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Great tileset! I made a game with it:

Check it out :)


It's not easy I must admit : )

really good!

Check Out my that game I used some of your assets its a super cool horror rpg game where it has the sstrangest ending... have fun and GOOD LUCK!

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Thank you, for this amazing tileset. I am making a mobile turn-based dungeon crawler game with your art. when the game is done I will give you credit of course ;)


Awesome! the link is dead though :(

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Thx fixed it :3

thank you, the tiles are amazing



I made a 5 day project with ur srites and tiles... Check it out:

Hey man, I'm developing a game for iOS using these awesome assets. I really love pixel art and your visual style is pretty nice. 

My game still in TestFlight if somebody have a iPhone can download from this link

When I launch on the App Store I will come back here to announce.


thank *you*! Go make amazing games! : )

Hey there, yet again I've used your art for my small project. I appreciate your work and wait for new entries!

Looks like a lot of polish, amazing!

I've just realized it's the second game from you that's using my characters :D thanks twice as much!

Actually, it's the third game. But in HONK I used only several enemies. But it's the second where I use all your assets. By the way, in the very first version I used your robots asset pack!

The demons are so cute! They should be heros of an adventure game (no fighting).

Agreed. There are definitely not enough games with no fighting involved : )

Thanks, I needed to save time with a prototype and this will come handy! Sorry I didn't had more on my paypal. Coming back later.


Don't worry about money, just go make a cool game : )

I'm glad it was helpful.

Thanks a bunch. Your characters inspired my platform game.

Hahaha XD it's funny, but I cannot the first level... I suck with platformers : )

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Hehe, luckily it's only 1 level

Could you share what font are you using on the side gifs? : )

I have used your assets for my 7drl entry. Please check it out

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Hi there! Cool project! 

There is something weird about movement as the character never seam to go the direction I want him.

The last character is OP!


Thanks for playing the game! As for the movement bug, I'll fix it in the post-jam version :)

Can I have a single spritesheet and JSON array for the wizard sprite, or is that not something you want to do?


Are your sprite sets open for commercial use? I just wanna double check before usin them in what will probably be a commercial game.


It's CC-0, which means you can do whatever you want - including commercial use.

If you feel like it's too cheap of an offer we can make a deal that when you finally become a millionaire you'll buy me a beer : )

Good luck with you game!


Thanks! I'll remember this.


Thanks for these amazing assets.
I use them in my game

Haha, I've worked once on a game (not finished) and I used exact same tune. I've heard is like a milion times. It engraved some pattern in my brain or something and I couldn't stop humming it... and now it happened again XD

Keep up the great work!

Im curious how you make this heroes' animation cuz i want to make it by myself and mine is so ugly.

repeat -> they'll be less ugly with time.

there's really not much more to that.

Also: I don't find my work particularly beautiful, but some people (including you it seams) like it - It seams having something consistent might be more important than having something (at least with those hobby/gamejam games :))


Hey, I get the “no manifest” error when Opening this in the app. Obviously it’s not an executable and I just need to show the files in the File Manager, but could you just add a manifest saying the default action should be to do that exactly?

For instance works this way.

Hi! I didn't even know there is such a thing. 

Anyway, the docs mention the "game directory" which I don't have here as I just uploaded the files one by one. I guess I could make some cleanup or something (it's quite a mess) at some point...

i made a little game using some of your sprites :D

amazing! keep up the good work!

We love every single one of your pixels.

Used in the Mini-Game:

Keep up the good work!

This one is weird O.o... love it XD

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Thanks to your brilliant work, we made a rhythm game~

Check it out if you want! Currently, it supports most web browsers on PC, Mac and Linux, such as Chrome and Firefox.

Thank you again!! Really appreciate it~

Didn't got to the last level, but it's a fun game, thanks a lot!

Really appreciate your work! I mean, it's a very original pixel art, simple and perfect for something like a Dungeon game (thing that now I'm working on). Keep the work boi!

But, want to know if you'll make (maybe one day, I'm only asking) the frontal and back position of the sprites.

hi there, thanks for the kind words.

No such plans for this tileset, I don't think it'd work well for them tbh

Which pallet did you use on all those sprites? - I miht have added some colors.

Hello, I love your tileset but the platform I use, Construct 3, doesn't except anything but png. Do you think you could look into converting the files? Thx

converting files to png is fairly easy, and can be done by most image editors using the "save as" button and changing the file type to "png". If your program doesn't allow this, paint dot net is free and allows is capable of it

i made a small game using some of your sprites

check out!

Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store:
Check it out if you want!!

Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3


Great tile set, very versatile.

Hi, I've developed a game to learn algorithmic with your assets. You can play it here: and you're credited here
Thanks a lot for your amazing work !


Tried the game and looks very goood! Maybe the scene rendering, but the design and the graphics are fantastics!

If I may ask, where did you found the title font (if it is a font)?

Hey, i'm back here to thank you again for your job. I'm working in a project with your sprites, and i'm loving the result's. Here is the link if you wanna check.

This is super fun! I really like the zoom out too see "map" mechanic! The boss' health bar obscured my view during fight which is both: a suggestion to change that and a lousy excuse why I loose to him : )

Lmao, i can fix that hahaha. Thanks for the feedback, and the game already have much more, since i sent this reply. I just don't upload there anymore. Thank you so much for your work, and happy new year :3

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Hello, I've created a maze game using this lovely tileset for a Java course. The animation of your characters are vibrant, I like them quite a lot.

I've credited you in this page: Rugbeats

But the UX is not good and the game can be buggy. I might create a web version in the future if I have time.


This looks like an interesting concept, keep up the good work!

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Is it OK if you add tilesheets that are ready, like putting the idle frames of a hero and put them all into one? Not like, all of them. Just put them into individual groups, yano'watimeen? (like the pumpkin dude)

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From what I've gathered since I've started putting my pixel art here at is that everyones' idea what is "ready" (to be used by the game dev) is different and trying to appeal to everybody is a futile endeavour.

I don't see them as "not ready".

But I understand the need as well, so I'm happy to add a link in a description to a derivative project that changes the format - please let me know when you have it done, just put them into individual groups.


Hey bro great assets, really love your art. Can not wait to use them.

Thanks and please do! :D


Hey, are there any paid version with more weapons of this asset? I loved it so much, and i wish there were one more staff to the wizard :3

While I wish I'd be more organised and hard-working person I'm just not, so unfortunately there's nothing more - some people did their own extensions - usually provided for free as well. I also encourage to give it a try and try to draw on your own - it's a lot of fun : )

Thank you very much! You did an incredible job, and i will try myself :3

Waiting for you to share progress :D

Hey I made this game in a Jam.  Thank you for you awesome characters.

Hi! Cool idea, and congrats on finishing the jam : )

Hey dude, I thought I'd share my project with you. Hopefully you have an android phone! 


Damn, it's difficult!

Congrats on releasing the game! : )

Nice pack

Hi. Anyone knows a good outside nature tileset (both free and paid) which fits this one?


Hey! Can you make special sprites for Halloween?


Like a pumpkin head dude?

Here you go:

Thanks dude!


Thanks :)

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