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A pixel art, multi-purpose, fantasy tileset.


CC0 license. Hope it's useful to someone : )




- rhino

- troll

- topdown jungle version


- mooseman


- addded doors, spikes, and a flower to the platformer tileset
- basic character has now all idle animations + a simple climb amination
- added gifs because why not : )


(note: .json files contain i.a. information about each frame duration and it's express in milliseconds)

characters (so far):
- barbarian
- basic (various weapons)
- dwarf
- guard
- knight_blue
- knight_green
- knight_red
- knight_yellow
- lizard
- monk
- oldman
- wizard

- iso (for tactical/strategic games) [map_tile: 16x8, grid: 18x20]
- platformer (for platforemers) [8x8]
- topdown (for roguelikes/rpgs) [8x8]

- anime_sword
- arrow
- axe
- big_axe
- ches2t_closed
- ches2t_open_empty
- ches2t_open_full
- chest_closed
- chest_open_empty
- chest_open_full
- cleaver
- flag_blue
- flag_blue2
- flag_green
- flag_green2
- flag_red
- flag_red2
- flag_yellow
- flag_yellow2
- halberd
- key_gold
- key_silver
- magic_staff
- potion_blue
- potion_green
- potion_red
- potion_yellow
- shield_blue
- shield_green
- shield_red
- shield_yellow
- spear
- staff
- sword

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(50 total ratings)
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Fantasy, Isometric, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Retro, Roguelike, Tilemap, Top-Down
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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microFantasy.v0.1.zip 252 kB
iso_tiled_example.v0.1.zip 22 kB
microFantasy.v0.2.zip 325 kB
microFantasy.v0.3.zip 335 kB
microFantasy.v0.4.zip 358 kB


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great stuff! used your asset here: https://makovwait.itch.io/micro-td


cool game, I've got to wave 11!


will you develop this asset further? he looks very nice :)


Here is where I am at with this so far. Great work on this. I hope you continue work on it.

(1 edit) (+1)

Please continue, it does look great! I like the screenshot screenshake very much!

I will do my best, have already added a bunch to it.

Here is you an update: 


Hey, i was wondering what the tile size is 


Im preety sure it's 8x8

Hey, I used your assets in a game demo I made, they are very useful for learning basic animation in the engine and art design in general.



its amazing

 but the photos are small


it s very little

salut et merci j'ai pu crée un jeux grasse a ton asset


De rien ! <3

I was trying to use one of the tilesets for my unity project but when I put it in a tile palette, all the assets were in one tile. This meant that whenever I tried to use the tilemap it would paint every asset.

you need to slice the tiles  by going into the sprite editor


Such a nice asset pack! Love your art

(1 edit) (+6)

For anyone who needs it, I made a version of the dwarf with the pickaxe (as seen in the 2nd image) since there wasn't one.






Hi again! Little question, what palette did you use for this tileset?

No idea O.o Cannot even remember if stolen or made up :(

(1 edit) (+1)

Is it ok if I make an expanded version of this awesome asset pack?

I got inspired in making and animating more of these lil characters.



Yeah! They are awesome to animate!

hi, dude.. please, do more enemies, like goblin and other.. please, please!!


Thank you!!


I´m getting into coding and gamedev, I'll be using your work on my attempt to roguelike, thank you, I'll credit you wherever I can


wow! Nice job!


very good, I'm working on a project, when finished I put a link here.  :)

Deleted 2 years ago

The link is dead : (

Deleted 2 years ago

This is a very well done sprite pack, I appreciate the free licence, and I will definitely reference you when I complete my game

I have some questions

1-In the pack it shows characters like a red imp/club giant that are not in the download pack, will you be putting them in at some stage(unless I missed a download)

2- is there another place to find work done by you?

0 - thanks

1 - really? damn, I didn't noticed that. And I lost those files at one point : (. gotta fix it, will let you know!

2 - not really

Is it possible to contact you for business purposes? I really like your art-style and would like to discuss a personal project if you are open for that.

Why, it is possible (see my profile for contact info); but, sadly, I currently refuse all of the kind offers like this one.

I've just got too my plate : (



Ah, okay! Very understandable!
Thanks for the quick reply and wish you the best.
Good day.

The way your animations feel even with those few pixels is amazing! great job!

thank you! : )

(2 edits)

Hello, 0x72! Is there a plan to add animation to the water (and other liquid) tiles of the isometric tileset? It'd be amazing to see that! Thank you so much, loving your art!


Hi flightcoded! 

I'll be honest. I've never successfully drew water. Honestly no idea how to so it looks acceptably. Just tried again, and heck, it's just as bad as always. So ugh, "not really, no" is the answer I'm afraid.


(1 edit)

Understandable, water is indeed hard to draw. Another question, how would you like to be credited?
Edit: Just found your website, thus your name. I guess that's suitable


Well, the name is fine I guess. You can throw "0x72" there as well so people have it easier to find the assets : )

Thanks for crediting me : )

Hey, thanks so much for these awesome assets! I made a platformer game with them which was the first thing I've ever finished and published so thanks a lot! Its here if its of any interest to you. :)

(1 edit)

Wow, this looks polished!

So much blood O.o!

Congrats on great achievement. It feels good. Go, and repeat now :-)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey 0x72 love the assets, considering making a udemy course on game dev and wondering whether or not I would be able to use this assets, is that covers in the CC0 license? Of course I would give u full credit for the assets. Thanks -Retro

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm happy you like my assets : ).

Yeah go for it!

CC0 let you use those assets in a course and making money out of it. It's perfect for such use-cases because the learners can also access them without hustle. 

Credit as always is appreciated but not required.

I wish you good luck with your course and many happy customers!

