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Check out newer DungonTileset II - you might like it better!


You can use this tileset for whatever you like (CC-0).

Credit is not necessary, but if you create something using this tileset I'd be happy to see your work (you can comment with a link).

That being said, you can still credit me if you feel like :)

- Robert

Since there were questions, let me clarify:

  • you can use this tileset in both private and commercial projects
  • you can modify this tileset
  • you can distribute both modified and original work
  • you are not required to credit me, (although I'll appreciate if you do)
  • you are not required to post a link to your work to me, (although I'll appreciate if you do)


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0x72_16x16DungeonTileset.v1.png 8 kB
0x72_16x16DungeonTileset.v2.png 16 kB
0x72_16x16DungeonTileset.v3.png 17 kB
0x72_16x16DungeonTileset.v3.png.zip (for itch.io app) 17 kB
0x72_16x16DungeonTileset.v4.png 20 kB
0x72_16x16DungeonTileset_walls.v1.png 3 kB
0x72_16x16DungeonTileset_walls.v1.tmx 37 kB
0x72_16x16DungeonTileset_walls.v2.png 4 kB

Development log


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This pack is great! I published my first game with some of these assets! https://xedindustries.itch.io/teeny-tiny-smithy

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Cool concept! The gam is fun, thanks : )

Hey Any idea on what a good pixel size it is to splice the asset pack. Like I tried 16 x 16 but umm didnt go too well. Other than that, this is a damn good asset pac

It's 16 by 16 with some of the items not conforming to the grid.

It's a bit more tidy in the tileset II I guess

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yeah you could splice it up like the second tileset, so that people who use it would not face problems like I did. pretty please


yo, great assets! I will try and use them in a small game. I suck at game dev and art but these fit awesomely in a small idea i am working on!!!!




Hey! Congrats on releasing the first game! Thanks for using the assets!

Wow~!! I like this asset!!!! >_<
Very thank you~! Especially good because it's a CC0 license!

(+ Can I modify this asset?)

Yeah, of course, it's CC0 after all!

wow Thank you!! I like your all asset!!!!

Very nice pack! Simple and cute. I ended up using this pack to make a game for a class, Corpse Contagion https://speedspider3.itch.io/corpse-contagion

This is difficult, but fun : )

Thank you for checking it out :)

I have a game that uses this assets https://rdsm243.itch.io/dungeon-hunter

this is cool, also: go godot!

Very nice assets fellow! Hope to see ore like that, if I make money with it I will  share with you lol :-)

Im using this for my game Knight Adventures!

Does this asset contain character animations?

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why, no it doesn't; people usually just waggle the characters or something like that.

Alternatively you can check https://0x72.itch.io/dungeontileset-ii out


Thank you for the tiles. I used them in my entry for Mini Jam 57: https://mkimball.itch.io/undercrypt

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It's amazing,

I crave more levels and maybe some story now!

Hey, I used one of your assets and modified it cuz i just couldn't draw it after 1000000 attempts lol (coin). Anyways... Here's the link if u wanna check it out!

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I have always loved "Name your price" products since I can just get them for free, but this feels like stealing...

Imma pay later, honestly

Thank you very much ... I will use it in the game I will ...

I love these assets!  I used them in my game Gothic Throne, cause they really gave me a Nuclear Throne kinda vibe.

Looks amazing! Yeah, I was definitely NT-inspired. iirc I started drawing with “NT but melee focused... Chicken’s the best!” in mind. Keep up the great work!

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this is really nice, i wanted to make a pixel art game and i liked this very much. Unfortunately i am 14 year old so i cant give you any money. I will always help you and refer to you in my game

Thanks for the kind words!

Don't worry about the cash, and feel free to use my assets however you like. Go make amazing games!

Thanks : )

Hello there. Can I make a game with your designs and throw steame? I will definitely write your name in the game. Great Designs!

"throw steame"?

not sure what you mean, but I guess you can, as there is nothing preventing you (definitely not me)

oh, and thank you! : )

i have a simple question

I am trying to use that on unity but when i import it to the scene i can not chose one object and create the level. All the objects are only 1 and i can not split them 

this should help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryISV_nH8qw

I made an extension to your wonderful tileset: https://aekae13.itch.io/16x16-dungeon-walls-reconfig

great! adding to the desc

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Hey there, me again lol, This time, I used ur assets as INSPIRATION, check it out lmao thx

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Extremely simple but satisfying mechanics! Great job! Cannot share the highest score because I've blinked but it was at least 300!

aaaaagrh.. it really need to pause for a second at least after I fail so I can see the score! :)

lol, glad u enjoyed it

Hey, Check out my new game, I used some of ur assets: https://da-gm3-comany.itch.io/a-weird-dark-minute

Would you be interested in being commissioned to do some more arts in this style?


