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Hi 0X72! Made a game using some of your assets! Hope you like it :)


Fun game!

Consider increasing gravity so the jumps are a bit more dynamic. Up you and your design of course - chances are I'm wrong : )

In any case: good work!

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Hey 0x72

I don't know if you remember but i made my own assets a while back based of your art style and uploaded it to

well i made some more and thought i'd tell you in case you wanted to check it out

thank you again for your amazing art, it's the best thing i ever found on :)

I love it! So medieval : )

I'll add a link to it in the description of dungeon tileset II if you don't mind (?)

Your assets are just amazing.
Since the first time I've started learning Unity I've been checking them, and finally, I'm doing a game with this package as a base for a dungeon jam.
It's not finished but I'm writing a DevLog, let's see if it can be live up to expectations!

Hi there, thanks! This looks great! Keep ut the good work - both working on the game and writting the devlog.


Finally I've released the first Beta version so people can try and hopefully get some feedback to improve it.

I hope, you'll carry on working on this set. As it's so useful and beatiful. And as many people here, I've used it in my game for GMTK jam. Thank you!

So easy yet so difficult! So simple yet so much fun! Thank you!

Thank you for palying! Hope you will add some simble effects like explosions, muzzles, something like this.=

Thanks on providing this amazing asset for free! Here is GAME my team made for GMTK jam. 

Cannot beat the 2nd enemy! Anyway, fun game (although short for me : ))

Your art style is very good. Here is a game i made for gmtk game jam with your art style. Thanks for letting me used it!

Fun game! Thanks : )

I really love your pixel art style. Here is the simple game I made with your assets . Thanks for ur works.

Ha! took me a while but i've beat it! : ) Thanks for your game.

 Tried to add a giant spider and a spiderling in three variations... (Character to compare the size of the spiders) Hope you like it!

Creepy, but the big ones seams more like an insect (an ant or something) not a spider tbh, doesn't they?

Not sure.

I love the small ones though! I can imagine having like dozens (hundreds) of them charging at the player : )

Hey love the tileset so far! Just wanted to point out the script_example.js won't work for floor# since it chokes on the numbers. Changing them to floor_a ...etc did the trick. Adding `0-9` to the regex as following also worked: `line.match(/([a-z_0-9]+)` at line 15

Amazing, thank you! I've uploaded fixed files.

I love how you make your art, and i kinda want to do a game with it... Could you do a lizardfolk or dragonborn like monster? I really love this style, and i want to put'em in my game.


not sure about the other one but here you go: a lizard heros in v1.3

Thank bro!

It's very cool, I'm going to make a Dungeon game with your tileset but can you add female characters?


There are 3 female hero characters. You mean like female monsters?


Wow, the new sprites are awesome!

I will continue my game. Thanks you so much!

(It's a bit difficult to make maps)

Hi! I made a fun simple game with some of your sprites, check it out: (thank you very much btw)


Amazing! Keep up the good work!

Ciao! Hai fatto un ottimo lavoro! e ho usato i tuoi personaggi per un Jem. grazie !!

Incredibile, complimenti! 

Non capisco completamente cosa sta succedendo dopo aver catturato tutti i polli.

Devo ucciderli? Sono all'oscuro.

You have to pick up the 7 chickens that are in the center of the map, so they move up to the right inside the fence. I have to insert a collision with the fence, after 7 chickens the fence of aprte and you will have to hunt them. tight.

Hey, I used some of your art for my website. You can see an early version of it here:

Thanks for the art, I appreciate it!

Happy it's useful : )

Hi,I used your assets in my first game.
I really like your art.

I like the swing!

Keep up the good work.

Hi, I used your set to create a simple mini game, thanks for the set.

Great! Keep up the good work!

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i just released my first game. The enemies and heroes are awesome, nice work :)

Hey man, i wanted to use these assets to make a F2P game for Windows!

Great! have fun making it!

Hey! These assets were a ton of help for a summer project I've just called finished. You're a saint for game devs everywhere. Check out Sword Dude here:

Amazing, summer just had started and you're already finished! ; ) 

Great job!

can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.


Sure, it's CC0. I wish you a lot of sales.

What a good guy :D

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Hi 0x72! I used your assets in my game for the "Mini Jam 25: Spirits" ( and I won 1st place! Thanks! :D


Congratulations! And you've got 1st place for art as well \o/ amazing! : )

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I made a game using your work.And I modify a little bit for the game. Thanks!


Not an iPhone user but looks like a lot of fun! Great job and congrats on releasing to the App Store!

yeah,it's super fun!:)

Hola! I used/modified parts of this tileset (and some of your micro fantasy characters, which I adapted into a ninja) in a recent game jam entry! aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee

Amazing! A ninja game an out of this assets? I wouldn't guess! I like it : )

Tienes talento mano, gracias por compartirlo

Gracias, de nada. 

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I made a game using your work.
Your work was a great help in creating additional in game characters. Thanks!

Great! I wish you a lot of downloads!

Heyo 0x72! Really great tileset :) I used it in a game i created:

Amazing! keep up the good work!

Hi man!
I used your asset in my game. It's awsome.

How should i add you in description?

Hi man! You're awesome for creating a complete game! 

you can attribute me as "0x72" or point to url "" or "" - whatever suits you best (apparently just 0x72 is searchable)

Thanks, the development took 20 days, and learning the basics of the library about a week

Hey! I used your stuff in my game (here:, so I thought I'd let you know!

