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Love your work Robert! Great tileset. Use example:


Looks cool, but it's super slow on for me. Does it wait for server response fore every move?

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Hello! Thanks for your feedback. You're correct in pointing out that the game state is fully recalculated with each interaction :-). I used  Streamlit, which is an open-source Python library for creating interactive web apps for data science and machine learning. This is essentially a tech demonstration of using Streamlit for purposes certainly different than what it's creators had intended ;-) 

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its not png its zip how to fix it?

I think you need to learn about computers... you need to unzip the zip to get pngs, right click on the zip and then extract it here.

Can I publish game with these textures when I will finish doing it?


That's the whole point of it!

Good luck! :D

Имба тайлсет, лучшее что я видел(без шуток), это реально потрясающий тайлсет, + он еще и без АП(СС-0

спасибо! иди и сделай что-нибудь потрясающее )))

amazing <3

you're amazing 

I am beginning my journey with Unity platform and going to use your creations on the first tutorial project there.

Just wanted to say that these are awesome and I genuinely thank you for sharing them.

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Hey, using a few of your monsters from this set, and some variants that I made of them, in my RTS Crypt Wizard

thank you very much !

Hello there,
I made an extension for your tilesets. I added some decoration. Check more in link:

Awesome, added link in the desc

Download goes well.

There is a wizard character in the sprite, can you draw the magic used by the wizard as well? (Fire, ice, lightning, earth, wind attributes, etc.)

If possible, please draw as many as possible.


Hi! Thank you for your awesome creations. I'll be using them to create my very first game! Can't wait to finish it!

Hi, I am new to sprites and I love this look! I am having some trouble splitting them. How have you all done it? I try Automatic split in Unity Sprite Editor, but this gives weird chunks like multiple characters stacked on each other and all the walls and floors together. However when i try to split on a 16x16 grid, it get halves of swords and little bits of crates. Is that to be expected or am I doing something wrong?

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I've just uploaded v5 where all the items are provided as separate .pngs so it's easier to use with Unity.

Good luck!

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Hi! I'm working on a free-to-play episodic platformer and I'm planning to use some of your assets (actually, the main character is your dragonling from DungeonTileset II) so I'm just double checking if it's OK with you (will include the credits, ofc).

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

yeah, sure, it's all right; good luck with your project!

Hi, you can check the game at

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Looks great! Congrats on releasing. I cannot pass the 3rd water though :(  Figured this out!

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when i download the images they come out really blurred does anyone know how to stop them from compressing like this?  i know that i posted a similar question before but i realised i gave wrong information thanks. 

You need to tell us which game engine you use… etc

its not a matter with the game engine, it is blurred from the moment i download it

Don’t zoom it, if you really need it to become bigger use piskel or anything to scale it


you need to fix that from you game engine bro.


after using game engine (Godot)

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No, the image is not compressed or blurred - you are just using/viewing it wrong.
If you provide information about the image viewer/engine/renderer you're using someone can help you.

Pixel art, especially this small (16x16) would be _tiny_ to view on your (for example 1920x1080) monitor. Whatever you are using to display this image will upscale it. Your screenshot shows you are clearly using some (bi-)linear texture upscaling. For pixel art, you'll always want to use nearest neighbor texture filtering to preserve the crisp edges.

I have this problem. Im using unity. What do I do?!



wowwwwww this dungeon looks so good!!!

Take a good look at the assets.

It's personal, but I'd like to make a request.

Could you please make a magic of attribute magic (elemental magic, fire, water, earth, lightning, wind, etc.) with this graphic?


I love your stuff man! I've been wanting to use some in a game and I got the chance. Used this one for a jam yesterday, I'd love it if you could check it out! It's really rushed but I think I only half failed at implementing the tiles. XD

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You want to set `FilterMode` to `Point` in import settings of the sprite (when you click on the file in `Hierarchy` tab you should see this options in the `Inspector` tab) -- or something along those lines


made a small game with this asset some time ago, I rated it 5 stars today, I didn't had account back then, thanks for sharing!

so clean and cool

just wow

So here is where those sprites come from!



Very cool assets! Used this for my game jam, thanks! I've credited you :D

this was very cool


I love this little pixels <3 

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Hey! I'm a university student in my final year, currently working on documenting my Bachelor's project, which I chose to be a rogue-lite game. I felt that you should be credited, as I used your tileset and I absolutely loved it.

I've modified it to include different angles for characters and made some custom angled textures for walls:

Link to the game itself:

As mentioned, you will be citated and credited in my scientific paper. Thank you for your efforts!

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Amazing, I've never dreamed that those little pixels would be used for science! :D


I'm doing procedural generation for my dissertation too! I'm using Perlin Noise and Cellular Automata and lord has it been a big undertaking XD. Yours looks super cool, good luck!

You say that I don't have to credit you, but that doesn't seem fair. Sure you gave the permission to not be credited but it feels wrong. You, my friend, is getting a credit in my game (if I get around to finishing it)


Thanks a lot!

Fingers crossed for your game! Cannot wait to see it.

( I'm working on mine and it's a struggle :/ )


Hello 0x72, I'm an indie gamedev and I just released my new game on play store. It´s called Pixel Caves, a fighting and exploration platformer based on some of your art.

Please take a look!

Play Store Link:

Hey! it looks super cool! Keep up making games! :D


Enjoy the Coffee off to test this out.


Thanks for the sprites it made it easy to start in game dev :)

Thank you :),

I appreciate your work.


Thanks for the art! I'm using this to follow the first game dev tutorial that I'm watching :)


Thank you for these sprites, I used them to create my first game on Unity, you have been credited in the description.


I just want to say thank you for making these sprites available to the public domain.


Obrigado pelos ativos. Eu usei alguns dos seus personagens no meu jogo. link:

I'm using this for a digital D&D battlemap/initiative tracker that I'm using for my campaign.

BTW, do you know of any 16x16 fantasy character art beyond that in this pack?

I have another one and there is a list of "extensions" from other people - they should match the style.


Hey Bud! Thanks for the assets. I use them to make my first solo project, here's the link:

Ah bloody traps!!!

I love the promo art!

Thanks for this tileset! Been using it as a base for my upcoming steam game


Hi 0x72!

I used some of your assets for the Game Jam #9:

You are credited in the game and in the comments.

The first comment gives you a thumbs up :-)

If you can rate the game so it would be live streamed it would be great!







(+1) these? I noticed your comment and thought I'd give it a go although they're very rough :) I hope this helps anyway! 


That ermosoooo, you can do more or you can contact me

la verdad es que me encanta, si puedes quisiera contactarme con tigo y hablar de cosas por favor responde pronto, translate english

la verdad es que me encanta, si puedes quisiera contactarme con tigo y hablar de cosas por favor responde pronto, translate english


If you write to me at I can see what I can do...although I have a lot of projects on the go already so I can't promise much :)

cuando termines tus proyecto, no tengo prisa, suerte amigo, y gracias por los sprites me gustan mucho, te escribire, translate english my english is mediun

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Amazing! I love tchem :)

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