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Amazing Tileset!
But... How I can Use the in unity? 


Thank you,

You cannot. This would be weird. 

You'll have to find another source to learn how to do particles in Unity. I wouldn't expect it being much more difficult than in LÖVE, but I'm unable to point to any particular resource besides the docs because I do not use Unity.

Good luck!

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oh, no, thanks.
I created something like this particle effect via particle system and pixel perfect camera!


P.S. I'm making a game like yours, so thanks to you for making those amazing tilesets for free and helping me whit this things to practice on making game!

Hi 0x72! I made a quick 1-level platformer with this tileset for an online course I'm doing. You're in the credits!

You can play it here.

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Nice! good job! Make more levels :D

Hey I created a game with ur awesome art, it uncompleted btw..

This is bloody difficult, or is it just too late for playing?

Keep up the good job :)

Thank you for looking at it, Yeah , the game is difficult, but i think that is because of the bad level design :'(. I noticed that there are many bugs, the tutorial is useless as people who played it never read the tutorial, and the story is crappy. But after all that was a game jam, so that is expected :D.
Thank u again for ur beautiful assets <3!


Can I use this for commercial purpose?


Thank you

Hey just saw you played my game already and realised I forgot to comment here =)

But yeah thanks a lot for this awesome free tileset, really love the cute style and colors! Keep being awesome!

Hey! thanks for the game - it's geeky and fun!

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Thank you so much for this amazing artwork Robert! I made a platform puzzler using it called Somnium. Here's the link

It's available on android as of now

It would be great if you can check it out. Thank you once again for giving us this beautiful sprite sheet! 

Cool puzzle game!

I like how you made it impossible (difficult?) to get stuck with the boxes!

I think that there might be also too much text explanation to my taste.

No idea how to pass level 11 : )

Thanks for the feedback Robert!

Will surely try and cut down the text while creating the next update for the game. 

Thanks for this!

I made an edit (also CC0) of your art for this game.

Fun game!

And thanks for the attribution!

Thank you for sharing. Love it.

go make a game now : )

Great tilesheet!!!! Used in this little free game:

I tried but I suck so much!

But like it anyway. Using otherwise dangerous bullets to jump higher keeps you on your toes all the time : )

thanks, what program did you do this?


Hey, I was wondering how did you make it so that when you hit the angled boxes they rotate? 

Hi there! I've send you and email but just so this doesn't hung unanswered:

It's basically matter of keeping rotation value for drawing and target rotation separate values.

so something like this (pseudocode):

    rDraw = rDraw + (rTarget - r) / 2
    rTarget = rTarget + 1 // 1 instead of PI/2 directly so getDirection is simpler
    draw(image, x, y, rDraw * PI/2)
  let t = fmod(floor(rTarget), 4)
  if (t==0 and fromX==1) or (t==0 and fromY==-1) or (t==2 and fromY==1) or (t==2 and fromX==-1) then
    return -fromY, -fromX
  else if (t==1 and fromY==1) or (t==1 and fromX==1) or (t==3 and fromY==-1) or (t==3 and fromX==-1) then
    return fromY, fromX
    return 0, 0

Hey, Thank u for sharing this amazing assets. I used it to create a minigame Really loved your artwork

Thanks! And keep up making games! : )

Hey, just wanted to say thank you for the artwork. I used it for my personal "one game a week" challenge. You're doing the Lord's work by saving everyone from programmer art.


I'm a programmer, and this is my art, so technically.... XD

Thanks for using it! Have fun and never stop creating!

Thanks for the awesome artwork.  Check out what we did with it:

Hi there!

Fun game! I've got to the final (I believe) boss but it beat me : )

Thanks for letting us use them, also the is a "love" file not a PNG. Please change, thanks :D

You're welcome, I'm glad it's being used : ) Have fun! 

A.d. particle_example - it's a `.love` file as it's supposed to be. Not sure what you mean tbh.