I would really like it if you could come up with an inventory and health bar asset with it too!
But overall! Great Job! 
I suck at coding so I'm just making an rpg in scratch XD

If you want an introduction to coding games I recommend the game engines "GameMaker Studio 2" and "Godot"

I personally started with GameMaker Studio 1 but switched to GMS2 when it released, its language is easy to learn and good for getting into the programmer mindset.

Check Out my that game I used some of your assets
its a super cool horror rpg game where it has the sstrangest ending... have fun and GOOD LUCK!


Hey, cool project, although I have absolutely no idea what to do after defeating (?) first enemy.

Keep up the good work anyway! : )

Someone made a review in the game... check it out:

Check out my small game: https://da-gm3-comany.itch.io/the-3-crystals

Great job! Thanks for using the set :)

The art is very good.

Well done!

Thank you!

Thank you, for the nice art. I'm trying to make a mobile dungeon game. so this will certainly come in handy ;) 

Good luck!

Bless wonderful artists like you, I will use this in a project and credit you!

Amazing, cannot wait to see it!

This pack is super duper good and it's free! Thanks!

Thank you!

I'm using in a game.
the test video comes out on my Instagram (fwillyamfg)

awesome! gl!


My question may sound stupid, but I'm really new to all this stuff:

So, I'm downloading the whole DungeonTilest.v1.png for example, how can I then separate it from each other, so that I could work with only one sprite/object, not each of them at the same time? 

Thank you.

I was having the same problem with the sprites and cropping it one by one was very tedious so i made a small python code to crop these images you can use it , its on my github.

if any problem you can ask.


its called 'tile set' , just serch that on yb 

for any game engine

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i made a small game using some of your sprites

check out! https://striker-7.itch.io/blast

Couldn't play much because input (of all things! super weird, music and graphics works perfectly fine) doesn't work properly for me on wine, and I don't have a windows machine anywhere around : (

Looks cool though : )

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I'm using this to make my game!
I'm really thanksful to you! my game vote more than hundred in androidgamimg reddit.
Check out! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MrHue.DigDungeon

Amazing! Congrats : )

I'm using this to make an escape the dungeon kinda game, ill link you to it when its done and will give you credit cus youre an awesome artist

Hey! Thank you! And good luck with your game!

Iam using your asset pack as a base for alien gfx in this new game.

Ok i credit you in the help screen of it?

Want to credit when your assets help me alot.


I can see you've beed inspired maybe, but I don't think I deserve any credit here. It looks to me like you've spent quite some time on those graphics and they are all yours as far as I can see.

If you want to credit me anyway then sure, thank you. I'm happy I helped.

Charming game btw; the blue aliens are the worst! : )

Really like your stuff. Do you do commissions?

Not really, no. But if you have an idea please share, there is a non-zero chance it'll materialize - no promises though.


Check this out: 

Guys this is amazing!!!

Looks like you had fun working on those : )

I like it so much.

The use of heightmap for more interesting walls; the use of little goblins and bouncing animations; the us of red fountains for replenishing health (which I believe was the idea at the start (inspired by the diablo) but I've never told anyone); and chopping the sprites to create more interesting designs (The main character uses knights' heads and I'm like "ok..., kinda creepy",  but than I see the ogre boss, and he's using just ocrs as his armor XD).

Thank you to all of you! It's making my day; maybe the wole week : D

(3 edits)

Uhhh... this is going to be awkward. I just posted the link to let you know. 😅

I didn't make that video. I think it's best if you copy paste that on the yt video comments section. I'm sure they'd appreciate it from the man himself! 🙃

But some of these guys are here on itch.io


Have a nice day/week!

(1 edit)

oh! haha : ) not awkward at all, don't worry! sorry for misunderstanding; thanks for letting me know anyway : ) have a good day!

I used your work for a little prototype https://kevallion.itch.io/horrordungeon


will there be new tilesets anytime soon ?

dunno yet; there will be some but not sure how soon tbh.

Thanks , Can't wait for the next asset packs


can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.


Sure, it's CC0. I wish you a lot of sales.

thank u u are a very kind person and I won't forget your help

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