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Yet again, I used your assets for a jam game, but this time only 2 demons.

Looks like a solid entry! Congratulations on finishing the jam project!

Thank you!

Made a small demo using your assets

Thanks for your work. My first game:


Thank you for using it!

Congrats on your first game!, keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for this! These are exactly what I'm looking for!  And the necromancer's so cute :D  

I don't mean to be a party pooper, but do you know how to make the images larger without them being... fuzzy?  I just don't want my characters to be so small...  Any help would help a lot!


Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

As for your question: difficult to answer precisely as it lacks context, but just search for "filter mode" and "pixel interpolation", and the value will be something like "nearest", "point" or "pixelated". It should be a single function/property/checkbox in sofrware of your choice.

Hope it helps : )

Thanks.  I'm not using Unity so it is a bit harder, but some guy on StackOverflow recommended using

canvas.imageSmoothingEnabled = false

And that makes it really nice and sharp.  Thought I might share it with you.  Once again thanks and have a good day!

Hello! in the past 5 months 4 friends and I were developing a game using unity, we're still beginners and the game is really simple, but we would be really glad if you guys could play our game and describe to us what we did wrong and what we did right. Thanks for reading until here, and I hope you enjoy playing : ) 

Some of the art were done by us, but we also used a lot of art from  the tileset :)

Obs: Sorry for my grammar mistakes, I'm Brazilian and English isn't my first language. : 3

Here is the link to our game:

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Fun game! Love the cute cat <3

One thing that I disliked was the staff jumping between left and right side of the character - it changes the origin of the fireball which in turn makes it (sometimes) difficult to aim at close enemies (i.e. when it changes position in just a moment before I fire).

No need to apologize for your English - it's great : )

And btw: works nicely under wine!

Thanks for the feedback!  I'm glad that you liked! : D

Hi!  Would you mind if I used these assets for a portfolio project for post on social media?  (With credits of course)

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Hi Thomas!

You can use those assets however you like; Attribution is nice to have but I don't suffer if one omits it.  I trust you won't abuse this right : ).  If unsure then it's probably ok.  I don't see my judgement to be any more competent than yours tbh.

If the above response is too vague then alternatively use this one: "I don't mind".

Share a link if you feel like : )

You are super good c: i'll give credits if i use :)

Thank you!

Release my game on Android:

Congrats on finishing the projects! Great job!

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Hey!! I used your assets for my game on play store check it out if you want

thanks for sharing your art, your are the best ever <3

Hi there! Congrats on releasing the game! Got killed rather quickly : )

hey! I used  some of these assets to make a minigame check it out if you want

PD: your art is awsome, I really love using it <3

Thank you! <3

I'm using this for my little platformer here:

The assets are great! Thank you :)


Thank you for making the game!

I'm glad Godot is more and mote popular : ) Open source \o/

Hi 0X72! Made a game using some of your assets! Hope you like it :)


Fun game!

Consider increasing gravity so the jumps are a bit more dynamic. Up you and your design of course - chances are I'm wrong : )

In any case: good work!

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Hey 0x72

I don't know if you remember but i made my own assets a while back based of your art style and uploaded it to

well i made some more and thought i'd tell you in case you wanted to check it out

thank you again for your amazing art, it's the best thing i ever found on :)

I love it! So medieval : )

I'll add a link to it in the description of dungeon tileset II if you don't mind (?)

Hey, so glad you like it :D

of course you can put a link to the pack, in fact i would greatly appreciate it if you did :)

thanks again for your amazing art and keep up the good work :)

Your assets are just amazing.
Since the first time I've started learning Unity I've been checking them, and finally, I'm doing a game with this package as a base for a dungeon jam.
It's not finished but I'm writing a DevLog, let's see if it can be live up to expectations!

Hi there, thanks! This looks great! Keep ut the good work - both working on the game and writting the devlog.


Finally I've released the first Beta version so people can try and hopefully get some feedback to improve it.

I hope, you'll carry on working on this set. As it's so useful and beatiful. And as many people here, I've used it in my game for GMTK jam. Thank you!

So easy yet so difficult! So simple yet so much fun! Thank you!

Thank you for palying! Hope you will add some simble effects like explosions, muzzles, something like this.=

Thanks on providing this amazing asset for free! Here is GAME my team made for GMTK jam. 

Cannot beat the 2nd enemy! Anyway, fun game (although short for me : ))

Your art style is very good. Here is a game i made for gmtk game jam with your art style. Thanks for letting me used it!

