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running zombie

This is a version II of my first dungeon tileset with some major changes and recolored (GrafxKid).

  • 0x72_DungeonTilesetII_v*.png - the tileset itself
  • tiles_list_v* - coordinates for tiles/characters/items
  • script_example.* - examples of how to iterate over tiles_list_v* files
  • crop.py - example how to split tileset into separate images if you need those for some reason
  • 0x72_DungeonTileset_v1.1_individual_sprites.zip - output of copy.py


As always:

You can use this tileset for whatever you like (CC-0).

Credit is not necessary, but if you create something using this tileset I'd be happy to see your work (you can comment with a link).

That being said, you can still credit me if you feel like :)

- Robert


There was a couple "extension packs" or their versions made by other people (random order):






- https://revenger-wizard.itch.io/dungeon-tileset-assets (unity pack made by wizard)



- let know if you feel like I should put a link you your work here as well



v1.2 - added a switch and buttons

v1.1 - added a spikes trap

added crop.py script (pytohn3) to split the whole thing into separate pngs according to the tiles_list.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

pumpkin_dude.png (halloween character) 1 kB
0x72_DungeonTilesetII_v1.3.1.zip 336 kB
doc.png 1 kB

Development log


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Hi, earlier I wrote that I'm making a game with your tileset, thank you very much for what you do. I decided to move the game to a different engine, which means for me that I have achieved some result. I decided that my game resources will just gather dust, so I posted my own TileSet. Once again, thank you.
I think someone might need it.


Added it to the list in the description ^^

A little question: the Doc is an enemy or a hero? 


Hero, anti-hero, npc, enemy... It's really up to you :)

Thank you for letting everyone use your incredible art for free! It really helped us cut time for the game jam that we participated in!
Our game ended up looking so much better, but looking back we definitely didn't do your tileset justice...

Thank you again!


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super fun and great concept! love the mechanic :)

Wow, I didn't expect a reply :O Thank you! Glad that you had fun!




I know it'll look like im posting this here just to advertise, but im actually not! The very first version of this game, where I had no art, was made entirely with this pack (The first versions of the game was top down, but as the idea evolved, it changed to a platformer)... Well I just wanted to say, thx for having this awesome tileset; it really helped bro! 


Thanks for the asset pack! I used in a game jam game, "Orcs and Doors"
Playable here https://quietbenchzen.itch.io/orcs-and-doors

can someone put a tutorial of how to use the weapons

It depends on what you want to do.

The concept 0x72 is shown on the images, basically a weapon that rotates around the player, you know, like Enter The Gungeon or Nuclear Throne.

Hi ! I'm here to thank you, I'm so greatful to you for allowing me to use this amazing assets. I used it for my first game. I thank you again because it really helped me a lot, and it made me want to continue my project and finish it. 

Here is my game, if you want to try it : My game. Hope you will enjoy x) 

(if you have any advice or bug report, i'm open)

Great entry! The lizard is definitely my favourite as well ^^

Hello, I just want to thank you for letting me use this wonderful assets for my very first game.

Although its a simple game but I see this as my first step to become something big :D

Here's my game hope you like it :)

What video did u use to lern how to do this

there are plenty of tutorials at youtube on how to do it. you just need to choose an engine and I use godot engine for this one

thanks could you put an specific link for how to make the weapons

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Hi! I used your assets in my first game. Thank you so much for what you're doing.
You can play here


Looks better then my first game, That's for sure! Great achievement! I'm glad I could have helped : )

Hey, thank you so much for creating these! We are using this for a virtual hackathon-style event called the 'AI Sports Challenge' (page here). I also really loved the art style and so have been using the images themselves in our marketing. Hope that's OK! Once we launch our full page with details I definitely want to credit your amazing work :)

Hey! Thanks for using my graphics. Looks like a cool event, hope it'll be a great success (but not too much either, don't want Skynet around just yet!).

Sure, you can use the graphics for the marketing.

Also: I've noticed that some people recolor the characters to make them their own - probably it's a great option to make them stand out a little bit - just throwing ideas : )

Hey there!  

Can i ask what the color palette you've used for the latest tilesets?
It says 'recolored by GrafxKid', prior to that it looks it was using the PICO8 Palette? Where does it go after that?

... in the middle of trying to make a game using all this stuff & need to make some extra stuff (wanting to stay loyal to the color scheme) ....

It was this one: https://lospec.com/palette-list/linear-color-palette-basic - I cannot promise I didn't add one or two more colors

Hey, we used too your assets to build a game to same ludum dare! haha, and it make a great success! People just love the graphics! We gave you credits in our game. if you want, check it here. Thanks so much!

I found 2 ingredients but not sure what next.