(1 edit) (+1)

You are the best, I love your assets! I made a game to GMTK Jam, take a look https://fernandorules.itch.io/dungeon-out-of-crtl.

I definitely feel like out of control :D nice entry!


I must say... This is amazing!!!

(1 edit) (+1)

I just wanted to thank you for using CC0 rather than some home-made "don't redistribute or resell" license.

It means I can add it to my list of art assets which wouldn't be a blocker to getting any resulting open-source game into Linux package repositories.

(Up until now, I've focused on writing utilities, but I collect assets because, if I can find time, I've always wanted to experiment with things like better procedural level generation.)

(2 edits) (+1)

Hi Stephan!

Yeah, CC0 is such a no-brainer to me to attach to anything provided for a free; I sorta don't understand why anyone would have anything more restrictive (I mean + usual no warranty for code - MIT or similar, but it's a technicality).

As for  "don't redistribute or resell"... I don't see it as a harm directed at me, although it's a d***ish move towards the buyer, I guess. Would a license stop such a person though? Why and how would I even chase the guy. CC0 makes it so much easier to use. Alternative gives me nothing, doesn't prevent abuse, doesn't help the third parties in any way.

Just my thoughts : )

So yeah, more open-source please, and good luck with your procedural levels (it's a rabbit hole, I know, I've been there!)

(2 edits)

Makes sense. When I'm feeling in a "do not steal" mood, I use GPL for my code because it's the corporate actors I care about abusing my good will but, otherwise, I just go for MIT because it's a minimal "leave the attribution intact" license and my main goal is to lift the baseline for everyone.

As for the levels, let's just hope my brain doesn't stymie me too much. I tend to bounce back and forth between my hobby projects unpredictably. (eg. I've got an in-progress project I poke at periodically which is going to be an InnoSetup/NSIS-like installer builder for DOS retro-enthusiasts but, lately, I've been focusing on preparing to push to GitHub a GUI and guide for feeding manga into Tesseract OCR and getting high-quality output from Google Translate.)

This is really nice. keep it up


Check out my small game: https://da-gm3-comany.itch.io/the-3-crystals

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hi, dude. congratulations on this asset. i love it and i'm planning to do a game with it. you could improve it with more tilesets, itens and other fantasy monsters (orcs, goblin, bats). what do you say?

The fact that this is free is honestly amazing & astounding. Your work is really really good.

I am a newbie game developer and I wanted to make my first games from free asset packs, seeing as I don't know much about art & stuff like that. This may be an ambitious project to tackle as one of the first but I plan to use this to make one of my first games called "Itsy Bitsy Heroes" where Dwarf, Lizard, Blue Knight & Wizard are playable characters. I'll be sure to send you the game when I am done. :-)

PS: Where is the red light that the Wizard shoots?

First of all, thanks for this excellent work! Your tilesets are consistently complete and of high quality.

I'm having trouble finding an importing method for the sprite sheets with all character animations in Unity. I imagined finding a tool that breaks down the sprite sheet into separate animations using the .json file would have been easier, but maybe my google-fu is lacking.

Can you (or anyone, really) point me towards a tool to accomplish this? I would really prefer not writing custom importing scripts.

(1 edit)

First of all, thanks for the kind words.

Second, I know next to nothing about Unity, so sadly I cannot help much : (

Then, what game engine u use? :V

(2 edits)

I often use LÖVE which I enjoy very much.

btw, why would you need to split animations using the .json file? Frames are also provided as separate files (which from my understanding is what Unity wants)

You should go watch tutorials on Learn Unity, if you haven't already. There are many tutorials for what you need. Unity uses Animation & Animator to make stuff like this.

Thanks I was not sure if you were using pixels or vectors. Aseprite is a great program. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy the simplistic styling of your artwork. Could you please share your workflow process for your artwork? Thank you for sharing and inspiring !

I'm glad you like it.

Not sure what you're interested in. I just use aseprite. Just pushing pixels one by one. Some primitive script to export the files (aseprite can be used in cli mode). That's it really.

(4 edits) (-2)

May you add running up, down and dying animations for the characters? I am trying to make an isometric game. Thank you for the assets.

Sorry, It's take too much work. I also don't feel like I'd like it art-style tbh.

I'm not sure what kind of game you're making but maybe you can reconsider and do with just 2 direction sprites? (some games do that even if characters can face 360deg gamelogic-wise).

In any case: good luck with your game!

You made me cry :'v, Thank you for your work anyways.

Hi i'm currently using it for a roguelike/plateformer game, you can find a demo on my page (link) . I love your work and I'm looking for an artist, so I would love to work with you. You can contact me if you interresed. And thanks for the art !

I'm a huge fan of micro/tiny pixel art - and your assets are some of the absolute best I've seen! I'm really looking forward to using it in a game I plan to develop with Phaser. I saw someone else on here is also using it with Phaser. I've really liked working with that framework in the past. Thanks for the awesome micro pixel assets!

Oh, thank you!

Good luck with your Phaser game; feel free to share here when you have it released!

Hi there! Thanks for lovely art!

I am planning to use your tileset for creating a game with Phaser. What do you think about this framework? Will it be a good fit for a game with such graphics?

Thanks in advance ;)


Never used Phaser but I'm sure it's up to the task.

Good luck, and send a link when you have something ready! I'd be happy to play : )

I would like to utilize this for a project and hereby state to share any profit created by that work. More updates in the near Future.

It's super nice of you, thank you.

I wish you a great success either way : )

Awesome,  I really love this style.  I'm considering use it in my game!  If you add some topdown tilesets (like wild land, jungle, sand land, etc. ) as the places in iso tilesets, that's would be great.

Keep up the awesome work!


No promises, but I'm going to add some more content here every now and then : )

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