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We used your asset pack with some modifications for a uni project. Let us know if you like it :D

Did a little self imposed jam and made a little game with your art! Game Here!

Thanks so much!

Cool game! I've got 976 points but cannot beat aribtrary 1000 mark

Used your set for a game jam, it is really cool:

Hi, thanks for the tileset. I used it in a game jam!

I was wondering if you could please provide me the color palette. I really like this style!

I'm going to try to make a game with these files, I don't know how to program well, so.... It's going to take a long time, but I'm going to persist a lot to make it work

That's the spirit! Fingers crossed!

that character where he comes from, he looks interesting
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Animation guide please?

Could I use this as a placeholder tileset for my game?

yes you can


Used this in a game jam!

fun! cool concept!


I have played a game on steam using this.

Awesome! Which one? :)

Bots are stipid


Used this in a game jam

great entry!


Used this in a game jam, great tileset :)


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I made this game for a jam with your assets

superb! Great job!

Hello, some friends and I have developed this game in which you change gravity, we have used the sprites of your character as the main character, here is the link:

I also wanted to ask you, can we edit the tileset for our game?

I hope you like it.

love it! great job! :)

Yeah, sure; feel free to edit it however you like.

Thank you for the awesome Tileset, your work inspired me to make this game)

I'd love it if you'd appreciate it:


Hey! thanks for using the tileset! does the 2nd level supposed to be all black? I cannot figure it out

Yes) You just need to turn on the flashlight (F on the keyboard)




Thank you for the Assets, I love them!!

I used them in my game:

Such an effective twist that turns a regular platformer in a memory game! Love it <3

Thank you for trying the game and for the awesome assets!

It's pretty cool to see a lot of people using and enjoying your assets. I also thought the Eye Factory one was kind of cool.


I just stumbled across your comment after so much time, it made my day, glad you enjoyed it!


Slightly edited it to fit this.

what name should I use to credit you?

Hi there, "0x72" is fine


thanks for the tileset, I made this game using unity

looks really nice

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Amazing bro, btw i use this tileset for my game

Thank you very much

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I honestly don't know how to do the first jump successfully XD But I can tell you that the same jump I've repeated multiple times felt good. A good jump - most important for a platformer game :)

Thanks for using my tileset


Great pixel art. I was waiting to use it some times but a month ago I made this for a game-jam: Deceitfull Drone

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This looks solid, even if it wasn't a game-jam thing! <3

Thank you for the sprite sheet :D, I made this one game on scratch with it: Wibble at the End of the Universe on Scratch (

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Ha! Scratch is amazing. Great work!

Thanks a lot for providing your spritesheet. I made a little game with it for Godot Wild jam #39 :

Super cool. Got to the end.

also: godot \o/

:) Glad you liked it!


I love this! It's so hard to find good game assets.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

really cool tileset i played around with it and made this prototype


Love the parallax effect <3

holy crap, i just realised dere.exe was probaly made with this.

Yeah, this one got popular at some point :)

Nice job! Have you another job? How do you make the ball blame?

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Very nice job and thank you for the sharing of your creation ^^ I credit you in the game's disclaimer



This is one of the best art packs I've seen. I love the beautiful blend of simplicity and detail. Great work. 


Hey man, absolutely love this one (and your work in general)! I participated in the Bullet Hell Jam and used your pack, so I'm just dropping by to say hi and thanks :)

If you want to check it out: here's the link :)

Have a good one!

The game feels awesome, really just one week? How do people even do that?

Great work!

Thanks! My secret formula is lots of coffee, a poor sleeping schedule,  a very supportive girlfriend and friends who are happy to playtest. Strong combination! 

Deleted 2 years ago

uh, i cannot; it was a löve project (why would you assumed otherwise?), and I kinda lost it 😅

Anyway take a look on Quaternion.Lerp

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Hello Friend, I haved used your Assets for a DonPachi GameJam #3, and I would like you to give me your opinion, THANKS for everithing. 

The game is in link:

PD: Sorry for my English.

Hola! El proyecto dice que es una aplicatión para windows, mac o linux, pero dentre hay solo un .exe, entonces no puedo jugar lo :( 

Es un juego de Unity no? Puedes exportar a mac o linux para mi, por favor?

Pero lo se parece muy bien en las capturas de pantalla :)

Tambien: porque user un .rar? Creo que un .zip es muy mejor, no?

Perdón por mi español :)

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Friend  I do not understand linux or mac, but I have managed to compress it for linux, if you could tell me if it works well, it would be a great favor, thanks for the answer and the sprites are very good :)

Hi, really loving using this pack.

I see in the gif there's some particle effects whenever the player hits something. Would you mind explaining quickly how you've done it? Like with the .Love example you have for the energy ball.


I had to watch the gif frame by frame to figure out what you mean XD

there is no particle effect there - it's just the swoosh, frame-by-frame animation effect - it's there in the tileset

You could use particles as well I guess; it's always a lot of experimenting with parameters but the effects are cool :)

Thanks for the quick response!

Feeling a bit dumb now, spent ages trying to figure out how to get it working. xD

Thanks :D

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thanks im using this for a game jam

Edit: thanks man I finished the game jam

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