What I mean is one of the files "" is not a PNG file, so I, nor anybody, can view it. In short it is corrupted because of the way you named it. Please re upload it with proper naming.


> What I mean is one of the files "" is not a PNG file, 


> so I, nor anybody, can view it. 

Not really. As it's a .love file there is no point of naming it with .png extension, this would be misleading.

> In short it is corrupted because of the way you named it.

It's not, and if it were the name doesn't make a file corrupted.

> Please re upload it with proper naming.

It is uploaded with a proper name.


`.love` files are actually zip archives. On most unix-like system you're able to extract it's content with something like:


I don't know how to achieve that on a windows machine, but I'm sure it's also easy.

This one contains some code and the tileset itself; It's supposed to be used as an example how to setup a particle system. 

TBH I'm quite convinced now that I shouldn't have written it, as it brings more confusion that it's worth. I'm sorry for that.



Let know if anything is still not clear!

Hello, I used your characters in my game

Thanks very much for sharing this

I was on steam and found this and thought "that art looks familiar..."  pretty cool!

Thank you for your tilesets, they are awsome. I suck alot at art and designing so getting a good tileset is pretty importand for me. 

I gave you an attribution in the credits. the game is here Game Link

I used your tileset & character in a couple tutorials in a series on web game dev (Phaser 3 #2/5 Dynamic Platformer and Phaser 3 #5/5 Matter.js Physics Platformer). I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for making & sharing the lovely assets you created. They were a lot of fun to use. There's an attribution to you at the top of the source code for each section, but let me know if you want it changed.


Wow, that's a really in-depth tutorial. Good job!

Thanks for the attribution - I'd all good.

I've made use of your character in a bit of a nonstandard way as an asset for a game I made for a game jam. I'll post a link here when I am done. :-) 

Here it is!


So many of them at once :D! Indeed I didn't expect a tower defence.

Recently posted what I made using this onto itch. Thanks for the assets!

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Nice! I like your character. Cannot score more than 8 though :(

Hi there,

 just let you know that I am using your art for a 8bit retro-game (MSX computer). Release date is unclear, just will let you know once is done. In the meantime here a sample of how it looks so far. Note that MSX has a fixed palette and colour bleeding, so still have to do some work so that it looks nicer.

So retro! Nice :D


Hello! I know it's late but THANK YOU. Without your tileset DERE EXE wouldn't be the game that it is right now. I recolored it to make it more "gameboyish" though hope you don't mind. I know credits aren't necessary but I just had to. I credited you as "Robert 0x72 "


Wow, looks very nice! I'll definitely try it out over the weekend (looks like I might need more time for this one :)).

As for colour changes: Of course I don't mind. I'm happy with people modifying the assets so it suits their game better.

As for credit: thank you; much appreciated.

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Is credit like that allow ? With a link when clicking on your name that link to your profile.

Thanks a lot for your hardwork that you release free for us, little indie dev where tiles isn't our best skill haha :) Seeing you still active even if it's been 8months since you released it make it even more enjoyable!

Would really love to see more tiles of this project like more mobs / platforms / Enviroment / or anything that can add contents <3

(Sorry if my english is not that good, im French haha)
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Sure, whatever works; this one is actually super nice, hearts and stuff :D thanks!

OMG it's 8 months already! I'm glad it helps someone; when I released that I was a bit afraid that no-one would care and seeing so many people actually made use of my work is truly uplifting (thanks again!).

I cannot promise any more content right now. When I finally find some time it'll probably be an extensions to the dungeon tileset first or maybe something entirely new, so please don't wait for an update for this one, sorry :(

That being said I encourage you to give it a try and draw whatever you need on your own. I know it's probably not as much fun for you as programming but who knows? Maybe you'd like it. 16x16 pixel art is very approachable. Small tip: draw robots - they are relatively easy to animate :)

Is there any place I can check out your game?

