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I've made an Android game using some of your assets.

Many thanks! Of course you've been included in the credits section

I hope you and everyone else enjoy it:

what is the hit animation for (is it for getting hit or shooting cus) "I'm dum"

Hello there ! I love this asset pack and I'm doing a project using it there . It allows me to get better in game dev while not losing time by focusing on graphics (which is not my forte). My game is still pretty limited, but I'll continue the dev as long as I can.

Thank you for you work !

Amazing work!

also: WTFPL \o/


Hey! This is an incredible pack! We used it as part of a University project:
We edited some animations just to flow with our game but otherwise thank you so much! Hopefully you have time to check the trailer (In the itch link) and let us know!
Happy to let you know that our game also won an award for best game of the semester! Thanks again :)

Hey just wanted to share development on my game Frisbros  that uses your sprite pack.  Its a singleplayer or coop game of ultimate frisbee played in dungeons and mazes.   Thank you for the pixel art!

looks great! Carry on the great work!

Thanks! I’ll be sure to attribute you once I add the credits 


This is my favorite sprite pack, The only problem I have is that there is no bow or arrow.


here you go  (also added to v1.4)


OMG Thank you so much.

Deleted 50 days ago

Also, there are no torches.

if you want i can give you a pixel art torch i made in the past


thank you so much I am using this for my first game jam!!


Hi, awesome pack!

I extended the wall tiles so they are a bit taller looking. It looks good when the player is smaller than the wall in my opinion. So here it is if anyone wants to grab it. Just plug it into 32x32 tilemap as a 32x48 tile.



i cannot stress this enough you are an actual lifesaver. I could not for the life of me figure out how to turn the tiles into a tilemap like that

Haha I'm really happy it helped!! <3


Hi !

I wanted to thank you for your tileSet which is really amazing. 

My team and me had the opportunity to use it to create a game in a school setting.

If you want to have a look, you can find a link of the trailer here : 

And a video of gameplay here:




That is AWESOME. I love how people use the squeeze animation instead of walking frames or something.. it never occured to me until I saw it and its awesome.

I will be taking inspiration from the damage indicating signs, I really like those too.

Good job!


you can also experiment with rocking the character left and right! :)

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Love your art style! Thanks this awesome assets!
I used it for a game jam project! A DOOM like FPS

Your sprites fit really well


Hey Robert! I made some changes to create a custom dungeon.

Hope it makes the project keep growing!


Wow, it looks awesome!


great work! added to the description :)


Thank you!

Hey I love your art style, I made a small prototype of a roguelike game using your assets:

I'd love to iterate on it, but I'm pretty busy unfortunately.

Any feedback would be great!

I cannot unzip the zip :(

Dang sorry about that, I made a new archive and reuploaded. Let me know if that's better ;)


Hey I used the graphics to create the monsters and heros for a boardgame I made for my kids, and others. People have loved your work especialy my kids.

Looks amazing. Hope you guys have a lot of fun with the it. The home-made board-games are the best!

Thanks they have been loving it. I made it to help them learn to count. I loved the style of the game tileset and your art was a perfect fit. Working on a card based version now. 

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Amazing; send a lik when it's ready :)

You seam like a great dad! Good luck with your little projects and the two big ones as well :) 

Done, and if your making any new content please pass it along. I love the monsters graphics the best.

Thanks for the awesome assets. I just used it for a game jam. Was gonna make pixel art from scratch but realized it takes a long time :D

In the end, I just used your assets. 

Here is the link to the game submission:

uh, got killed by a rabbit! what a disgrace! XD


Hey, we just made a full game using your assets, they are awesome! If you want the link here you have it. Thanks a lot for this! It's been 5 months of intense development and we have a lot to learn, but we are proud of how it ended up :) Keep it up!

Awesome game! Feels very polished, I'm just getting myself killed either trying to catch a fireball or by accidental charge with the sword.

Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The core mechanic was fight, die and repeat, so it was somewhat difficult to balance de whole thing. Thanks for playing it tho! If you could give us any feedback in the form we have in the description we would really appreciate it!

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i have just started to code, and i would like to make a rougelike as it is my favorite type of game but i dont know how to import the characters can anyone help? Thanks also im using unity

Hi, use this link, and unpack unity Assets:) (unity pack made by wizard)

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I like these sprites. It's been a year since I plan to use this on a game, now I finally used it for my first gamejam. Dungeon Tileset 1 and 2

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Any chance anyone can guide me to a gun pack that would match this style? I am building a top-down shooter similar to gungeon


Hello, This asset is absolutely awesome. I'm planning to create a mobile game with it. And I'll give you a damn credit :)

Could you send me the link to the game when you're done?


