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Hi Thecefus! It looks like the link is dead (404); I'm unable to check your game out : (

Awesome tool.  I used it to make the characters for my game:

Thanks for your effort!

Very useful and simply amazing. I hope you have a standalone application (exe) for this. ☕

Hey we just used your dudes in our Ludum Dare Jam entry, we had originally considered implementing it into the game itself but Unity decided to remove Javascript support... Instead we just generated about 20 of them and pick them randomly.

Honestly, good work. But, can I suggest having more "Suits" its kinda dull only having a few different colors on the suits side. When u have like 100 "heads" it kinda makes it seem like u gave up half way through.

Hah, these are cute. Nice work on the tool!

Can you make this sprites 8-directional? I'll pay whatever you want, dude. Those are amazing...

I'm glad you like it so much; thank you the the generous offer.

Unfortunately I have no time for any additional work at the moment. I'm also not sure how it would look for those particular characters tbh, they are designed to be 2-directions. 

In any case a pixel-artist you will hire - who may have more imagination - is free to use pixeldudesmaker's assets however they like. It's CC0 after all (as is everything I've released so far here on


sidenote: I've been thinking about some 4-direction characters recently but I'm not to be trusted with time estimates.

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It affects color of some items (face?) it's only used in 2 or so cases - I guess there was a planned to be used more but I've never added more items in the end :/

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Amazing for prototyping or just in general. Great for making funny/funky/cute looking characters.

just now I realized how I could do overworld encounters and I’m gonna use these guys to both test and maybe use in release. Keep up the good work

you really are genius. i have a plan to make a platformer using your asset generator. thanks a ton man! :)

Thanks; make a fun game :) !

i like it! :D

This is amazing! I used it as a starting point on my own and they're coming out great, if I do say so myself.

Awesome! Share whenever possible, I'd be glad to test the game out.



Dude you are just awesome!!!!!!!! I have started an project with your assets (not only)!!!!

Neat! Good luck with your project!


This is an incredibly awesome tool. Thanks a bunch for this!

Is it possible to directly export as a GIF file? :D


no but you can use imagemagick:

convert a08040205030200.png -crop 16x24 pdm-%02d.png
convert pdm-2[1-7].png -loop 0 -page +0+0 -set dispose previous a08040205030200_running.gif

works like a charm.

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Feel free to extract and use however you want from the app. There are just 2 files: parts.png and base.png. 

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How do you extract this. I am using this in a prototype game and would like to expand the parts database

Imagine if this was in an sandbox game, everyone would look different.


This is a really fun tool to play with!

I like a lot your art and now you make this tool, awesome!! thanks!

amazing tool! hope you will add some more sruff in the future

Hello, first i want to say, amazing tool, but how to export the characters ? Also, will there be a Windows version?

Well, the export button should work already; do you have a problem with that or you mean something else?

As for windows version: not planning right now; but it is doable if people wants it. 

Not sure why they would though - what is your usecase?

So, i made my character, and when i click "export" it does nothing

What browser do you use, what version?

It definitely works this way or another with chrome, firefox and safari.

It's possible you have some setting on for blocking new windows being open?

If this is an internet explorer issue it might take me a bit longer to fix; but I'd take a look over the weekend.

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Is that a gold mine?? Thank you for being a wonderful person and develop this for us sz

thanks, np, hope it'll be useful!


I experimented importing this into my game in game maker studio 2, and wow, this will be awesome! I'll be able to add tons of characters from this, or make randomly generated bad guys. The fact that the characters don't have arms is really actually very useful, because i can put another layer on top of the characters!


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Nice, they look good with the guns! 

The Nuclear Throne characters didn't have hands either for exact same reason and it worked for them.

I'm going to try my hand at creating a game in that sort of style, for both PC and Nintendo Switch. It's really cool to have a good batch of artwork to start with!


