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Hi, I love this tileset but was wondering how the animation works for the heroes? What images corrolate to what frames and so on. Sorry if this has already been said but it would really help with game development. Thanks!

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Hello, I found your dungeon tileset, loved it and would also say it was a pretty big inspiration for a prototype I made below. Thanks again for this amazing asset!

 Hello. I'm learning how to develop games. 
I made my first game using your resources.
Infinitely grateful for your work.
I didn't quite figure out where to mark you,
so I did it in the game.
Ось моя робота:

Hello, I made a new version of my previous game "Stuck In Dungeon" for Android. If you wanna check it out I'd be very pleased :). There is a link: "Stuck In Dungeon".

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hi i was wondering how to slice the assets cause i cant figure it out, and also what assets should i use the full tile set or should i just use the ones in the frame folder


Hey, I just used this set in my first attempt at a video game! Thanks for the great assets (

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Very good tileset! However, I am having a hard time navigating with some of the tiles. Specifically the corners. I'm new to game development and if you like, show the tiles involved in the red circles, that will be super helpful. Dumb problem, I know, sorry, T _ T 

I solved it! It's just I placed the tiles the wrong way! 

\o/ sorry I didn't respond on time, happy you've managed on your own :)

It's fine! I got it already, suuuper excited to create games with theseee! < 3 

So many great enemy designs! I just used one in a game recently (, but the other orcs and undead monsters are really cool too. Thanks for publishing this!

Super cool! I like typing games :)

Hey iam using your character and monster for my games, check this:

Super fun!

Hey! I'm using adapted versions of this tileset and some sprites in an upcoming Amiga dungeon shooting roguelite:

Amazing! Super cool you've decided to animate the chest, it looks so bouncy!

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hey man, are there attacking sprites for any of the monsters? I was looking at a tutorial and I saw there was an attacking sprite for one of the mini demons, and I don't know if he made them or if it was you. 

I’m like 99% sure it’s someone else’s. Looks great though :)


I love how you only 99% sure. Like perhaps in a wild sleepy moment you did it and forgot.

Great pack btw, great work.

I recommend you to add 16x16 tag, if it is 16x16 size

hi can i use this asset pack for a college project?, many thanks.

Sure thing

hi im new to game dev can i use your assets?

Yes you can, the license's is CC-0.


I used this tileset as a starting point for my game, Gun Knight All Day.=) It's a great tileset, thank you!

hi i am a new game developper and i'd like to use your asset for my game. Would you like it?

Hi, im new in this tiles stuff but how can i make a map when there are no walls with ground together so i can make the bottom part of the map ???

You are supposed to use different layers ( ground,walls, collectibles,...)

got it! xD im dumb ahahah thank you very much

you may also use layers for rendering order like when you player is in front or behind something on the same tile

I've built a multiplayer dungeon crawler using this! It's called Luna's Labyrinth! Excellent work!


Amazing! I'm glad the dwarf is put to good use already! :D

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Love this tileset!

Made a little game with it, you can check it out here:

Please take into account that I have little to no experience with game development, so don't expect too much of it :)

great work!

Hello, I really like your characters and used them to create a small game, you can find it here.

super cool, love the map! 

Found a bug I think - my characters don't get damaged by enemies for some reason

thanks! If they blink red they do get damaged, it's just that the early enemies don't do much damage :)

Hello, I created game with these sprites, if you want to check my game, there is link: Stuck In Dungeon by KnootKnoot (

"You will die anyway" haha, he was right, I did indeed!

Made a couple of variations of the knight sprite (just the idle and hit, as I use them for my game). They are a "robotic armor" variation and a "demon armor" variation.

Wow, this looks great, I think I may revamp my current game's sprites with these, if you don't mind, here's the current game:

Will probably update the sprites this week, although I'm also working on a simpler attack method, so it might take a bit longer.

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I have used your asset pack for my TriJam game (a 3 hour game jam) if you want to see the result here is the link of the game ( Thanks for the pack, it's very good

Currently the characters are focused on right will there still be a sprite sheet, front, back, left and right?

