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Check this out: 

Guys this is amazing!!!

Looks like you had fun working on those : )

I like it so much.

The use of heightmap for more interesting walls; the use of little goblins and bouncing animations; the us of red fountains for replenishing health (which I believe was the idea at the start (inspired by the diablo) but I've never told anyone); and chopping the sprites to create more interesting designs (The main character uses knights' heads and I'm like "ok..., kinda creepy",  but than I see the ogre boss, and he's using just ocrs as his armor XD).

Thank you to all of you! It's making my day; maybe the wole week : D

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Uhhh... this is going to be awkward. I just posted the link to let you know. 😅

I didn't make that video. I think it's best if you copy paste that on the yt video comments section. I'm sure they'd appreciate it from the man himself! 🙃

But some of these guys are here on

Have a nice day/week!

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oh! haha : ) not awkward at all, don't worry! sorry for misunderstanding; thanks for letting me know anyway : ) have a good day!

I used your work for a little prototype


will there be new tilesets anytime soon ?

dunno yet; there will be some but not sure how soon tbh.

Thanks , Can't wait for the next asset packs


can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.


Sure, it's CC0. I wish you a lot of sales.

thank u u are a very kind person and I won't forget your help

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Hi 0x72!

I made a game for a school project with your assets, thank you for your work, I really like the style.

You can try it out here. The game is only in spanish but it's easy to find out the controls

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Hi there!

Spanish, I can deal with (slowly), but .exe files are always a hustle for me. I'll give it a try when I find some Windows machine! Anyway, amazing you can do school projects like this! keep up the good work. I hope you've got good mark!

I feel ya there.  I wasn't too thrilled about having to install Windows for the first time in over 2 years, but it was either that or rewrite a lot of tools that depend on Windows specific frameworks (which I plan on doing just not now...)

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Hi 0x72

I used your map tiles to create a new map in my game, the game is made in Java without using any library or framework at all, the version I've released is a testing version, so it may have some bugs and that kind of things xd

By the way, thank you for that  pretty  nice pixel art :)

Check it out at:

I like the minimap! But the whole game lags for me a lot and I'm not really able to play it : (

Hi 0x72

I used your assets in one of my games, thank you for sharing them :D
You can find the game at:

It's still in its early stages, a lot of things missing, but it's playable :)

Hi there,

Thanks for using them : )

I'm unable to check out right now and it might be the case for the following weeks. Add a gif there just for me, pretty please : ) (and other people too, everyones like gifs!!!)


Hey 0x72,

I recently published a demo game with your assets

you can find it here

It's truly getting harder to find good assets for free, keep up the good work and I'll try to implement you V2 assets. You've allowed me to get so far, thank you for what you've done.


Hi there!

I'm glad I could help.

Keep up the good work!

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Hi 0x72, 

I am working on an open-source top-down mmorpg, using your tileset.

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the work you put into it, as well as making it free for indie developers to use. 

It is hard to find high quality free assets, so thank you very much!


Hi there!

Amazing work!

Looks promising. I'll keep an eye on it : )

shout out for the tiled format file!!! nice

Hello 0x72, it's again me!

I come back as i say to send you the steam page of my project!

Again a big thanks for your work! If you have an email, i'll will be happy to send you a free copy !

nice day to you!

Hi, thanks! My address is available on my website - feel free to drop me a mail.

Fingers crossed for your project, I'll keep an eye on it.

have a nice day as well!

Hi your game looks really good. I am doing battle system in my game(not using these sprites) a bit similiar and I would just like to ask if when you attack play animation or move weapon with script. Thanks

Hi Punkcan, let's email us at if you need some help !

Currently working on a "tiny game" in the dungeon crawl genre and wanted to credit you properly in Twitter; do you have a Twitter I can link back to when posting stuff?

Thanks a lot!

No twitter, sorry; but you can use to link back to me.

Curious about your game, do you mind sharing a screenshot at least? : )

Sorry didn't see the email come in about your reply! 

Its farrrrr from done and it has progressed a fair bit since this but this is the post I have online for it til screenshotsaturday : Check out @TurtleKwitty’s Tweet:

Working on adding animations and such that I need for the game but really loved your style haha 

Thanks for the wonderful artwork. Using it in one of our upcoming titles. Will post a link once we are done.

