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hey i made a game by using you assets did u went to play it 

This monsters are very cool. Can you please add some attack animations?

Thank you so much for this tileset! I am having some trouble here on which is which. It comes with 4 files here, one is the tileset itself, the other 3 are atlas tilemaps for floors, high walls, and low walls. 

In terms of placing the tiles, I'm having some trouble which tiles belong inside or outside.

never mind, I was just being stupid. Great tiles! 

Hi! I used your tileset as part of my thesis project, thanks a lot for the quality work! I’ve uploaded the project to my page :]

Thank you so much for this tileset! I've been working with it and using it for so long but as a dev I wasn't able to use it the way I wanted to. But now I managed to do something I'm really proud of. I'm not a good artist so if there wasn't your works (as well as works of other people on this site) it would've been harder to make games for me. Thank you formaking this path easier!
Also, special thanks for updating your collection

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Thank you, without you I wouldn’t be able to make my Mobile Game: Gravity Platformer. I used the lizard as an icon and the main character in my game. For the rest of the characters, I created unlockable skins.


Thanks so much for this, I used it as a large part for my dungeon crawler, you can try it here: Take care!


hi ! I'm a french student and i have to make a video game for school. I was searching for a tileset for my roguelike game and i found your's perfect. I also wanted animated sprites but as everything is on the same image i dont really know how to "cut" the big image to make separates sprite sheets (for every hero and monster) to make every sprite sheet easier to use. Sorry for my bad english hope you will understand what I mean ! Thank you for your awesome work ! 

Hi! I am the organizer of the Week Sauce game jam, a jam about taking it easy and enjoying game development without the usual stress of competitions and timeframes. For March we wanted to give a try to making different games with the same assets, and we selected yours for all participants to use. See here:

Ours is a pretty chill jam, and I was excited to see how many people have expanded your asset pack with their own creations, so I encouraged people to check that list of links in your description.

If anybody here is working on a game next month (March 2024) that they want to contribute, feel free to drop by.

Thank you all so much for creating all these great resources!


Hi! Amazing! Looks like fun!

Oh, and I know it's chill and all, and I actually appreciate the approach and I wouldn't even dare to suggest to change the rules or anything but I've read: "OK, but I cannot really make a platformer or a 3D game with these assets…" and I'm like: I've seen a few retro-style, 3d games made with these assets, so it is possible :)

Good luck with the jam! I'll keep eye on it!

Thanks! Yes, I would love if people really push what they do with the assets: 3D, board games… we accept everything. Maybe I need to rework that part of the FAQ. Thanks for checking it out!


I would like to thank you for those great assets that you've made.

I used them to create a small puzzle game for studying.

Thank you very much!


i used you assets to create my first game in live , thanks for all

big green and the big demon for boss section


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Hey! Just wanted to hop in here and say thank you for providing these assets for free. I love the animations especially.

I used your tileset in a small game I made for a research project:


I didn't use this tileset for my levels but I did use some of your characters! Thanks for your hard work and allowing us to use them for free. If you want to see what I did with them then you can check out my game here:



doesnt tile easily but still pretty good

We’ve just completed LynxJam2023 ( that was based completely around this tile set. Thank you for making this freely available, as a result we have 12 new games for Atari Lynx to play!

wow! Amazing. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Made my day ^^

Thank you for the excellent game asset
It was very helpful in the development of my new game.

I remember you..

can i work wite you on a game i like your art is prcfet for my game

Thanks for making this sheet, it looks cool? I have one question, can I use it for commerical purpose (youtube video)?

You can use this tileset for whatever you like (CC-0).


Hi, what palette color you used?

Hi! We really like your assets,  we used them to create a small game for Amstrad CPC for a university project, here is the link.

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Hello there seems to be an alligment issue with a 16x16 grid. To be more specific I was just experimenting In LDTK and the tile division is not correct. Maybe in Unity it woill work out better.  But in LDTK, not

I am working on a game where I am using your assets.

Thank you for making them available.

I was wondering if you are happy with what I am doing with them and if you would like to see what happens with them?

Hey! Just used this tileset in my first game project, link is here in case you wanted to check it out! All comments/feedback appreciated! :)

Hi, I love this tileset but was wondering how the animation works for the heroes? What images corrolate to what frames and so on. Sorry if this has already been said but it would really help with game development. Thanks!

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Hello, I found your dungeon tileset, loved it and would also say it was a pretty big inspiration for a prototype I made below. Thanks again for this amazing asset!

 Hello. I'm learning how to develop games. 
I made my first game using your resources.
Infinitely grateful for your work.
I didn't quite figure out where to mark you,
so I did it in the game.
Ось моя робота:

Hello, I made a new version of my previous game "Stuck In Dungeon" for Android. If you wanna check it out I'd be very pleased :). There is a link: "Stuck In Dungeon".

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hi i was wondering how to slice the assets cause i cant figure it out, and also what assets should i use the full tile set or should i just use the ones in the frame folder


Hey, I just used this set in my first attempt at a video game! Thanks for the great assets (

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Very good tileset! However, I am having a hard time navigating with some of the tiles. Specifically the corners. I'm new to game development and if you like, show the tiles involved in the red circles, that will be super helpful. Dumb problem, I know, sorry, T _ T 

I solved it! It's just I placed the tiles the wrong way! 

\o/ sorry I didn't respond on time, happy you've managed on your own :)

It's fine! I got it already, suuuper excited to create games with theseee! < 3 

So many great enemy designs! I just used one in a game recently (, but the other orcs and undead monsters are really cool too. Thanks for publishing this!

Super cool! I like typing games :)

Hey iam using your character and monster for my games, check this:

Super fun!

Hey! I'm using adapted versions of this tileset and some sprites in an upcoming Amiga dungeon shooting roguelite:

Amazing! Super cool you've decided to animate the chest, it looks so bouncy!

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hey man, are there attacking sprites for any of the monsters? I was looking at a tutorial and I saw there was an attacking sprite for one of the mini demons, and I don't know if he made them or if it was you. 

I’m like 99% sure it’s someone else’s. Looks great though :)


I love how you only 99% sure. Like perhaps in a wild sleepy moment you did it and forgot.

Great pack btw, great work.

I recommend you to add 16x16 tag, if it is 16x16 size

hi can i use this asset pack for a college project?, many thanks.

Sure thing

hi im new to game dev can i use your assets?

Yes you can, the license's is CC-0.

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