The characters are inspired by Nuclear Throne's aesthetics. I'm going to keep it as it is.

okay, but still very cool asset

the tileset looks amazing, really enjoyed using it while making my game.

Olá! Queria te fazer uma pergunta, percebi que os seus assets não ficam borrados quando tento ver eles pelo próprio aplicativo de fotos do computador, digo isso pois quando eu tenta fazer meus próprios assets eles sempre ficavam borrados até mesmo nos jogos. Se você puder me dizer o que você fez para não ficar borrado, ou seu alguém puder me ajudar eu agradeço muito. Eu uso o piskel para fazer pixel art, acabei me acostumando com ele por mais que não tenha tantas funções.

Gosto muito do seu trabalho!

Estou contente por gostarem do meu trabalho :)

Precisa disto:ção_por_vizinho_mais_próximo

Que motor de jogo utiliza?

Eu uso o GameMaker Studio 2.

Agradeço pelo link e por ter respondido meu comentário. 

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global settings -> windows -> graphics -> Interpolate Colors Between Pixels :: desligar

^ Acredito que está aqui

Hi Robert, really like Your work here! I included bunch of characters in my latest game

Does CC-0 Means That We Can Use This For Commercial Purpose?

CC-0 (roughly) means that author allows to do ANYTHING with the original work with no restrictions. So yeah.

Oh Ok Thanks Alot!

Hi I really like your work. Like, REALLY like it. I've used this and the DungeonUI... and also the repackaged DungeonFont, as well as other work that you've directly inspired, on a demo which I've just released:

looks great! waiting for the full release!

Wow, I like it but, imagine instead of your vision having light the torches have a area of light?


Hey thanks! Yeah I'm not finished with the lighting yet, it's a bit of a compromise and I'm going to keep tweaking it all. I like the idea it's the kind of thing I've been playing around with :D

Yeah, I really like how your game looks, Definitley gonna try it out on release!

Блин, те самые ассеты из которых сделаны игры в которые я играл 200 лет назад! (да ты ещё и русский? или ты просто так тому челу по русски ответил?) Я наверное тоже буду их использовать!

Я рада, что вам нравится моя работа. Я не русский и не говорю на этом языке, но я просто счастлив использовать механический перевод для общения с людьми по всему миру )))

Really charming pack, a lot of life at such a small scale. Also, thanks for adding to the wonderful world of CC0 Assets. I love releasing, and seeing releases under that license.



thanks a lot! <3

I’m a bit on the fence with cc0. It let houndreds of people to use it and not worry about license; I believe it’s a reason the set has become popular. In the other hand it allowed people to use it maliciously (although I doubt cc-by would change that).

Overall I’m happy with the decision to use cc0. It’s just that it has its flaws.


Hello could please make a map for this to help me with a small project? 3 different maps would be nice thanks


Thanks for the assets. It help me a lot for my first game :


Hello, thank you for making this art pack and for making it free as well :D. I used it to make a short 3D atmospheric game about exploring a dungeon. You can check it out if you want:

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I figured this would help and save some time, but don't really want to post them on my own profile. I split a lot of the characters into the size (intervals of 16) and walk animation/no walk animations to make them maybe easier to work with for people who don't have access to importing the exporter from something like Free Texture Packer. The people that contributed these assets are legends.
Obvious 0x72 for the consistent, easily maintainable style and open licensing.


16x16 no walk
16x32 no walk
32x32 no walk

awesome work! added to the description

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Thanks to this pack and pixeldudesmaker (,
i was finally able to release a demo of my game.
Thank you for providing this!


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I'm glad I was able to help a bit.

I wasn't able to run this on my old machine, but the screenshots look great! Looking forward to the full release!

There is now a windows-demo that performs better than the html-version :)

Thank you so much for providing these tiles, I've used them in my game. You can see a small trailer of the game on my channel.  -

Thank you again!

wow! super cool!


Almost all of these are just assets from pixel studio

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I'd be glad if you elaborate on what you mean by "just" and "from" here :/


You mean pixel studio uses these assets. Pixel studio was released in 2020 according to steam and this was released in 2019. This is also a revamped version of a pack this artist released in 2017. So you have no idea what you're talking about.

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