Amazing, thanks for sharing! I'll check out as soon as i can, sorry, crazy couple of weeks for me : ) 

Hi, I really liked your pixel arts, can I use them in a game for my programmation course?

You can use it however you like; good luck!

Hey, thanks for this awesome asset!!! I have a question though.

Can I use this on my paid Udemy course? Can I have my students use these?

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Hi there!

Yeah, sure! Someone already did actually (or was it v1? cannot recall). I wish you great success and a lot of students : )

It'd be nice of you to have a link to the tileset in the description, but it's not required.

Thank you so much!! I sure will do :D

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I made a little game with this artwork on my portfolio site - - just click "Save the Princess" on a desktop browser xP

Anyway, you seemed interested in seeing it used and I also wanted to say thanks for doing such a good sprite set, so yeah thanks :)

> You saved the princess from her confines! Unfortunately she died from suffocation whilst in the chest.

haha, I honestly laughed at that XD

Thanks for sharing : )

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Hey cdsimmons, just a random question, what did you use to tween the sword?

yeah it was really nice lol

Hey there! 
Thanks for all your amazing assets! I have launched my new game "The Dark One" on kongregate, people loves it so far! It wouldn't be the same without your assets. I'm really grateful! Keep up your great work mate! 

Here's a link if you would like to check it out:


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Wow, it has a story and what not!


Congratulations on releasing the game!

Hey so for the weapons I was wondering if there's any possibility of weapon having animations like slashing, ect? If not would you have any idea how I could do it if you aren't able to? Thanks

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Hi there!

Unfortunately I'm not able to spend time on this one anymore. I cannot give any concrete advices either not knowing what is your stack; if I knew it there is a high chance I wouldn't be able to anyway.

A non-concrete advice then: you could try to do something like storing positions and rotations (or just transformations) of the weapon from the most resent 8 or so frames; than draw it with a diminishing opacity. Draw the actual sword the last (on top of everything else). 

Maybe instead of opacity you should always draw them with a shader and a plain color of choice (the color of the weapon or white or some fantasy red/blue whatever) - maybe adding glow shader to the mix would help.

Finally you can use particle to draw sword trails; from my experience particles in pixel-art looks great if they obej pixel-artness of the game : ) - there are some tutorials available out there, mostly for 3d, but it shouldn't be a blocker.

Good luck with your project!

Earlier you wrote that: "Each hero character consist of 9 frames:", but in the zip with individual sprites I found 18, what is the difference between for example elf_m and elf_f? To me it looks like _f doesnt have legs, so what should be its use exactly? 


Also thanks for being the most complete asset pack on here, great work.

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elf_f is a different character then elf_m.

`_f` is supposed to indicate she's a female. And she does have legs, they are just not visible because she's wearing a long dress... You can actually see her legs when in the `hit` 1-frame "animation". 

The male wizard's also wearing a dress so I guess it's not a best indicator of gender but I'm having just a couple pixels to work with, don't blame me.

I was told it reads well... makes me kinda sad it doesn't  : (


> Also thanks for being the most complete asset pack on here, great work.

You're welcome : )

Oh, I did only look at the files on my computer, they were kinda small. Seeing it now again animated on the itch page, makes perfect sense. Thanks.

Can someone explain how to use Tileset in a unit? I set SpriteMode = Multiple and in Sprite Editor Slice with Pixel size 16x16 but everything is crooked and I can't use it normally.


I'd like to use ur Tileset for my first "solo" project.

I have a question. How do i animate the walking animation of the "hero" ?(the green-shirt boy.) Ive tried but it doesn't look that good :/.


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Each hero character consist of 9 frames:

4f - idle; 4f - run; 1f - beinghit

The frames can have equal duration - 100ms each should work just fine.

Those are extremely simple animations; not sure if this is good enough for you.


Ofc it's good enough for my game xD,

im not planning to make a triple A title and it looks way better than the things i draw.

I'll try to upload it when its done.

Looking forward to see it! Good luck with your project!

Very nice!

Hey! I'm using these textures in a game I'm currently developing and i was wondering how i should give you credit. Should i put your full name (if so what is it), or just a link to your account?

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I'm glad my work could be helpful to you!

Have your pick:
- link to the page:
- my webpage:
- my legal name: Robert Norenberg

Whatever suits you best : )

Where can I see your game? I'd love to check it out!


The game is currently far from a finished product, a release will not be any time soon, unfortunately. Although I am considering putting up an early access demo on my account here sometime in the upcoming months! ;)

Looking forward to play it! : )

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Hi, I have recently developed a game using mainly your assets, absolutely love your work.

I would be very happy if You take a look:


Looks amazing! Difficult, but I'll try to figure it out again in the morning.

Nice lighting, kinda small tiles on my phone, or maybe just i have fingers a bit too fat (I guess it'd be better on a tablet).

I'm happy I could have helped : )

Keep up the good work!

Yes, Im not so good in balancing a gameplay difficulty, I will try to figure it out. 

Thank You for checking it and feedback, Its realy nice! 

Hi, this is fantastic! Did you use a specific palette? If so, would you mind sharing? I'm looking to expand the tiles a little for a game I'm making.

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I just spotted your credit at the top of the description for GrafxKid and I'm guessing it's their Linear Color palette on Lospec.


Yeah, it's this one.

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