Version 1.7 - autotiles!

I finally spent some time on learning about autotiles (with this explanation:

I'm still not sure how to share the tileset so it's both ready-to-use to use and engine-agnostic, but setting up the whole thing shouldn't take more than 5 minutes (at least ing Godot) so I hope it'll be helpful to someone anyway.

The walls are bit different (thickness and such) than previous ones, so keep that one in mind.

In case you want any wall than the shorter ones (16x16) are dead-simple to use.

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Mar 11, 2024

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Hello! I'm a bit new to this autotiling thing, and I just sorta followed what you did in the picture as you've shown here, can I see what you did with your low walls and the floor? 

And also, an additional question, (I'm sorry, I'm really new to this) what's the difference between the high and low walls?

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Do you have an example for how you mask the tall tileset in Godot? The short tileset looks like it uses the template perfectly, I'm setting it up right now!


Basically the same as the short one:

Awesome, thanks so much!

This is highly appreciated, thanks!