Lizard Heroes

Hi there!

As suggested by Chocko I've added 2 lizard heroes in v1.3. 

They are a race from far away jungles, very rare in the human kingdoms. Most cannot event tell their gender from their looks (they are lizards after all!). They favourite weapon is spear and their favourite food is strawberry ice-cream : )

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Jul 29, 2019

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Hey! I just recently released my game on Steam, that I've previous sent a demo here. Here is the link and again, thank you so much for this asset.

Can you give me a form of contact so I can give you a key?

Amazing! Congrats! And thank you! you can find my email at

I love the idle animations so much! <3


I wanted to make them more blobby but it wouldn't match rest of the heroes. I'm glad you like it anyway : )

Nah it matches perfectly to the style of the rest of them. I've only played around with the tileset so far but when I have something show-worthy I'll let you know! :)



Really nice job!

thank you!