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Great tool been looking to use it for a while in a game jam finally got the chance. The villains in the 3h game jam we just finished were all made using the tool.

Thanks for providing this.

You can see them in action here.

يا ليت التطبيق ممكن يتحمل عتا لو بفلوس


thanks for this, used it to create two enemies for my game


Much love for you , you are amazing 

Nice! Thank you from Brasil :)

This is literally the best thing ever if you’re doing any kind of 2D stuff.

This is great.


wonderful work!

sorry if english is bad i'm from brazil and i'm using google translator, in the option to export the config and base srites of the generator how exactly do i add more sprites for example more faces?

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Hi there!

It's all undocumented but you should be able to just enlarge the files and it should work.

faces.png and heads.png: add 16 pixels of width for each part you want to add and just draw it there.

base.png: 24 pixels of height and just draw it there.

Remember to use the same colors (yellow outline, green skin and so on), they are specified in config.json as fromColors

i keep getting these odd yellow and green pixels on export. Easy enough to recolor but wondering what could be causing it?

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Hm.. interesting. I cannot reproduce this one. What browser/OS do you use? Does it happen to other head types? Does changing colors affect it in any way?

As for why: I use a couple of colors as key colors in the templates to replace them with whatever the user chooses. In particular for skin it's green (00ff00) and dark green (008800) and outline is yellow (ffff00). The colors on the image you've send are a bit off (07fe00, 008b00, f7fc00) so they weren't replaced; but why only on the edges?

There is also a 5% shadow to the left of the head (not visible really, but you'll find it when you inspect the file) this looks like a clue. I'm especially puzzled that it on'y happens to two frames and only part of the picture; super weird. I'll be looking into that.

I'm using Chrome on Android, not sure if that will help. It happens with all exports. Absolutely love it regardless though!

Absolutely love your characters. So simple yet so effective!

Muchas gracias por la herramienta!!!! <3

De nada!

Ve y haz un juego (o algo otro) con estos personajes! :)


Me sirvió de mucho en mi proyecto de final de ciclo, lo utilice para los personajes principales, tengo el juego subido a mi perfil jeje y gracias ✌️

Deleted post

Hi! I've used your sprite to make another pixel sprite generator. If you want to take a look, Here is the link. 😀

I've used it and some of your items in a game I've recently published. Thanks!

Just in case you want to have a look at it, here is the link.

Of course, you and other people are credited within the game (watch the video).

Thank you for this! Used it in my little microstrategy game Nazdar!

this looks great! I like trains :D

Hi! Can I mod it? I read in other comments that it is necesary the file, but when I download the website with the explorer dev tools I only see:

- index.html
- FileSaver.min.js
- app.js
- jszip.js
- style.css

Is there any form I can get the file? Thank you!

Feel free to mod it. Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide support. But I'm sure all the files are provided with the application and visible in the network tab of the dev tools. I took no steps to hide how it works, but I haven't see the code for a long time so you have as much chance to untangle the mess  I do. I'm sure you'll manage to figure this one out. Good luck.


Very nice. Thank you, will use it in my game.

is there the same tool for building and other stuff ?

some tools you might find interesting here:

Thank you very much, one question, what color palette do you use for these sprites?

Following palettes are used in the app:

- pdm1 (the legacy one)
- endesga 32
- zughy-32
- vinik24
- CC-29
- steam lords
- island joy 16 (default)

links are available under "Palettes" dropdown

just a question - can i add these dudes to my tileset? like its mentioned about projects and games but im also making art, so...

means - not nft, mine thing also will be nft-free and also i will block em. im just only asking about resharing it...

I mean, you can I guess .

I just recommend to make sure to make it clear to your users that this tool here exists so no-one feels upset or tricked or anything. Especially if it's for money (but also if it's not).

What I'm trying to say is, it's super easy to get accused unfairly of stealing by some random people on the Internet, and it kinda sucks :(

Anyway, good luck!

no, im one of these who will even copy license of it so... i was just asking if its "redistributable" nothing less nothing more. 

plus - i dont even have bank acc so how i could earn on it ? lol...


