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Hi ! I'm using your art in a commercial game that should be out soon on kongregate. I tried to email you to give more details but your adress doesn't seem to be working (yes I replaced the [at]).

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Sorry for that, I've just moved the webpage and I did a typo (I'm sloppy O.o). Should be good now.

Anyway, great achievement! Cannot wait to play it.

Thanks ! Well there's a beta, closed for the moment (maybe I should open it ?). Check your emails in a couple minutes ;)

Hey! I liked your art so much, that I made a game prototype using it. Take a look if you want - LINK.

Can I use your sprites if I'll finish my game? Even if it will be commercial?

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It's CC0. You can use the art however you want, also in commercial projects. Giving credit is appreciated but not required. If your game makes you a millionaire only better and I'll be happy for you :) please share.

I'll take a look when I'm back home.

Thank you for reply. I hope you will like it. Make more awesome assets dude! You're great artist!

I fail to find a way out the 2nd level but overall, sir, you have a promising game here! I like it a lot.

There's no exit in 2nd level yet, but will be sooner or later. Thanks a lot for reply ^_^


Im Creating a Single Player Adventure game, Might want to check it out!


Trying to add things to this ;3.

hope you like this bruh ;3

Hey Chocko can I make use of this?

Of course you can!

Thanks Chocko. Anyway I can get in contact with you about the project I am working on?

Yeah, you can! Do you have discord? If you do, add me Schockolade#1306

Hi Chocko, can I use some of these in a RTS I've been working on for a while? Will credit you and 0x72. thanx as lot, these are awesome. 

off course you can! contact me so i can speak with you more... if you have a discord my name in it is Schockolade#1306 or, you can contact me via twitter (

Amazing! I especially like 6 big fellows and the bat with so many teeth.

Hi again Chocko! Do you mind if I link to this comment in the description?

Of course you can!

I'm working on game for school project. And here is level editor. More info soon :)

I'm curious what is reasoning for distinguishing left and right wall now :)

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These green boxes are colliders. I had to make them to avoid bugs. It was the simplest way :)

Link to editor: [here]

hey friend! Thanks for this... This isn't a great demonstration of everything we could be doing, but as a 200's level CS class final project focused on procedural generation, it's not terrible: GammaCrawler - Free to download - need java 8 runtime

Neat! Hope you've got a good mark!

Nice monsters!

You are great at pixel art!

Do you program games to?

I bet they would great!


I'm doing a videogame for a videogame programming oriented subject in my degree with some classmates. I'm uploading some progress and updating the video from time to time. We're using your art here, and your pixel dudes maker aswell, thanks a lot about that. The link: , I guess you want to see!

Awesome! I wish you a good mark!

Hey 0x72 ! I really liked your art, so I made a small game with it :D

You can check it here:

Thanks again for your work !

Nice one! I like it :) Bonus points for being a complete project!

Thank you!! If i finish, i will give you feedback

Hey can you make it individual images?

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Amazing tileset for free? wooohh thanks a lot!


Thanks for the awesome tileset! I have used it to make my first game which is an android card game (I bet it is the first card game that have used this tileset =).

Thats how the game looks: 

(I have put link to in "credits" tab inside the game)

Wow, is this your first game? Nice! and also fun :)

Thanks a lot for mentioning me in credits! Much appreciated.

Glad you liked it!
It's my first published game, although I have been doing prototypes for a while.
Thanks again for the art, it was a big help =))

just downloaded this game man and ill tell my friends about it

Thanks man! much appreciated

Hey! Hice game, could you tell me with what engine did you do it?

So, you have figured out my google play name. What do you really want?

I want to know with what game creator engine did you do it (like unity, etc)

Sorry, I just happen to have a google play account name that is very similar to your nickname and that made me confused. I use Unity and I cannot reccomend it enough, it is just awesome.

congrats on 50k downloads in play store. I downloaded cause I recognized the cactus logo.

Thank you! (and thanks to leaving a rating on the play store!) I am very lucky to have so many installs.

Ah nice. I've actually played your game before on my phone. Nicely done mate ;)

I downloaded your game last summer and really enjoyed it! Thank you for making something so addictive.

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Hi 0x72,

do you do any commissioned work? Not looking anything massive just a few modular pieces here and there.

Can pay via paypal upfront before the works done and I'll give you an exact idea of what I'm looking for.

Please e-mail me at

Thanks pal!

