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It's very cute and I like it


Made an extension with a lot of new assets (using same palette) <3


Added to the description so more people can find it! Amazing work, thank you!

I made a little game using this tileset, thanks =)

impressionante! <3


Great free pack for anyone who wants to start a dungeon crawler rpg :)


Great art!  Thanks for sharing these.  I’m using these assets in my game @

Hi, I am pretty new to game dev. Can anyone please tell me how to make weapon animation? Like I am trying to use godot and dont understand how would i try to add animation while swinging the sword and trying the bow and arrow. Please help me. Thanks :)

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Thank you for the pack. Used it in my small project for learning game development. Cheers and rock on!


Thank you so much man. Will give proper credits to you. I am making an RPG game for an industrial experience program which lasts about 6- 8 working weeks. I wanted good looking sprites but was unsure. Thank you so much I can actually make a good looking one.



We made a game for GGJ 2022 Duality theme with your tileset, both version II and one. Thank you so much for this!


Hi, Robert!

Thank you very much for the high quality tileset, I’ve used them in my simple mini-game:


Hey! I made a game using these assets for a Game Jam, in case you want to play...

Can you create a Character Creator but the bigger ones


Hi, I used some of your characters in this music video I made. Check it out and share if you'd like.

Way too good !

Can i use it :)

Most likely, the license is very permissive.

I used a lot of this pack's character/creature sprites for a very simple game jam project, and it was super helpful to have!

Thank you so much for making all this publicly available! Maybe someday I'll dedicate more development time and actually get around to using the tiles...

Super fun! 26.55 is best I can do :)

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The file raises an error somewhere in the "for" statement at the end. What do I need to install other than Pillow?

One of the asset packs I've been dying to use for ages. Finally got around to a project that it works well with!
Give it a *stab* ;)

(fair warning it's local multiplayer only)
Joustars by tylur14 (


haha, i'm glad it works for you!

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How do i credit you ? Just put the link ?

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Yeah, link's ok, or just "0x72" is more then enough :)



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cool! you made them frame by frame, cool artwork and would be useful to add animation to the sword (like slashes)


All your stuff are great!!! Used it in LD49 thank you for sharing all of this sprite universe you created!


Thanks for making this! Made a small thing using it:

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I used a bit of this pack for an update for my game called Drake Life. So thanks for making this project!


I really love your work man!
Here's the link to the game I've made using them.

thanks a lot!


your work is so good bro thanks :3


Thank you for making this!

It helped me make a jam game that I wouldn't have had time to make the art for myself. 👍


Thanks for these cool sprites.  I'm using them in a Gamemaker top down tutorial series : 


Feels like a profesional tutorial. 

Hope it'll bring you a lot of subscribers and many people will lear how to make games :)

thats why I am here!!


Hi. We inspired by your great tileset for our short dungeon game project.We created our tileset version. Thank you so much! We hope You will enjoy it!

For tileset,

For game,

Congrats on finishing the project. Super cool!

I'm adding the link to the description

We are glad You liked it.  Cheers!

Hey man I love the art and plan on using it for a game I'm working on. I just needed to ask if I can use this for a commercial game.

Please let me know as soon as possible to delay as minimum progress as possible


Shotgun :]

It’s Creative Commons 0 aka CC0.

Most likely you can - the license specifies the details. 

Oh ok, Thanks :]

Hey man, great asset pack! If you dont mind I have a bit of a technical question regarding the weapons sprites. Did you use some shader to make the weapons on different positions or there other "weapons-in-different-positions" sprites not included here?

Hey! Thanks. Just rotating them if needed by functions provided by the framework/engine.  Tbh I have no idea what you mean by "weapons-in-different-positions sprites". Like rotating them along their longer axis? Any case - I don't have any other sprites

Sorry, perhaps i wasnt clear. In the example images there are weapon sprites rotated, but the sprites dont look like straigth pixel lines like in the sprite sheet. They look either like modified sprites, or perhaps a shader used in the engine? Something in the way of the movement of the weapong modifies the final look of the sprite ...? Sorry if im not clear with the question.

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oh; right. Well; yeah it’s a shader, just the default one with interpolation set to nearest pixel (or filter to none, or crisp, or whatever depending on the framework) for the asset. 

Iirc I’ve also rendered to a smaller canvas and resized for rendering only) 

this is basically what the Internet suggests for drawing rotated and/or scaled pixel art.

hope it helps 

—- Edit - this is what I would do. But actually the thing above is just a drawing; and it was rotated in aseprite. Anyway - I recall Nuclear throne (and countless other games) do it similar to how I described, give it a try :)


Yes! I was struggling to find the solution to this. Thank you very much!



I've made an Android game using some of your assets.

Many thanks! Of course you've been included in the credits section

I hope you and everyone else enjoy it:

what is the hit animation for (is it for getting hit or shooting cus) "I'm dum"

Hello there ! I love this asset pack and I'm doing a project using it there . It allows me to get better in game dev while not losing time by focusing on graphics (which is not my forte). My game is still pretty limited, but I'll continue the dev as long as I can.

Thank you for you work !

Amazing work!

also: WTFPL \o/


Hey! This is an incredible pack! We used it as part of a University project:
We edited some animations just to flow with our game but otherwise thank you so much! Hopefully you have time to check the trailer (In the itch link) and let us know!
Happy to let you know that our game also won an award for best game of the semester! Thanks again :)

Hey just wanted to share development on my game Frisbros  that uses your sprite pack.  Its a singleplayer or coop game of ultimate frisbee played in dungeons and mazes.   Thank you for the pixel art!

looks great! Carry on the great work!

Thanks! I’ll be sure to attribute you once I add the credits 


This is my favorite sprite pack, The only problem I have is that there is no bow or arrow.


here you go  (also added to v1.4)


OMG Thank you so much.

Deleted 2 years ago

Also, there are no torches.

if you want i can give you a pixel art torch i made in the past


Hi, awesome pack!

I extended the wall tiles so they are a bit taller looking. It looks good when the player is smaller than the wall in my opinion. So here it is if anyone wants to grab it. Just plug it into 32x32 tilemap as a 32x48 tile.



i cannot stress this enough you are an actual lifesaver. I could not for the life of me figure out how to turn the tiles into a tilemap like that

Haha I'm really happy it helped!! <3



Hi !

I wanted to thank you for your tileSet which is really amazing. 

My team and me had the opportunity to use it to create a game in a school setting.

If you want to have a look, you can find a link of the trailer here : 

And a video of gameplay here:




That is AWESOME. I love how people use the squeeze animation instead of walking frames or something.. it never occured to me until I saw it and its awesome.

I will be taking inspiration from the damage indicating signs, I really like those too.

Good job!


you can also experiment with rocking the character left and right! :)

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Love your art style! Thanks this awesome assets!
I used it for a game jam project! A DOOM like FPS

Your sprites fit really well


Hey Robert! I made some changes to create a custom dungeon.

Hope it makes the project keep growing!


Wow, it looks awesome!


great work! added to the description :)


Thank you!

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