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This is beautiful! Can't wait to study it!

Thank you!

This looks great!


I'm happy to hear that!

Now go make a game : )

Beautiful art!

Thank you!




Looks great! Dropped a tip and downloaded. :)


Thank you, much appreciated!

Awesome work! Think I'll use it in my next game :)

Thank you, cannot wait to play it : )

Excellent tilesets! I really love the style! I'm having some trouble getting the iso tiles working in Tiled2D. Could you provide some sprite dimensions/positions or perhaps a Tiled2D example file?

Hi there, thank you!

It's 16x8 tile size (Map -> Map Properties... -> Tile (Width|Height)) and 18x20 grid size (Edit Tileset -> Grid (Width|Height)); I've added

Let know if this works for you : )

That's great, thanks!

Great work, as always!

Thank you SeppahBaws!

Have you finished you're school project, have you published it somewhere by any chance?

Oh wow you remembered!

it is actually finished (™) but I haven't uploaded it anywhere. Kinda forgot about it :D

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I like those little characters! Very animated for the size!

glad you like it : )

Just look at the talent and skills!

Great job!

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thank you!

Now go make a game : )

Looks nice. I love the colours and fun animations.

Thank you! I'll add some more soon : )

Looks amazing :D

Thank you!

Excellent! I love how you have a complete set here.

Thank you : ) I'm glad you like it.

Perfect Game Jam set. If I every have the time to make a game for a jam again, I'll use these :)

I cannot wait to play it! : )

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