Amazing! Looking forward to play it.

Thanks for your art! Here's a game my team and I made for a game jam using your tileset: .  We saved a lot of time and were able to finish our game using your free art, so a big thank you, fourth "member" of our game jam team :) 

Hi there, keep up the good work!

Cannot wait for mac version : )

Hey, at first, a BIG THANKS to you!

Your asset give us the motivation to start our first project, because it's free, because it's nice, becase you're awesome!

Now, we have lot of project, and we are more developped!

We publish our first project based on youre asset soon on steam, we send you a beta and release key when it will be published! 

Continue your work, it's awesome!

( check our game here if you want to see without waiting for steam release )

Hey! Amazing you guys are going to release on steam! I have some trouble with the key bindings (Using standard American one, and the French layout makes movement awkward) - I also wasn't able to figure out how to swing the sword - sorry.

In any case, fingers crossed and keep up the good work : ) 

Ahah! The live demo on website is to old! I'll update it soon with the last release, and huges changes!

It's funny, everibody who have test this version have trouble to use weapon :P ( use directionals arrows for weapon ;) )

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Ha! works, still difficult to navigate though! I'll check your game in some time again : ) , good luck!

Absolutely love this art! I made a few modifications so it would fit with my game, but I want to thank you so much for allowing us to use your amazing content! You are a fantastic human being!

Here is the project I made with your artwork!

Hi there, thanks!

Glad you like it! Fingers crossed for your project : )


is there any chance of you doing outside areas? or could we look to a bit of business together? i'm willing to pay for specific tiles if the price is right:) please contact me via email.

Deleted 1 year ago

finger crossed <3

Deleted 335 days ago

Cannot wait to play it!

The new one is much better than this one. Thank you


Thank *you*.

Iam using parts of it for my prototype over here :)

Saved me some time while prototyping…

And i donated some Money for you also ;)

Goork the game

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Thanks a lot! 

Fun game; couldn't run the mac build for some reason but seams to work just fine with wine : )

내 게임이 사진을 사용할 수 있습니까?

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예. 당신이 원하는대로 그것을 사용할 수 있습니다.

OMG! This is like by far the closest graphics to Soul Knight (Android)!

Thanks, 0x72!

Anyway, do you have a grayscale version of this or other projects? I'd be happy to know if you do!

Again, thank you and please take care of yourself no matter where you are.


I don't really, but it's CC0 so you can modify freely. This shouldn't be too difficult - most graphics editors have sucha a functionality.

Take care too!


Translate it!


Walang anuman!

Just sent $2 your way - I love the tiles and want to support you making more! I'm thinking about using these in a game making tool -- would that be ok if I attribute your tiles in the credits section of the tool? It would mean other people would be making little web based rpg worlds with your tiles -- I know it's probably covered by your license above but I just want to check first. Sok with you?

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Thanks, much appreciated!

Sure thing, I'm happy to be attributed, and always eager to see what people create out of those tiles.

Feel free to also post a link to your game, I'd like to play it : - )

Hi Robert, thank you for this super cool work!

I'm using this tileset for a tiny project I'm working on for a game dev course. I made a couple simple animations for the characters I'll be using in the game, based on the original ones here.

I can e-mail them to you, if you'd like, to use or modify.

Hi there, thanks! 

Of course you can contact me - see my website for the email. I'd love to see your animations.

Unfortunately I won't incorporate them to the tileset but I'll be happy to add a link in the description if you decide to release them as an extension pack or something like that :)

Great! I will be sending you an email within these couple days with the animations and a link to the game I made.

It's too early to call it an extension pack right now, but I plan to expand on my game in the future using the other characters in this pack so who knows :)

I've just played your kill-streak - is this the one? Because it's so much fun :)

And thanks a lot for crediting me

3800 points and 12 combo! 


I'm supposed to work! XD

Haha wow! I was just about to send you the link now but you already found it. I'm glad you like it !!

3800 points and a 12 combo?! That's is freaking awesome! I couldn't get past 2000 points XD
Looks like for the next update I'll be adding some tougher levels and/or more enemy types.