Idk if i could make it, I have more stuff todo.

Aye I see


Hi there!

I used your art as a source of inspiration for a jam game called Timewhirl (

I wanted it's visuals to be both beautiful and unique, so I peeked some of your technics.

Thank you for the pack!

Amazing! Thanks for the kind words

Do you speak russian by the way?

I saw a sprite named "chort" in your pack and I'm curious.

I know like 5 words in Russian, but it looks like чёрт is one of them :D


I made this game do you like it 

Awesome, what's up with the little lizard guy? Is he helping you or something?

He is your companion throughout the game.

Thanks so much for this pack! I used it in a Seven Day Roguelike game jam entry for a roguelike puzzle game!

Hey, thank you for this pack! Did a game jam with it and got some nice comments regarding the characters' look :D you can check it out here


haha, super cool and unexpected XD

also - I love the transition effect!

Thank you! :D

Thanks for your assets! I made a jam game based on it and it works pretty well if you want to check.

XD amazing mechanic!


Hi, just wanna say thank you for your amazing art! We just used your asset on a game jam, and receive a lot of positive feedback, especially for the art. I think those credits should go to you! :) Feel free to check it out!


Used your tiles in this demo:


These are dope. Props to you man. I think I might try a game with these

Would you consider doing some more art pieces for this? Would be happy to pay and happy for you to keep the license open for anything commissioned ...

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Hey, this is awesome! Would you mind reviewing the composition I made for my game? What do you thing about mixing sprites sets?

Mixing sprite sets - I don't see why not if they match aesthetics.

You have only one game there - looks good. I'd change the font maybe for a more pixelated or medieval or magical (alchemisty?).


Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for making this sprite pack!  I'm going to be using it in my commercial game. Here is some splash art I had commissioned for it based on your sprites.



What's the name of the game?

The game is called Frisbros. It’s a coop fantasy disc golf/ultimate frisbee mashup! Your sprites fit the theme perfectly :) It’s still in development, but I will post the steam link when it’s ready to be revealed!


Sounds great! Cannot wait to see it, good luck!

Awesome art!


Thanks! All credit goes to the artist though.  I just slap the keyboard and hope it becomes code eventually.

can i use it for my personal game? 


Amazing! I think i'll borrow that if you mind truly amazing


i changed them for my commercial game


Hei. Thanks for the great assets. :)
I created a small game project for a lecture course I teach. The students use the project to practice pointer events and event handling. I have shared the project on Github:

Super happy that my art was used in an educational project! All good luck to your students and let all the grades be good!


Awesome work. I love it.


Thank you for everything you do

Awesome assets! Finally got around to use them in a game. It's a Tower Defense with your tilemaps for background/walls/enemies and the wizard as Tower :)

Feel free to check it out:


Super cool! Lot's of particles :D

Thanks! Had to catch the eye somehow, right :D 


Thanks for sharing these amazing assets, character sprites fit my game perfectly.

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The packs are amazing! I'm using Construct 3 and can't figure out how many frames to use. Can you also add attack animations?

I'm currently using Unity and 25 fps is perfect for animations. Also, like shown in the images, there are no attack animations. Basically it's a weapon that rotates around the player, like in Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon and others. But if you don't like this way, just try make something yourself, with some immagination you can find an idea.

I personnaly used 12 fps and it seems perfect, I tried 25 and it looks a little bit too fast in my opinion

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How frames per seconds should the animations be playing?

Depends on how fast you want the animations to run. I set my animations to six frames per second and that did the trick for me.

ok, thank you!

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Depends on what program you are using, for example I'm using Aseprite, which automatically sets the correct frames per seconds value and using an extension for Unity I import it into the engine. From what I've tried, 25 fps for the animations are perfect.

Ok thankyou for the advice!


Thank you so much for the assets! They made it super easy to jump in and create my game without having to worry about the art. I just uploaded The King's Cellar, I'd love for you to take a look!

How did you make the attack animations?

I used PyxelEdit to change a few frames from the idle animations. I shifted the skeleton's head forward a few pixels and closed his eyes, gave the thief a fist, etc. The animations only have four frames, so it wasn't too difficult.



Thanks for sharing this asset for free! This asset is very epic!!!

I use your assets in this game:

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