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Очень классый asset. Взял для своего проекта набор платформера, немного дорисовываю, но я не художник. Поэтому хотелось бы чтобы вы не забрасывали данный asset и продолжали над ним работу, хотелось бы увидеть каких-нибудь боссов :) 


I'm definitely going to add some bigger characters: ogres, trolles and such. You'll be able to use them as bosses I guess : )

Maybe you have anything particular in mind?

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Да, я имел в виду более крупных персонажей, которых можно считать боссами) Спасибо, буду ждать, желаю удачи :)

This is beautiful. Hopefully I'll have the motivation to complete a game with these.

I'm new to and this is my first comment but I had to say something.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

Finger crossed for you game and motivation (and mine as well!, this is a common problem : ))

Got inspired so instead of studying it I just made a little game instead!

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Wow! Amazing!

Yeah, I know the pack would benefit from some variety and some more items - more is coming in v0.2 (not sure when though).

Looking forward to v0.2! What kind of content might you be adding?

Hi there!

Not sure yet, I've drew something yesterday but I disliked it so I probably try again tomorrow.


- some additional platformer and top-down tilesets bioms

- more characters

- missing basic character animations, maybe some more weapons

- some items like coins, spikes, doors etc.


anything you're waiting for in particular?

Can't say I'm waiting on anything in particular. I've been using your isometric tileset for my latest project and its been great. Some more tile variations would be nice, but it's a minimal tileset and the current selection of tiles is excellent. I have noticed there's no idle animations for basic characters holding different weapons, but I guess I can use the item images and 'attach' them them to the basic sprites.


I'm glad you like the isometric one!

The idle animations for the basic guy are on my todo list already : )


This is beautiful! Can't wait to study it!

Thank you!

This looks great!


I'm happy to hear that!

Now go make a game : )

Beautiful art!

Thank you!




Looks great! Dropped a tip and downloaded. :)


Thank you, much appreciated!

Awesome work! Think I'll use it in my next game :)

Thank you, cannot wait to play it : )

Excellent tilesets! I really love the style! I'm having some trouble getting the iso tiles working in Tiled2D. Could you provide some sprite dimensions/positions or perhaps a Tiled2D example file?

Hi there, thank you!

It's 16x8 tile size (Map -> Map Properties... -> Tile (Width|Height)) and 18x20 grid size (Edit Tileset -> Grid (Width|Height)); I've added

Let know if this works for you : )

That's great, thanks!

Great work, as always!

Thank you SeppahBaws!

Have you finished you're school project, have you published it somewhere by any chance?

Oh wow you remembered!

it is actually finished (™) but I haven't uploaded it anywhere. Kinda forgot about it :D

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I like those little characters! Very animated for the size!

glad you like it : )

Just look at the talent and skills!

Great job!

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thank you!

Now go make a game : )

Looks nice. I love the colours and fun animations.

Thank you! I'll add some more soon : )

Looks amazing :D

Thank you!

Excellent! I love how you have a complete set here.

Thank you : ) I'm glad you like it.

Perfect Game Jam set. If I every have the time to make a game for a jam again, I'll use these :)

I cannot wait to play it! : )

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