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Thanks so much for sharing this incredible tileset, it's really awesome! It's got so much character. I've used it extensively for a html5 game (my first attempt at making one) which I've just published at Hope you enjoy it :)

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Wow, nice! Enjoyable fighting/waiting-for-opening mechanic - I like it.

Thanks very much! It's inspired by tough-as-nails permadeath games like the Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, but with shooting transposed to melee combat. I've quite possibly over-done the difficulty level though, the mechanic isn't easy to master... although I guess that just means more kudos awaits the first person to beat the game and escape the dungeon!

great tile set would like to know if you wanna do some work on game im working on not so good with animation 

I'll be honest with you: I have no time right now - too many commitments I'm already have trouble to keep up with.

That being said, give it a try! 16x16 pixel art is easy animate and it's fun. You can also just rock and/or squeeze the characters/weapons programatically and get nice results like this one:

Sorry, I'm not able to be more of a help but I wish you good luck with your project anyway :)

I love the tileset. I use it for a game I am creating. If you are interested here is the devlog! Thanks for making this :D 

Looks promising. I have tonne of shelved projects too, so I know the pain. Hope you'll succeed and release the game. Good luck!

Thankyou! :D

Very nice and practical tileset! I have just made a little prototype in Newgrounds: 

It really doesn't use all the power of your tileset, but I think that if people like it, I'll expand it and use more images!

Thanks for your work!

PS.: I put it your in the credits. Tell me if you want me  to change anything...

Nice! I didn't expect such a game out of this tileset but  it was fun, although a bit short.

Don't worry about the credits, it's great as it is.

Keep up creating games! :)

Great tileset, I made a little game with it so thanks a lot! Game

Looks amazing! Great animation and particles!

I'm not able to run it at the moment, but I'll try to set up a windows machine asap (or, maybe: any chance for a mac build please?).

Great work!

Hey I made a game for the weekly game jam 25 using your tiles. Now people are asking for me to make a full retail version of the game. I modified and added animations and am continuing to add more stuff all the time. I thought you might be interested in checking it out... Camelot Crawl

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Lot's of fun (I'm supposed to work now! shame on me :D) - great action-roguelike-bullet-hell - go for it, add more enemies, more bullets and more locations and you're ready to go. I'll definitely buy the game when you release it :)

Hey I just saw this set it looks AMAZING. I am fairly good at pixel art myself, and am especially good at copying the styles of others and making more. I have no problem with the lack or doors and other misc additional things, since I will probably just add them in myself. If you want I can send anyone/the creator my updated tile set version when/if I add a significant amount more. Thanks!

Thanks for kind words.

It'd be amazing, the more the better. I'd rather refrain from adding it to the tileset but if you create an "extention tileset" or something like that I'll be happy to promote it here and add a link in the description.

The reason is I sometimes get some beer money from people for this tileset. It's not much but I feel it would be unfair if you don't (even when none of us care much about money).

I hope you'll release your additions anyway. I'll be looking forward to it!

Thanks I would be honored to release an extension pack. So I added walk, jump, and death animation for the player and am adding death animations to all enemies, as well as doors and keys and such

Awesome! Feel free to release it before it's finished and gather feedback as you go - works for me :)

hey man could you pass this through to me? I'm creating core mechanics at the minute but need visuals to continue to work as I can't just look at squares and imagine that as a working tile!

If your work is good and you are interested in creating multiple objects etc. I will happily pay for your services.



Ill work on posting it soon. I am in no means a prof artist. I'm a coder primarily but I have enough talent in artwork from childhood to make due. idk if you can follow my account to see when its up, if not I'll probably make a video of it on my channel too at Cloud Wolf (just search it in YT)

What color pallete did you use?

I've just picked some colours and then added new ones when needed, often with an eyedropper; so, it is what it is.

Also I was wondering if maybe you could add an explosion for the bomb (I have no artistic talents)

I've super overloaded recently, so no chance in any predictable future. Sorry. 

However, I'd like to give you an advise: Drawing good explosion is super time consuming and doing it right is not easy. You'd better learn how to use particle system in the game engine of your choice so you can do it yourself. You'll be able to get great results with little work and your artist can focus on other stuff. 

This is an amazing tile-set, but I was wondering if maybe you could add doors and maybe  some puzzle mechanics... nothing hard just  like a button and maybe like keys and spells. I know I just dropped a shopping list, but that would truly be epic!

This is actually a good list of things to be added but unfortunately I have little time recently. I believe I have some WIP doors for this tileset on my hard drive but only one direction looked good so I didn't added it yet. Anyway, it'll have to wait.