It's either one of the most creative mechanics or one of the most annoying... or both! Great work!

Hey, yet again I used your assets to build a game for Ludum Dare! You can check it here.

amazing nuclear throne vibe! love it!

what fps should i use for the animations?

anywhere between 100-200 ms/f or 5-10 fps looks good to me. If your character picked a Super Star you might need to adjust ;)


Using your artwork in a infinite mob survival game.  Wish the dungeon pack a bit more to it.


this is amazing nice artwork are u on discord

if yes gimme ur username :3


I love this

i used them amazing work



haha super cool, also: godot \o/

thank you 💚

Godot is the best


how did you use the tile set in godot? I'm new to game development and search up videos but can find any using a tile set like that. It would help a lot.Also i tried out your game and it was really cool

Thank you 💚

And do you have discord i don't want to clutter there comments


yes, my discord is Robbie#8937 and thanks for your help

do you have a discord channel? my acc is WackABanana#8585 love your work btw!


Hey man! Thank you so much for this amazing art. I have had trouble with tile-sets before but this is perfect. I recently decided to join a jam and ran into this. Thank you so much for  this! https://alexvdovin.itch.io/reflecting-suicide 

thanks! congrats on finishing the jam! always feels good : )

Hi mate!, i am a videogame addict who decided to take that addiction to a better path, so im starting to learn how to develop a videogame, i have come to an idea mixing up some old retro game with d&D stuff.

I have found your assets and i gotta say im not good at drawing pixel art, so may I use your assets? im still going to add some more spritesheets in order to complete this game, but most of them could be yours, is it ok?

Regards and keep the greath work!


Sure thing! That's why I put it here : ) Have fun and good luck with your project; making games is awesome! :D

Great assets! Can you explain how the frames are arranged in the lizard hero sprite though? Thanks!

(1 edit)

Um, yeah, like every other hero it's 9 frames:

"idle" (4 frames)
"run" (4 frames)
"hit" (1 frame)

I've seen people using them differently sometimes though - e.g. only using the first one and manipulate transformations etc.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for making those wonderful dungeon tilesets! The participants of our jam had to make a game using it as it was the theme! https://itch.io/jam/friday-night-game-jam

Ha! Amazing, hope you had great time.

3 hours? You guys are crazy! XD

Fantastic tileset and characters! I used one of them as my player in a code-along in https://berubejd.itch.io/roguelike. Thank you for sharing it!

Godot \o/

Cool game, thanks for writing it!

Hi 0x72, do you have an email address or social media I can reach you on? Cool art by the way :-D

What size are the art?


The tileset size of this pack is 16x16

Thank you for your amazing art! I've been using this tileset to experiment with 2D sprite animations for a personal project: https://github.com/tigleym/amethyst-simple-animations

Heck, I need to get less lazy and learn Rust one day!

This is amazing, thank you soooo much!!

Hi, I loved your 2D art and made some modifications, could you add it to your list please? 

I also made a game using some of your sprites :D

Congrats on releasing the game.

Also: added : )

you are amazing, thank you so much for this

just what i"m after thanks for making an amazing tile set sorry i could not donate i don't have an money though when i get some i will

(1 edit)

Thanks for the kind words. Don't stress about money too much. It's free on purpose :) Go makes awesome games!


This an amazing asset thank you very much for it.

Here is a little arena action game that I made:


Cool game! Great it uses Godot!

Got killed by a magician.

It appears as though we weren't the only ones who used your tileset in our submission to the GMTK Game Jam. Although we only used your first tileset, we're still extremely grateful, and it significantly improved the quality of our game! Here's the link if anyone is curious: https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2020/rate/696715

Hi! Looks like a lot of people used your tileset for the GMTK game jam! Our team did too, and we made this game: https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2020/rate/697974

Yeah, this is one hellova tileset! Here's the game we made: https://itch.io/jam/gmtk-2020/rate/696715

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for the tileset, we used it for another jam! We added new animations this time, in this one you play as the knight and can turn into the big demon!



So many gmtk2020 entries! Also: did I just blow up like a baloon? O.o gore!

Hi! I use your tileset on a gamejam I recently joined . Thank you ! 

Thank you for this beautiful tileset!

Here is a game where you control the zombie dude: https://desward.itch.io/three-doors

(1 edit)

So much inertia, I've managed to gathered 31 coins : )

Thanks so much for this great tileset! I used it (yet another) game jam game: https://dsnopek.itch.io/monster-revolution

Go Godot! 

Also, I like being a monster - great idea : )

Thanks so much for checking it out! :-)

Hey, I used one of your assets and modified it cuz i just couldn't draw it after 1000000 attempts lol. Anyways... Here's the link if u wanna check it out!

haha, love the hairstyle XD

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