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First official dungeontileset-ii extension pack!

- Entirely new biome (natural environment of the slimy slugs)!
- 4 new animated characters
- 2 versions of autotile-ready walls (tall and short)
- works great with the original tileset

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Tags16x16, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelike, Roguelite, Tentacles, Tilemap, Tileset


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Hi 0x72, I just sent you an email discussing the assets I need. Hope I can get your response as soon as possible. Wish u have a nice day ^^


I really like your pixel asset packs for dungeon games. I hope you can create more assets about weapons, vfx, terrain types, monsters... By the way, can I ask about your artist/hour rental rate?

Thank you for kind words. I'm working on expanding the whole thing, especially so there are more biomes.

As for the rate  - all depends on the project and amount of work needed. I'm only sometimes available, but if you interested send me an e-mail with a description of what you need.

Thanks, because I have a dungeon genre indie game project, so I will consider what else I need and will email you as soon as possible. Wish u have a nice day. From VietNam with  love :3






Whats the best game window size if we are using a 16x16 tile, cause popular sizes always cut some of the tile set, and thats hard if i want to make a one room game.
Also i really liked this addition to the dungeons, great art

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Nuclear throne runs at 320x240, i.e. 20x15 of 16x16 tiles, and it looks amazing, but that's 4:3 (but not a one-room game).

16:9's bit more of a problem, but take a look at ScourgeBringer (one room per screen game). They use 480x270 (fullhd/4) render texture but grid is 480x272 and they just crop one pixel from the top and one from the bottom - it doesn't matter because first and last rows are always just flat dark background.




New Dungeon16x16 drop HYPE