Fun game! Thanks : )

I really love your pixel art style. Here is the simple game I made with your assets . Thanks for ur works.

Ha! took me a while but i've beat it! : ) Thanks for your game.

 Tried to add a giant spider and a spiderling in three variations... (Character to compare the size of the spiders) Hope you like it!

Creepy, but the big ones seams more like an insect (an ant or something) not a spider tbh, doesn't they?

Not sure.

I love the small ones though! I can imagine having like dozens (hundreds) of them charging at the player : )

Hey love the tileset so far! Just wanted to point out the script_example.js won't work for floor# since it chokes on the numbers. Changing them to floor_a ...etc did the trick. Adding `0-9` to the regex as following also worked: `line.match(/([a-z_0-9]+)` at line 15

Amazing, thank you! I've uploaded fixed files.

I love how you make your art, and i kinda want to do a game with it... Could you do a lizardfolk or dragonborn like monster? I really love this style, and i want to put'em in my game.


not sure about the other one but here you go: a lizard heros in v1.3

Thank bro!

It's very cool, I'm going to make a Dungeon game with your tileset but can you add female characters?


There are 3 female hero characters. You mean like female monsters?


Wow, the new sprites are awesome!

I will continue my game. Thanks you so much!

(It's a bit difficult to make maps)

Hi! I made a fun simple game with some of your sprites, check it out: (thank you very much btw)


Amazing! Keep up the good work!

Ciao! Hai fatto un ottimo lavoro! e ho usato i tuoi personaggi per un Jem. grazie !!

Incredibile, complimenti! 

Non capisco completamente cosa sta succedendo dopo aver catturato tutti i polli.

Devo ucciderli? Sono all'oscuro.

You have to pick up the 7 chickens that are in the center of the map, so they move up to the right inside the fence. I have to insert a collision with the fence, after 7 chickens the fence of aprte and you will have to hunt them. tight.

Hey, I used some of your art for my website. You can see an early version of it here:

Thanks for the art, I appreciate it!


Happy it's useful : )

Hi,I used your assets in my first game.
I really like your art.

I like the swing!

Keep up the good work.

Hi, I used your set to create a simple mini game, thanks for the set.

Great! Keep up the good work!

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i just released my first game. The enemies and heroes are awesome, nice work :)

Hey man, i wanted to use these assets to make a F2P game for Windows!

Great! have fun making it!

Hey! These assets were a ton of help for a summer project I've just called finished. You're a saint for game devs everywhere. Check out Sword Dude here:

Amazing, summer just had started and you're already finished! ; ) 

Great job!

can I use these in a game that I will sell on stores? I won't sell the assets I will sell the game that I will made using the assets.


Sure, it's CC0. I wish you a lot of sales.

What a good guy :D

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Hi 0x72! I used your assets in my game for the "Mini Jam 25: Spirits" ( and I won 1st place! Thanks! :D


Congratulations! And you've got 1st place for art as well \o/ amazing! : )

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I made a game using your work.And I modify a little bit for the game. Thanks!


Not an iPhone user but looks like a lot of fun! Great job and congrats on releasing to the App Store!

yeah,it's super fun!:)

Uh oh 香蕉天空 is at it again

Hola! I used/modified parts of this tileset (and some of your micro fantasy characters, which I adapted into a ninja) in a recent game jam entry! aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee

Amazing! A ninja game an out of this assets? I wouldn't guess! I like it : )

Tienes talento mano, gracias por compartirlo

Gracias, de nada. 

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I made a game using your work.
Your work was a great help in creating additional in game characters. Thanks!

Great! I wish you a lot of downloads!

Heyo 0x72! Really great tileset :) I used it in a game i created:

Amazing! keep up the good work!

Hi man!
I used your asset in my game. It's awsome.

How should i add you in description?

Hi man! You're awesome for creating a complete game! 

you can attribute me as "0x72" or point to url "" or "" - whatever suits you best (apparently just 0x72 is searchable)

Thanks, the development took 20 days, and learning the basics of the library about a week

Hey! I used your stuff in my game (here:, so I thought I'd let you know!

Amazing, thanks for sharing! I'll check out as soon as i can, sorry, crazy couple of weeks for me : ) 

Hi, I really liked your pixel arts, can I use them in a game for my programmation course?

You can use it however you like; good luck!

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