I'm e-mailing you the animation sheets now :)

Hey Shenawy could you please email me the animation sheet and can i use it in my game

Hi, I really love the look and feel your tileset has as well as your art style. I am trying to get my foot in the door in other words, with my content, asset packs whatever you wanna refer to it as. I was wondering if you had the time to maybe answer a few of my questions and maybe kinda show me the ins and outs with this stuff so I can better understand and improve my content?  Thank you I'd greatly appreciate it, if you would like me to email you I can

Hi, thanks!

You'd probably get better answers if you ask some pixel-art community out there then me.

That being said: I'd be happy to help. Feel free to email me or ask questions here.

Question do you think you can make the swords in a separate file? Also great work!

Robert a pleasure to say hello, I leave the link of my project in which I used your graphic work. I hope you review the link and I await your comment. A hug and keep it up. your work is great !

Fernando Mella Herrera from Chile! :)

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Hi! thanks. 

There was an idea to create a card game out of this tileset but it went nowhere:

If i understand it's a physical game, right? I'd buy an english copy if the shipping costs won't be too crazy. 

Good luck with your project, looking forward to see it.

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The project is ready, I am in the printing phase of the prototype, playability tests and other iterations. i write you soon Robert :)


I just understood that I have a game installed on my Android that uses your assets! It is called Dungeon Cards, and is a card-based dungeon crawler. And I thought why that sprites in the game looked so familiar XD


I'm aware of Dungeon Cards, it's a nice little game. I believe the author actually shared a link in a comment somewhere here.

what do you think of a dungeon crawler that uses a JRPG battle system when running into enemies on the map. I’m also thinking of using the pixeldudesmaker for equipment like masks. 

Dungeon-crawler/JRPG might be a neat game; I'd be happy to try it out : )

Hi, this is excellent tileset (I've imported to something I am building in unity for learning 2d tile games). Is there a possibility to add a doors set to the dungeon tileset?

Hi! thanks, I've added doors to 0x72_16x16DungeonTileset_walls.v2.png. 

Only one type of doors for now, but maybe it's enough for you.

Thanks, I will try to use it :)

This is just what I've been looking for! Thanks!

Amazing work, thanks for sharing! I don't know when, but as soon as I finish some game with these assets, i'll share here in and send a link to you!

Thanks and good luck, looking forward to play it.

Hi, just bought your tileset. Awesome job :) 

Hi there! Thanks a lot! Looking forward to see an awesome game you'll make with it :)

Hello, first of all, Great work, I loved this tile set!

I wanted to make my first tile set so I tried to make something similar to yours, I would love it if you could check it out! Thanks!


Nice :) I see the inspiration - now try some characters and you have a full suite :)

Thank You, I'll do it now :)

Hi, I've created a prototype for a game currently using your assets, I'd like to thank you for allowing me to use your tile map. The link to the game is below, it isn't much. But I figured I'd show you what I had made using your art.

Here It Is

404 :(

I forgot to set it to public. My bad

Hi Robert,

I've made a little game with your assets and it is gorgeous, thank you!

your name is on the game credits, thanks!!

Hi ! I'm using your art in a commercial game that should be out soon on kongregate. I tried to email you to give more details but your adress doesn't seem to be working (yes I replaced the [at]).

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Sorry for that, I've just moved the webpage and I did a typo (I'm sloppy O.o). Should be good now.

Anyway, great achievement! Cannot wait to play it.

Thanks ! Well there's a beta, closed for the moment (maybe I should open it ?). Check your emails in a couple minutes ;)

Hey! I liked your art so much, that I made a game prototype using it. Take a look if you want - LINK.

Can I use your sprites if I'll finish my game? Even if it will be commercial?

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It's CC0. You can use the art however you want, also in commercial projects. Giving credit is appreciated but not required. If your game makes you a millionaire only better and I'll be happy for you :) please share.

I'll take a look when I'm back home.

Thank you for reply. I hope you will like it. Make more awesome assets dude! You're great artist!

I fail to find a way out the 2nd level but overall, sir, you have a promising game here! I like it a lot.

There's no exit in 2nd level yet, but will be sooner or later. Thanks a lot for reply ^_^


Im Creating a Single Player Adventure game, Might want to check it out!

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