I didn’t try to imply you’d do something wrong on anything of that kind really. Sorry if it went that way. Just got some nasty comments recently and such stuff is upsetting. Internet I guess. Good luck with your project! I’m sure it’ll be awesome! sent a link when it’s out there <3

ok =]

i love you man

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Diglielo simòòòòò

Thank you! <3

Why I export config and then import config,  character is different?

Uh, idk; sorry for that. 

The config is not about one character but about all the space of characters so maybe this is that.

I'll try to take a look on that at some point but i'm short on time recently tbh :(

Wow, this is a really cool art style .

Reminds me of analog studios_

You got it flipped, this dude is the OG of the style. Not that analog studios isn't absolutely amazing as well.

Oh cool! I didn't know that.

There's also this tool:

and a bunch of links here with more artwork in the style:

if you haven't seen these already

super cool! This dev could use some more love tbh

I mean, they have what might be the most popular pack on itch. I don't know how much more love itch has than that.

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Amazing tool. Is there a way for people to contribute new bases/heads/faces to this?

Dude I love this, and have been wanting to use it for a long time
I just made a small movement system for my game, using a character from your system.(gave credit of course)
Thanks a bunch man, it's a really good system.

Quite like what is going on here (the program) but is otline color supposed to be always-on yellow #302c2e ? Can't disable or change it despite changing slidders, numerical value and clicking toggle 20 times in a row (21 to be sure).

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#302c2e should not be yellow - more like gray, rather dark tbh.

And it should be easily changeable, although it's always locked. 

Can you tell me what browser you use? and maybe provide a screenshot?

Sure, browser is Firefox Desktop (whatever version is newest now), Chrome works fine, and as to the screenshot, here it is:

Damn, I've tried it out on Firefox on a Windows (10) machine and it works just fine. Not sure. Maybe a cache problem?

Can you try to run it with cache disabled (or incognito mode should also work just for testing it)?

If this is still a problem - maybe you'd be able to run it with dev-tools' console open and paste the errors that show up (if any)?

Incognito mode does nothing and console only gives relevant errors (like skipping unknown function 'monetization'. Embedded "game" code is not visible, so can't say if I've noiticed there something interesting or not (somethich that can point to the glitch in question).

can you add back pack like the old one

I love the art style! I used it for my first game jam attempt

LMAO about NFT 

Thank you for this? Can i have source code?


Hey, I've wanted to use this generator in my project, could you please give the source code or explain me, how else can I do it?

Could you, please give the source code

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And tell us what is the licence on it please ? As i want to use it to make a sprite generator but i need to know if the licence permits me to use it.



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The NFT project ( seems to use your assets at , do they have your LICENSE?

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No, they don't. They are thieves.

Report that account in twitter

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I love that generator !
I'd like to use it in to generate characters.

What is the license of the files of the tool itself?

(app.js, and so on)

There is the license displayed just underneath the thing.

As for the tool itself - it's not released as licensed software.

Thanks for this answer, i have already read the licence about the generated sprite.

For the files of the tool, by No licence, may i  can create a github project with them and choose any licence (open-source) ?
With credits for you of course!

Thanks for making this available. Its wonderful. I don't seem to be able to get it to run when i download though. It's just showing this... I know I'm missing something. Any help?

You're probably missing the following files:

app.js - js code of the application
style.css - describes how it's supposed to look
/data/ - file with default parts and configuration
FileSaver.min.js - lib
jszip.js - lib

They shoud be placed next to index.html.

Browser will prevent the app from using those files though - there might be some flag or option for that but it's inherently insecure.

Easiest solution is to run a local server. 

On Linux something like `php -S` would do. As for  Windows: I've just found this list and there is one Windows solution there at the very end but I've never used it.

Thanks for the fast reply. When I download the files, I only get...

When I go to the "Little Update" page the link doesn't seem to be active. Sorry for my denseness here. Just seems like I'm missing pieces...

Oh, I see, you've tried to download it with download button. I'm honestly surprised it was there in the first place; my bad. It didn't give you the working version of the app really, I've removed it just now.

If you want to run the app locally you'll have to use browser dev-tools and extract it from and then run with a static server, probably figure out some bugs and what-not.

Tbh, this is not really prepared to be a stand-alone app.

Thanks for this. I really appreciate the helpful direction and all of the stuff you release. Its great content and inspiring!


This is brilliant, thank you so much.

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