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How would you make the sprites look as if they were walking? 


Really good and helpful

**Best** tileset ever! So cute and useful. Thanks for 0x72~

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I like these sprites. It's been a year since I plan to use this on a game, now I finally used it for my first gamejam. Dungeon Tileset 1 and 2


A lot of blood!

great entry!

Thank you, Ill update this game after the jam. I'll use more assets created by your pixel dudes maker


Hi, thanks for making this asset available, I am participating in a gamejam and I am using it.

Hi, thanks for the tileset, I used it in my recent gamejam game

Super fun! 

Bloody mages killed me!

We featured your tileset in our community built java game engine demo: 

Hey, thanks! Looks like a cool opensource project! Good luck!

Thanks :D

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I made a game with this asset (and some of the V2)
Thanks! :D


I made this game with these, thank you very much :)





Hi!, I used this set of sprites on my project! Take a look here:

Hey Mate can you tell me what font you have used on this page

It's called both: Pixel or 04b_03 - one of itch's defaults.

Thanks, Mate Love your style. 😀


(Since my mother tongue is not English, what am I going to say may contain spelling or grammatical mistakes, cultural, incomprehensible or unreadable content or even unintentionally offend you. I'll be sorry if I do making offends)
Sorry to bother. I'm a player and a novice game-creator from China and I like your artwork (or should I say "creation" instead?) very much. I'm writing this in order to apply to you for authorization. I would like to use your artwork for my game(s) [NOTE #1]  (and I will probably modify them too), AND I want to make your artwork into a Texture Pack for HTML5 Magic Tower Sample (which means your artwork may also appear on more than one H5MOTA [NOTE #2] games whose creators aren't me). I'll be responsible for making and adapting those above by all myself and I just want to ask for your authorization. I SOLEMNLY PROMISE that your works will NEVER be used for any profitable commercial purposes.
It's okay if you don't agree and my request of authorization is denied, but I still hope you will be willing to accept my request and any of our works using your artwork will indicate the original author of these works and I will post thier links (or sites) by commenting this page to you if you agree.
By the way I WOULD like to appreciate your artwork but I'm unable to support you because I use neither PayPal nor Card since I have never been to a non-Chinese environment.
Anyway, thank you for your time for reading all those above and replying me. If you want to get further contacts, you can add me as your QQ or WeChat friend (sorry for I don't use Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat).
[NOTE #1] The game will be based on HTML5 Magic Tower Sample and it do takes a really long time to do that so I would probably not finish my game and if it comes true I'll be sorry.
[NOTE #2] H5MOTA has two meanings: A non-profit website (and community, too) for storing and displaying all HTML5 Magic Tower games and allows you to playing them freely online, or HTML5 Magic Tower games which based on HTML5 Magic Tower Sample. "MOTA" is the Chinese Pinyin abbreviation of Magic Tower (whose original work was TSW, The Tower of the Sorcerer) (Magic Tower games are adopted on its playing methods, and some works are just its fellow works).

Add: Sorry, but the games I mentioned will NOT be published on THIS website.

Sure buddy, you can use the tileset - modified or not - for your game. I don't mind you earning money with it so don't worry (actually, go for millions if you can). Good luck!

This pack is great! I published my first game with some of these assets!

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Cool concept! The gam is fun, thanks : )

Hey Any idea on what a good pixel size it is to splice the asset pack. Like I tried 16 x 16 but umm didnt go too well. Other than that, this is a damn good asset pac

It's 16 by 16 with some of the items not conforming to the grid.

It's a bit more tidy in the tileset II I guess

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yeah you could splice it up like the second tileset, so that people who use it would not face problems like I did. pretty please


yo, great assets! I will try and use them in a small game. I suck at game dev and art but these fit awesomely in a small idea i am working on!!!!



Hey! Congrats on releasing the first game! Thanks for using the assets!

Wow~!! I like this asset!!!! >_<
Very thank you~! Especially good because it's a CC0 license!

(+ Can I modify this asset?)

Yeah, of course, it's CC0 after all!

wow Thank you!! I like your all asset!!!!


Very nice pack! Simple and cute. I ended up using this pack to make a game for a class, Corpse Contagion

This is difficult, but fun : )

Thank you for checking it out :)

I have a game that uses this assets

this is cool, also: go godot!

Very nice assets fellow! Hope to see ore like that, if I make money with it I will  share with you lol :-)

Im using this for my game Knight Adventures!

Does this asset contain character animations?

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why, no it doesn't; people usually just waggle the characters or something like that.

Alternatively you can check out


Thank you for the tiles. I used them in my entry for Mini Jam 57:

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It's amazing,

I crave more levels and maybe some story now!

Hey, I used one of your assets and modified it cuz i just couldn't draw it after 1000000 attempts lol (coin). Anyways... Here's the link if u wanna check it out!

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I have always loved "Name your price" products since I can just get them for free, but this feels like stealing...

Imma pay later, honestly

Thank you very much ... I will use it in the game I will ...

I love these assets!  I used them in my game Gothic Throne, cause they really gave me a Nuclear Throne kinda vibe.

Looks amazing! Yeah, I was definitely NT-inspired. iirc I started drawing with “NT but melee focused... Chicken’s the best!” in mind. Keep up the great work!

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this is really nice, i wanted to make a pixel art game and i liked this very much. Unfortunately i am 14 year old so i cant give you any money. I will always help you and refer to you in my game

Thanks for the kind words!

Don't worry about the cash, and feel free to use my assets however you like. Go make amazing games!

Thanks : )

Hello there. Can I make a game with your designs and throw steame? I will definitely write your name in the game. Great Designs!

"throw steame"?

not sure what you mean, but I guess you can, as there is nothing preventing you (definitely not me)

oh, and thank you! : )

i have a simple question

I am trying to use that on unity but when i import it to the scene i can not chose one object and create the level. All the objects are only 1 and i can not split them 

this should help:

I made an extension to your wonderful tileset:

great! adding to the desc

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Hey there, me again lol, This time, I used ur assets as INSPIRATION, check it out lmao thx

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Extremely simple but satisfying mechanics! Great job! Cannot share the highest score because I've blinked but it was at least 300!

aaaaagrh.. it really need to pause for a second at least after I fail so I can see the score! :)

lol, glad u enjoyed it

Hey, Check out my new game, I used some of ur assets:

Would you be interested in being commissioned to do some more arts in this style?


I would really like it if you could come up with an inventory and health bar asset with it too!
But overall! Great Job! 
I suck at coding so I'm just making an rpg in scratch XD

If you want an introduction to coding games I recommend the game engines "GameMaker Studio 2" and "Godot"

I personally started with GameMaker Studio 1 but switched to GMS2 when it released, its language is easy to learn and good for getting into the programmer mindset.

Check Out my that game I used some of your assets
its a super cool horror rpg game where it has the sstrangest ending... have fun and GOOD LUCK!

Hey, cool project, although I have absolutely no idea what to do after defeating (?) first enemy.

Keep up the good work anyway! : )

Someone made a review in the game... check it out:

Check out my small game:

Great job! Thanks for using the set :)

The art is very good.

Well done!

Thank you!

Thank you, for the nice art. I'm trying to make a mobile dungeon game. so this will certainly come in handy ;) 

Good luck!

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Amazing, cannot wait to see it!

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