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Hey, thank you for this pack! Did a game jam with it and got some nice comments regarding the characters' look :D you can check it out here


haha, super cool and unexpected XD

also - I love the transition effect!

Thank you! :D

Thanks for your assets! I made a jam game based on it and it works pretty well if you want to check.

XD amazing mechanic!


Hi, just wanna say thank you for your amazing art! We just used your asset on a game jam, and receive a lot of positive feedback, especially for the art. I think those credits should go to you! :) Feel free to check it out!


Used your tiles in this demo:


These are dope. Props to you man. I think I might try a game with these

Would you consider doing some more art pieces for this? Would be happy to pay and happy for you to keep the license open for anything commissioned ...

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Hey, this is awesome! Would you mind reviewing the composition I made for my game? What do you thing about mixing sprites sets?

Mixing sprite sets - I don't see why not if they match aesthetics.

You have only one game there - looks good. I'd change the font maybe for a more pixelated or medieval or magical (alchemisty?).


Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for making this sprite pack!  I'm going to be using it in my commercial game. Here is some splash art I had commissioned for it based on your sprites.



What's the name of the game?

The game is called Frisbros. It’s a coop fantasy disc golf/ultimate frisbee mashup! Your sprites fit the theme perfectly :) It’s still in development, but I will post the steam link when it’s ready to be revealed!


Sounds great! Cannot wait to see it, good luck!

Awesome art!


Thanks! All credit goes to the artist though.  I just slap the keyboard and hope it becomes code eventually.

can i use it for my personal game? 


Amazing! I think i'll borrow that if you mind truly amazing


i changed them for my commercial game


Hei. Thanks for the great assets. :)
I created a small game project for a lecture course I teach. The students use the project to practice pointer events and event handling. I have shared the project on Github:

Super happy that my art was used in an educational project! All good luck to your students and let all the grades be good!


Awesome work. I love it.


Thank you for everything you do

Awesome assets! Finally got around to use them in a game. It's a Tower Defense with your tilemaps for background/walls/enemies and the wizard as Tower :)

Feel free to check it out:


Super cool! Lot's of particles :D

Thanks! Had to catch the eye somehow, right :D 


Thanks for sharing these amazing assets, character sprites fit my game perfectly.

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The packs are amazing! I'm using Construct 3 and can't figure out how many frames to use. Can you also add attack animations?

I'm currently using Unity and 25 fps is perfect for animations. Also, like shown in the images, there are no attack animations. Basically it's a weapon that rotates around the player, like in Nuclear Throne, Enter the Gungeon and others. But if you don't like this way, just try make something yourself, with some immagination you can find an idea.

I personnaly used 12 fps and it seems perfect, I tried 25 and it looks a little bit too fast in my opinion

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How frames per seconds should the animations be playing?

Depends on how fast you want the animations to run. I set my animations to six frames per second and that did the trick for me.

ok, thank you!

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Depends on what program you are using, for example I'm using Aseprite, which automatically sets the correct frames per seconds value and using an extension for Unity I import it into the engine. From what I've tried, 25 fps for the animations are perfect.

Ok thankyou for the advice!


Thank you so much for the assets! They made it super easy to jump in and create my game without having to worry about the art. I just uploaded The King's Cellar, I'd love for you to take a look!

How did you make the attack animations?

I used PyxelEdit to change a few frames from the idle animations. I shifted the skeleton's head forward a few pixels and closed his eyes, gave the thief a fist, etc. The animations only have four frames, so it wasn't too difficult.



Thanks for sharing this asset for free! This asset is very epic!!!

I use your assets in this game:


Thanks for sharing this asset pack and here is my work :

Hi, earlier I wrote that I'm making a game with your tileset, thank you very much for what you do. I decided to move the game to a different engine, which means for me that I have achieved some result. I decided that my game resources will just gather dust, so I posted my own TileSet. Once again, thank you.
I think someone might need it.


Added it to the list in the description ^^

A little question: the Doc is an enemy or a hero? 


Hero, anti-hero, npc, enemy... It's really up to you :)

Thank you for letting everyone use your incredible art for free! It really helped us cut time for the game jam that we participated in!
Our game ended up looking so much better, but looking back we definitely didn't do your tileset justice...

