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This would have been usefull before I animated your sprites by hand XD

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Hehe, I bet it would, sorry for that! 

But the animation here needed to be simpler then what you've done so I could easily combine sprites. The head movement you've got in your game simply looks better - so I guess it was worth it :)

Haha yeah. I cant wait to see what games come out of this. 

BTW, I've continued to work on the prototype I made with your sprites and I was meaning to ask you if you were interested at all in lending a hand with it on any capacity. I would obviously love to have you help with sprites (and there is budget for that) but I do understand that may be a big commitment. I believe the success of my prototype camelot crawl was in large part due to your inspired sprites and would be honored to have you involved on any level of development (from sprites to simply play testing and anywhere in between). If you are at all interested let me know.

Also I will be adding a link to your work in-game, I hope you dont mind...

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I'd love to but I'm just not in the position right now to take any commitment, let alone a big one.  My instant reaction is "yeah sure, sign me in" but this would be unfair, I would fail. Unfortunately I must decline. Hope you understand :(

That being said if you're stuck or have some smaller requests or whatever feel free to drop me an email or post a comment here.

Link is great, thanks :)


Oh my, too perfect, now I regret making 3D games and software



Awesome !!!

This is awesome man! 

What's the licence of the generated spritesheet?


CC0 - do whatever you want. 

As usual: I appreciate credit and sharing a link but it's optional.

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Wow this is amazing!! 

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