(Your English is great, you need not to be sorry about that)

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I would still look into your new project then, you have such a talent that I don't want to miss stuff you create haha :)

Im only good at drawing homes like a 5y old kids, and im not creative enough to have ideas to be honest haha

Well Im still working hard everydays on it, Im still developing the GameDesign with all main feature of the Gameplay, mainly the one you did in your gif that show your work, I added a "Inspired by.... used with permission.", I can still share you a short preview of the work i've done so far (sorry for the debug text top left)

Don't judge my work on this poor gameplay please >.< Behind that, there is a database recording for each players best time on each levels, that create an online Leaderboard for like SpeedRun :) I still have lots stuff to do such as particules because I use a Drag&Drop ide, like GameMakerStudio and so particules aren't the .love project you gave, but still possible to create, Ennemies, Boss, Puzzle, but I have motivation enough with all the tileSet you gave and can't thank you enough for that!

[Update] Just tried some stuff for the particules :)

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Hi Robert, thank you very much, your tilestet was an inspiration to me, I created a prototype, see if you like it: I also added you on the credits. Keep doing these fantastic tileset!

Fun! And the dragon - so unexpected :D

is that particle that you have in the demo GIF? Can't seem to find it in the tileset...
Other than that, I absolutely love the tileset!

(Gonna use it for a school project of mine!)


It is indeed; using just this one tile:

There is a .love file in the downloads so you can see how it was implemented (just unzip it to see the code).

Thanks! Will check it out when I have time

What IS UP, fellow!?

Just passing to share with you a small prototype of mine using your amazing tileset:

I'm still learning the unity engine, with zero experience on how to design levels so, hope you enjoy and don't get mad if i literally copy those 4 slices of scenario you have here in this page :D.

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All good!

No mad at all, quite the opposite, I'm happy you had something to work with, drawing rectangles is (usually) no fun at all!

Nice prototype, looks like all core mechanics work nicely. You just need to design levels now, tweak some variables here and there, add some story and you're ready to ship the game.

One suggestion if you don't mind: you used black for the background - I recommend to either change it to #1b1e28 or alter the tileset a bit if you feel like it's too little contrast.

I hope you'll continue working on this one, feel free to share progress :)

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Looks cool, giving you credit would be an honor of mine, also, i'll be sure to show you my game when it comes out, i already made a dev-log on Game Jolt. The game is called : "NO MESSING AROUND"

How to increase image size without losing quality ? 16x16 is very small, almost impossible to see. May seem like a dumb question but honestly i do not know how to do it.

thank you in advance

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You're looking for "texture filter" or "filter" feature in your engine/framework of choice and "nearest" or "point" or "no filtering" value for that.

Sorry cannot help you any further not knowing what software you use. 


And don't worry, asking questions is good. I'm glad I can help.

I am using Gimp or Krita, I'm learning to use them yet, thanks for the answer, I'll search more about it.

In Gimp you can use "Image" -> "Scale Image..." and then in a popup window choose "Interpolation" to be "None" and resize e.g. 300% or whatever you like..

In Krita you can use "Image" -> "Scale Image To New Size..." and then in a popup window choose "Filter" to be "Box" and resize e.g. 300% or whatever you like.

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It worked for both, thank you very much. You recommend some tutorial for pixel art ?

I'm glad  it helped.

No idea for a pixel tutorial; but I recommend limiting yourself: small resolution (like 16x16 or even 8x8), few colours (2-5) - it's easier to get decent results.

Dropping a message to thank you for this amazing tileset, I love the art.

Will be using this in a game I have to create for university admission into a game programming course.

This will definitely make it look great, thanks again!

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Nice! I wish you  good mark!

I really love these sprites, and I would like to use them in my game, could I make a game and sell it on steam using these sprites, I would defiantly give you credit.

Yeah, sure. I'll be more then happy for you :)

thanks so much!

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Hello! This is a terrific tileset that I use in my game for GitHub GameJam! You can evaluate the example level here: 

The fact that stops me before the alpha release is music! I will be happy with any help! Any music! :)

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This is amazing, I love it!

