Jam #8. It was one week jam, I finished 2nd, here is the link of the game if you want to try :

It's a game about a demon gourmet cooking heroes to feed his customers ! You have to catch people, throw them into ovens and feed them to your clients !

hey i just started making games and i cant seem to figure out how to use the animations i wondering if u can teach me how ?

Thanks for you help




Thanks for the asset.


Thanks for sharing this! I'm about to use these sprites to learn unity, if I somehow get good I'll owe it all to you!!

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Thanks, but it's just some assets. All you'll learn on your own you owe only to yourself. Go make an awesome game some day so we can all enjoy it, and make millions in the process! :D


I used this in a jam!


thx I'll use it in a project

this remember me "Crypt of the necrodancer" 


How would you make the sprites look as if they were walking? 

Really good and helpful

**Best** tileset ever! So cute and useful. Thanks for 0x72~

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I like these sprites. It's been a year since I plan to use this on a game, now I finally used it for my first gamejam. Dungeon Tileset 1 and 2


A lot of blood!

great entry!

Thank you, Ill update this game after the jam. I'll use more assets created by your pixel dudes maker


Hi, thanks for making this asset available, I am participating in a gamejam and I am using it.

Hi, thanks for the tileset, I used it in my recent gamejam game

Super fun! 

Bloody mages killed me!

We featured your tileset in our community built java game engine demo: 

Hey, thanks! Looks like a cool opensource project! Good luck!

Thanks :D

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I made a game with this asset (and some of the V2)
Thanks! :D


I made this game with these, thank you very much :)





Hi!, I used this set of sprites on my project! Take a look here:

Hey Mate can you tell me what font you have used on this page

It's called both: Pixel or 04b_03 - one of itch's defaults.

Thanks, Mate Love your style. 😀

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