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This is a version II of my first dungeon tileset with some major changes and recolored (GrafxKid).

  • 0x72_DungeonTilesetII_v*.png - the tileset itself
  • tiles_list_v* - coordinates for tiles/characters/items
  • script_example.* - examples of how to iterate over tiles_list_v* files
  • crop.py - example how to split tileset into separate images if you need those for some reason
  • 0x72_DungeonTileset_v1.1_individual_sprites.zip - output of copy.py


As always:

You can use this tileset for whatever you like (CC-0).

Credit is not necessary, but if you create something using this tileset I'd be happy to see your work (you can comment with a link).

That being said, you can still credit me if you feel like :)

- Robert



v1.1 - added a spikes trap

added crop.py script (pytohn3) to split the whole thing into separate pngs according to the tiles_list.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

0x72_DungeonTilesetII_v1.png 30 kB
0x72_DungeonTilesetII_v1.1.png 30 kB
script_example.lua 813 bytes
script_example.js 679 bytes
crop.py 941 bytes
tiles_list_v1 4 kB
tiles_list_v1.1 4 kB
0x72_DungeonTileset_v1.1_individual_sprites.zip 139 kB


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Great work! Are you using a font for the "heroes", "demons", "undeads", and  "orcs" titles or is that your own drawing? If it's a font, could you share what it is? Thanks!

Thanks. No font unfortunately. I only drew lowercase letters so not sure if it's of any use for you, but in case it is, here you go:

Thank you, much appreciated.

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Just registered on itch to say that your art is pretty awesome. I have been wandering around game art assets sites for quite some time and I must say that I have seen very few assets that are as noteworthy as yours,  and even fewer that are free and CC0. I have been playing around with your art assets for months, and I have begun to like the perfectness with which they are created (Especially the characters).  Your two dungeon assets already have so much assets and combining them with "pixeldudesmaker" gives almost 100s of distinct characters and stuff.

Thank you so much for providing such beautiful assets for free :P.

BTW,  a few suggestions/requests (as you like it):-

  • All of your doors are front views (in both the dungeons), can you extend them by adding some side view doors.
  • A flowing lava/acid tile, maybe
  • Some ceiling tiles ( nothing special, just a tile in darker shade)
  • A flaming torch
  • A small update to pixeldudesmaker, with probably some new clothing items.

BTW Thanks again..

Thank you, I'm really glad you like it.

The side-view doors are something I struggle with for some time already. They just never look much like doors. Obviously I'll have to draw them sooner or later but I keep postponing.

Otherwise - all of what you've mentioned is somewhere in my todo-list already*. It's just difficult to find enough time. In any case I'll have some update this month (No promises about what it'll be though).

[*] except ceiling - I don't know what you mean - game dungeons have no ceiling - I'm intrigued - can you elaborate?

Hello again,  Robert, 

I will eagerly await the updates, surely they are gonna be great, especially the pixel dudes one. 

As for ceilings,  I mean something like this. The ceilings are colored kinda black there, but I meant  something similar. True,  I also haven't seen a dungeon with ceilings,  so feel free to move this to the bottom of your priorities.

Thank you for the spikes! They looks amazing in 3d


Love it! Feel free to drop suggestions if you need anything else (no promises) :)

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That is really kind!, for now, I have plenty of stuff to work with, maybe in the future I can drop a suggestion with a nice donation! :D

used some of the enemies you made in a gamejam game this past weekend.  I used gamemaker studio2 



Awesome! Kinda sad... but awesome! :)

yeah the game is somewhat sad but is also supposed to have a theme that even though life can be hard and short and tough to deal with, you can make it through and learn how to make it through successfully. Thanks for checking it out :)


I'm new to this, so I might be going about it the wrong way... But how do I use this with Unity? It seems like it would be better if everything was broken down in named folders and individual images, then I could use Texturepacker to import it into unity.  Or is there any easier way? Currently it seems I would have to crop out each character that I want to use. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hi there!

I have no knowledge of Unity at all but I've just added crop.py script that should help with your problem.

read Mertios' comment below


Import the sprite sheet by dragging and dropping it into Unity. Then, set the sprite mode to "multiple." Next, edit the sprite inside of unity to set the boundries. There are loads of tutorials on this.


That's true, but this sprite sheet has different spacing, different sizes, etc. So if you import into Unity as auto, all the background elements end up as one sprite, and some of the character sprites get lumped together. If you import as a grid, you still get the same issue, characters get cut up, etc. If there's an easy way to fix all that, please let me know!

Don't slice on auto - slice on "grid by cell size." There is also an option for padding if there is any.

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I'd like to piggyback off of this as I'm having the same issue.

The sprites seem quite lovely, but the sheet has no consistency to its size, placement, or padding, which makes importing them into many game development engines a nightmare.

I see you recently added a python script to split them.  Unfortunately, I am having no luck with it - it looks like I'm lacking the proper PIL modules or something to that effect.  If I knew I'd have to install and learn python just to use this art, I probably would have gone with a different sprite set...  

Anyways - Is uploading the individual pngs in a zip folder out of the question?  That would really help us out.
Thanks for hearing me out.

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idk guys,

There are spacing and placement that suits my workflow. I expect you guys to not like it - this is why I've added tiles_list files - so you can easily reorder/extract/pluck/rename/iterate/remove/add/whatever the items. I thought it's a sensible solution - works with any language. The python script could be considered just an example - I don't see the reason to learn python to use it nor I can see how it would be a bad thing.

Honestly I don't understand what the issue is.

In any case I've just uploaded a zip file with the output of copy.py. 

Good luck with your game! :)

Thank you for this awesome sprites! I'm working on a 3d game with them, you can check it here https://twitter.com/OkaeriStudio/status/1046264682695327744 If I manage to finish it and make profit, I'll share some with you :D

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Looks amazing! I wish you a great success :)

Can you add more enemies or Trap?

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Trap might be a good idea; will add soon,  I don't see a reason for more enemies right now though. Do you have in mind anything particular?

especially for you <3


Thank you :D

Wow! Amazing work. I may use this in my free game soon.

Glad you like it. Looking forward to play your game :)

This is awesome!


(btw - I've just noticed that a couple of my friends still keep playing your game :) - good work!)

Man this is awesome, I love it! Definitely will upgrade Kill Streak to this in my future update!!


Wonderful stuff.  I wish I could make stuff like this!

Thank you!

Keep drawing, you can do this :) I recommend Aseprite.