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Way too cool of you to make this free and CC0. I donated a couple of bucks as a thank you.


Guys can some cool Godot guys upload a pic on how can I setup the Bitmask for Auto-tiles!!!

Thanks in advance :D !!

Hey, I was searching for the same thing and couldn’t fin a bitmask for it. I will work on one tomorrow, do you want me to send it when it’s done?

Hi, I would love to get that if you have already done it. 

Hey, sadly I couldn’t :(

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Thank you so much you gave me an idea of game.

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And here is my shooter prototype ... will add the animations soon.

Hey, I've just released an open beta for my game using this tileset as well as your dungeon UI pack. Check it out if you have a minute: Thank you very much!

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Looks awesome! Great work!

Also: LÖVE \o/

I’m thinking to switch my placeholder textures by some textures with your style.

I've just started a small game and will use these marvellous characters!

Cool tileset, thanks man

Hey first things first. An amazing Tile Set wow. I wanted to ask to be 100% sure, if I can use your Tile Set to make a free Course on my Youtube channel. It’s about how to create a Top Down Shooter Game, with all the focus mainly on the Programming. I will of course link your Tile Set here on that I used it from your and also link all your other links too.

Hope you will answer me thank you and nice work!

Thanks for the kind words. Yeah sure, go fo it! Sounds like an awesome project. 

Best of luck! <3

Hey man I would like to use your sprites in my final year project I'm working on, can I one of your social media handles I could use as credit.

Thanks for such an amazing pack. 

Amazing! I wish you an A (or whatever is equivalent at your place)!

hey m8 can i use your assets in the Gdevelop jam?

Why, sure. Why not. Good luck!

Hello! I used some assets for a game called helper of heroes. It's in Spanish but it's simple. Thank you very much! You can play it at the following link:

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jaja, lo me gusta, y es muy divertido! No te preocupes, conozco unas pocas palabras en español.

e alcanzado nivel 9, pero hay unas pocas de errores despues.

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Awesome pack!

I used the bones of it here:

Thanks for the awesome asset pack! I used it for a Multiplayer Boss Fight that I created:

Hello, im planning to relase a game, and i want to give you credit for the assets, can i place a link to your twitter? or would be better to your main page of (ill share a link to my game asap, its not a big game :P but....)

Hey! Congrats! Releasing a game is a great achievement (better than any steam ones :)).

Twiter handle is fine, anything goes really.

Let know when it's released!

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Thanks! but is not even steam, is on the android playstore hahahahaha xD this is the link, still on beta but i will be very happy if you try it and give me a review :).


Thanks for these amazing assets! I've used them in my game Tower Escape:


Hi Robert! I'm working on a small fantasy roguelike and decided to adapt your tileset to make it easier for me to generate the maps. I ended up almost completely reworking it, so I decided to share the result:

Looks great! I really like the transition between regular floor and the walls.

Adding to the links! 


Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it!

I made a game with this!
Thx 4 a great asset

I really really like this asset pack, but something like a Survival pack would be cool, by that I mean trees, grass, and such :)

Hi! New game with your asset was released here. Soon I will implement all of your assets :D Thank you!

Hey! i wanted to say thank you! im making a game in Gdevelop,so uh, thank you!

It's very cute and I like it


Made an extension with a lot of new assets (using same palette) <3


Added to the description so more people can find it! Amazing work, thank you!

I made a little game using this tileset, thanks =)

impressionante! <3


Great free pack for anyone who wants to start a dungeon crawler rpg :)


Great art!  Thanks for sharing these.  I’m using these assets in my game @

Hi, I am pretty new to game dev. Can anyone please tell me how to make weapon animation? Like I am trying to use godot and dont understand how would i try to add animation while swinging the sword and trying the bow and arrow. Please help me. Thanks :)

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Thank you for the pack. Used it in my small project for learning game development. Cheers and rock on!


Thank you so much man. Will give proper credits to you. I am making an RPG game for an industrial experience program which lasts about 6- 8 working weeks. I wanted good looking sprites but was unsure. Thank you so much I can actually make a good looking one.



We made a game for GGJ 2022 Duality theme with your tileset, both version II and one. Thank you so much for this!


Hi, Robert!

Thank you very much for the high quality tileset, I’ve used them in my simple mini-game:


Hey! I made a game using these assets for a Game Jam, in case you want to play...

Can you create a Character Creator but the bigger ones


Hi, I used some of your characters in this music video I made. Check it out and share if you'd like.

Way too good !

Can i use it :)

Most likely, the license is very permissive.

I used a lot of this pack's character/creature sprites for a very simple game jam project, and it was super helpful to have!

Thank you so much for making all this publicly available! Maybe someday I'll dedicate more development time and actually get around to using the tiles...

Super fun! 26.55 is best I can do :)

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The file raises an error somewhere in the "for" statement at the end. What do I need to install other than Pillow?

One of the asset packs I've been dying to use for ages. Finally got around to a project that it works well with!
Give it a *stab* ;)

(fair warning it's local multiplayer only)
Joustars by tylur14 (


haha, i'm glad it works for you!

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How do i credit you ? Just put the link ?

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Yeah, link's ok, or just "0x72" is more then enough :)



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cool! you made them frame by frame, cool artwork and would be useful to add animation to the sword (like slashes)

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