In any case I encourage you to try doing some tiles you need on your own, if you have little art experience (as you've mentioned in another comment) there is no better way to start than with 16x16 pixel art because it's super easy to create something decent almost by an accident.

Finger crossed for you project!

Hey 8-bit im working on a game with it and if u want i can send u my edited version, im quite good at adding to tile sets

Amazing! I will use your tiles in my video tutorials, and i will credit you!

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Amazing! I'm making game right now using ur sprites.

Hey, awesome tileset! I used one of the sprites for my game submission to the latest Ludum Dare game jam! Check it out here

Nice! I had a bit of trouble to figure out but nothing I couldn't manage. Quite challenging!

Hey, i used this awesome tileset on my game for a college assignment! It`s written in Racket so it`s ok if you doesn`t play it, but if you do let me know what you think!

Thanks  :D

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Hi! Nice little game! 

My Lisp is almost as rusty as my Portugese (don't worry, the comments were still useful to me thanks to the powers of automatic translation! :D), but I wonder if you could consider doing something similar to:

; somewhere at the top
(define direction 0)
; then in the timer
(set! char-pos (pos (+ (pos-x char-pos) (* direction 10)) (pos-y char-pos)))
; then in the frame code (instead of using move-esq and move-dir)
[(eq? (send key-event get-key-code) 'left) (set! direction -1)]
[(eq? (send key-event get-key-code) 'right) (set! direction 1)]
[(eq? (send key-event get-key-code) 'release) (set! direction 0)]

This way the character movement is a bit nicer, don't you think? Lisp is weird, but in a good way I guess. Thanks for introducing me to Racket, looks interesting.

I hope you'll get a good mark as well as you'll add more content to the game (I've seen you're planning on adding fire and ice enemies) :)

OMG, thanks for that nice reply! I'll try to implement your idea ASAP. In the beginning i hated racket but it kinda grew on me, won't use for any other bigger project i think... My presentation will be on thursday, i'm planning on adding some more content to the game before it :)

Thanks again for the interest and for the suggestion, i didn't expect it and it made my day 100% better *-*

I know what you mean exactly. We're even! :)

Hey i updated the project on github! I've implemented your suggestion and it improved the game a lot, thanks! The update also brings new game features such as potions :)

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Hi Robert,

     How do i use these. When I download them I get one single PNG how do I make them all seperate?

Email Me At

Ps: If You Already Or Can Send Me The Files Using My Email!

Hi there!

I don't have those but there are some things you can do (assuming those particular engines because you mentioned them somewhere else): 

- In Unity you can use "Grid by Cell Size" ( That would require some manual adjustment for big enemies, weapons and knights.

- No much experience with GameMaker but seams like "Load a strip image" option might be what you need.

- If really needed you can extract elements yourself using something like (upload -> split image -> 16x16, png -> split image).  You can automatically extract knights and most of the weapons by splitting 16x8, but you will still have to deal with bigger enemies manually (there are only 3 of them though).

Good luck :)

its okay ( Talking About Bigger Enemies ). Game maker studio comes with a easy to use level designer and resizing tool in both the sprite editor and the level designer.

Hi Robert!  I really love this art style.  Do you by chance do freelance work?  Could you please email me at

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Hi Steve! Thanks. I did.

I'm just starting to test the waters for game development.  These assets are pretty cool.  Thanks dude.

You are welcome and good luck!

Your set give me some inspirations 

They looks great! Keep up the good work :)

Thanks, more models on the way!!!!

Hey @0x72, is there a way to contact you about contracting an extension to this tileset?

Hi there! I see you've already find out about :) I've sent you my email there.

thanks a lot man !!!

You are welcome.

Just wanted to thank you for this tileset. I´m using it on a project...

Thanks, and it's great it works for you! I'd be more than happy to see it when you feel like sharing :)


Hello 0x72 Thanks for the amazing art you provide to us, i would like to know if you can contact me plz =)

Thx  ;)

And keep this really good job :p

I sent you an email.

Hello again, Robert!

My game with your art is finally done, and I have credit you on the download page.

Here's a link:

I just wanted to thank you for creating such amazing art and giving it for free, without it my game wouldn't exists, you are really great man!

My email is, please contact me because I want to send you a free copy of the game :)

Hi there! Amazing :D Looks great!

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Thank you very much.

Your work is amazing Thank. ;-) :-)

When i start the program.  What! A toast! Why?

That's not a game Creator?

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