Thank you again!

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super fun and great concept! love the mechanic :)

Wow, I didn't expect a reply :O Thank you! Glad that you had fun!




I know it'll look like im posting this here just to advertise, but im actually not! The very first version of this game, where I had no art, was made entirely with this pack (The first versions of the game was top down, but as the idea evolved, it changed to a platformer)... Well I just wanted to say, thx for having this awesome tileset; it really helped bro!

Thanks for the asset pack! I used in a game jam game, "Orcs and Doors"
Playable here

Couple months later ended up using it again for a boss rush jam game, "Monarch Melee"

can someone put a tutorial of how to use the weapons

It depends on what you want to do.

The concept 0x72 is shown on the images, basically a weapon that rotates around the player, you know, like Enter The Gungeon or Nuclear Throne.

Hi ! I'm here to thank you, I'm so greatful to you for allowing me to use this amazing assets. I used it for my first game. I thank you again because it really helped me a lot, and it made me want to continue my project and finish it. 

Here is my game, if you want to try it : My game. Hope you will enjoy x) 

(if you have any advice or bug report, i'm open)

Great entry! The lizard is definitely my favourite as well ^^

Hello, I just want to thank you for letting me use this wonderful assets for my very first game.

Although its a simple game but I see this as my first step to become something big :D

Here's my game hope you like it :)

What video did u use to lern how to do this

there are plenty of tutorials at youtube on how to do it. you just need to choose an engine and I use godot engine for this one

thanks could you put an specific link for how to make the weapons

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Hi! I used your assets in my first game. Thank you so much for what you're doing.
You can play here


Looks better then my first game, That's for sure! Great achievement! I'm glad I could have helped : )

Hey, thank you so much for creating these! We are using this for a virtual hackathon-style event called the 'AI Sports Challenge' (page here). I also really loved the art style and so have been using the images themselves in our marketing. Hope that's OK! Once we launch our full page with details I definitely want to credit your amazing work :)

Hey! Thanks for using my graphics. Looks like a cool event, hope it'll be a great success (but not too much either, don't want Skynet around just yet!).

Sure, you can use the graphics for the marketing.

Also: I've noticed that some people recolor the characters to make them their own - probably it's a great option to make them stand out a little bit - just throwing ideas : )

Hey again, just wanted to share that the event was a great success and the developers loved the game. We're renewing the game for a Season 2 and are planning to use more of these assets. Just wanted to say thanks again and keep up the amazing work! :)

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Amazing! I'm glad it all went well for you guys :)

$10k? ha! should have tried my luck (just kidding, I know nothing about writing an ai XD)

Hey there!  

Can i ask what the color palette you've used for the latest tilesets?
It says 'recolored by GrafxKid', prior to that it looks it was using the PICO8 Palette? Where does it go after that?

... in the middle of trying to make a game using all this stuff & need to make some extra stuff (wanting to stay loyal to the color scheme) ....

It was this one: - I cannot promise I didn't add one or two more colors

Hey, we used too your assets to build a game to same ludum dare! haha, and it make a great success! People just love the graphics! We gave you credits in our game. if you want, check it here. Thanks so much!

I found 2 ingredients but not sure what next.

It's either one of the most creative mechanics or one of the most annoying... or both! Great work!

Hey, yet again I used your assets to build a game for Ludum Dare! You can check it here.

amazing nuclear throne vibe! love it!

what fps should i use for the animations?

anywhere between 100-200 ms/f or 5-10 fps looks good to me. If your character picked a Super Star you might need to adjust ;)


Using your artwork in a infinite mob survival game.  Wish the dungeon pack a bit more to it.

this is amazing nice artwork are u on discord

if yes gimme ur username :3


I love this

i used them amazing work


haha super cool, also: godot \o/

thank you 💚

Godot is the best


how did you use the tile set in godot? I'm new to game development and search up videos but can find any using a tile set like that. It would help a lot.Also i tried out your game and it was really cool

Thank you 💚

And do you have discord i don't want to clutter there comments


yes, my discord is Robbie#8937 and thanks for your help

do you have a discord channel? my acc is WackABanana#8585 love your work btw!


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