I would like to play it

is it possible to have the tool iterate through every combination and output images for every combination? Should be a simple implementation to have it step once, export, step again, export and so on. It would generate a lot of data, but would be a useful option. I'm willing to pay for implementation of that sort.

tldr: Doable, but the best is to just port the whole thing into your game. Drop me an email if you wanna help.


This would generate GBs of data; some of the files would be identical as other ones (e.g. when eyes are covered their colour is not relevant) but checking that would be quite time consuming (O(n²), although if you spend some time on it it could actually be a bunch of ifs so maybe not).

The problem (not a big one) is the platform really. In a browser I cannot cause it to export without your interaction (click - it's made that way so a random website you visit don't push data to your Downloads directory). So I'd have to generate all of them in memory and then push to you but it would require a lot of memory (even more then the output files) - your browser would crash sooner then it's finished. This could be done in batches I guess, I imagine it's not perfect.

I could go with Electron. It would let me to avoid browsers' safety rules (afaik, not 100% sure). Tbh I just don't feel like touching this stuff atm :/; The code that is uploaded right now is minified but the variable names are not shorten (and it's not like there was much comments anyway) so you can unminify it and give it a try. There shouldn't be much changes needed; but it would require learning about Electron.

Finally there is an option to just create a command line version of the tool (I find them easier to include them into your pipeline). Shouldn't take much time but I don't really know if this is what you'd like to use; nor if it'd be useful for anyone else.

That being said: are you sure that you want to ship your game with such an amount of data? If your use-case is "I want a few millions of different characters" than I'd suggest porting the generator to you game and just spawn enemies as you need them during runtime. Your game would be way (WAAAAY) smaller and you'll gain flexibility (removing/adding elements, changing probability of some of them, changing/adding colour-scheme, removing this stupid pirate hat you don't like, making blue-skin enemies resistant to ice-gun, generating procedurally names of the enemies, etc, etc...) and it's not like it's difficult (also fun imo). I'm happy to walk you through or answer any questions about the code over the email or skype if you'd like that - you can drop me an email.

Also, addressing your willingness to pay me money - while appreciated, I'd be happier if you make a fine game.


huh, so much typing, sorry for that XD

cool tool, funny ! :)

A small token of appreciation is paid, very cool stuff!


thanx, now go make something cool! no excuses! :)

This is cool stuff, can be quite useful. Thank you.

I wish i could donate to you right now. but my card won't accept international transactions. 

This is soooooooooooooooooo amazing, well done sir!

This is fantastic - thank you so much for creating it, and for the CC0 license.

This would have been usefull before I animated your sprites by hand XD

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Hehe, I bet it would, sorry for that! 

But the animation here needed to be simpler then what you've done so I could easily combine sprites. The head movement you've got in your game simply looks better - so I guess it was worth it :)

Haha yeah. I cant wait to see what games come out of this. 

BTW, I've continued to work on the prototype I made with your sprites and I was meaning to ask you if you were interested at all in lending a hand with it on any capacity. I would obviously love to have you help with sprites (and there is budget for that) but I do understand that may be a big commitment. I believe the success of my prototype camelot crawl was in large part due to your inspired sprites and would be honored to have you involved on any level of development (from sprites to simply play testing and anywhere in between). If you are at all interested let me know.

Also I will be adding a link to your work in-game, I hope you dont mind...

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I'd love to but I'm just not in the position right now to take any commitment, let alone a big one.  My instant reaction is "yeah sure, sign me in" but this would be unfair, I would fail. Unfortunately I must decline. Hope you understand :(

That being said if you're stuck or have some smaller requests or whatever feel free to drop me an email or post a comment here.

Link is great, thanks :)


Oh my, too perfect, now I regret making 3D games and software



Awesome !!!

This is awesome man! 

What's the licence of the generated spritesheet?


CC0 - do whatever you want. 

As usual: I appreciate credit and sharing a link but it's optional.

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Wow this is amazing!! 

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