As for music and sounds I cannot offer anything concrete but you can take a look at - you should find something decent there.

Good luck! You still have a couple of days :)

Hey, Not sure if you're using unity, but if so, how did you create the light effects on the bulbs and the checkpoint? Thanks

In Unity you need to create: New > Material, then choose Sprites/Difuse, set the color to pure black and add it to every single object to make it hide when no light is over it. Then, you need to add a source of light to your hero. Check this out:
There is a hidden area to the left, destroy the boxes to get access. There, you will find a tower, inside this tower every object has this material.

I'm sorry I could not answer earlier.
I'm using MonoGame. The effect is achieved with shaders. I think they can be applied in Unity ...

Hi, quick question; that flame animation you have on your gif's are you planning on selling it or publish it; looks awesome, I would love to use it as well.

I am loving your art a lot!

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Hi there! Thank you for kind words.

The flame is just a particle effect produced with LÖVE ( framework. The graphics used by the particle is actually already there in the tileset. It only uses one, 16x16 tile from the tileset. In v1 it's {x:160,y:304} in v2 I moved it to {x:208,y:256}.

Anyway, I'm sure it's as easy to setup with any particle system your engine of choice is using :)

Moreover if one would try to use the a frame-based animation for this effect the results wouldn't look as good so there is no point of producing one, hence I'm going to produce one.

I had this questions a couple of times already. I've create an example .love file so you can take a look inside.

Awesome, I was able to do a nice particle system in unity with the sprite you mentioned (v2.  {x:208,y:256}). As soon as i have some play test demo I will be sending it to you.

Thanks again

BTW a few weeks ago I sent you a link for you to take a look at a game a am doing in windows, you mentioned that it freezes using wine, so here is the web browser version of it :)

For my next mini game I will be using your sprites since they are awesome; cant wait to show you my progress.


Can't wait to see it :)

Also: fun game, keep up the good work!

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Pretty cool tileset! Would you mind if i used this for a play store game? The game would be similar,probably a puzzle one but i guess i'll add some npc's and some enemies as well. I'll ofc credit you.

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Thanks. Quite the opposite! I'd be happy if you make a game out of it (this is kinda the point :D). Feel free to expand and/or modify the tileset itself. Don't forget to share a link when you finish :) 

Good luck!

Thanks mate! Appreciate it!

Deleted 4 years ago

Wow! I'm using this on my platformer game! This is a really good tileset!! Thank you very much! I will link my game here once I finish it. Thanks!

Thanks! And keep up the good, I'd be excited to see your game in action :)

I love this style, the tinier the better :P, Do you use a perticular palette (pico-8 for example)?

Love to look through pixel art and notice you have a particular style that appeals to me and if I were to use any of your sprites I would like to be able to expand on your style with the same palette.

Oh and "Credit is not necessary" that is very admirable to see when there are so many people who spend far too much time chasing credit, take downs or even legal action in some cases. However I would suggest if someone creates a game and has credits to at least pop the creators name under the graphics/art section out of respect.

I'd love to see a Love tutorial to see how to get a little platformer scene up and running (even just a single scene with no enemies, I have no clue where to start with Love even trying to follow tutorials, there seems to be a gap of steps to take to get things rolling in every tutorial that just leaves me clueless lol.

(1 edit)

Thank you.

I don't use any specific palette. I either stick with a palette for a project or just add colors as I go and try to not add too much.

This particular tileset uses 4 colors so it should be easy to map to anything you like. Pico8 version might e.g.  look like so:

Why not? This is one of the strengths of pixel art after all :) You can even change it mid game with a simple shader (and people do so since forever)

And yes, most people should be able to add something to it and it would still look coherent (which is imo much more important than looking good).

As for LÖVE: well, there is a lot of stuff out there to learn from but unfortunately I'm not aware of any comprehensive from 0 to a finished game course. This is a great idea for a side project :D (no promises).

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