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thanks this helped me a lot as a beginner game dev

defo gonna credit you in the game i am working on 🤗

Wow,it's really good

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Why exclude nft usage??? Total put off I find it appalling! We either have full commercial rights or not, why exclude nft developers we create games also. I will not even look in this direction again move with the times or get left behind! 

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Why exclude nft usage???

Because it's a scam and a disgusting burp of capitalism. I don't want either my characters nor myself to be associated with it in any way.

Total put off I find it appalling!

Feeling is mutual. We should celebrate symmetry of the situation :D

We either have full commercial rights or not,

"not" then. I thought it was clear. Wasn't it? I wonder if I should draw an even bigger finger for all the nft crowd so it's more obvious, what do you think? How big is enough? I need to know.

why exclude nft developers we create games also.

Why, the clause doesn't exclude people but usage. One can imagine an "nft developer" making an actual game after a hard day of scamming people - this would be perfectly fine with the clause I guess.

 I will not even look in this direction again

I'll be more than happy if you keep that word[1]! :D

 move with the times or get left behind!

I expect that in 5 years (or months, who knows?) we';ll have another get-rich-quick-by-exploiting-people scheme. Something being new is not a reason for participating.

Are nfts a short-lived, weird, harmful, short-sighted idiocy, or a permanent part of a dystopian world we're building for ourselves and the posterity? No-one knows; but you don't need to act as you know the future in an attempt to scare-convince me. You'd need actual arguments for that. Oh, and better ones then the usual crap I get from the likes of you.

Hope that answers your question, and our understanding of each other's got improved.

[1] If you decide to break your promise, please try to improve interpunction. I don't mind mistakes (we all make plenty), but it's sometimes difficult to understand you. I'm very much interested in understanding a fellow human being, even if they are wrong, and especially if they disagree with me - and here you do both of those so \o/

Have a good day :)


I'm sure you not the person I'm responding here (they're supposed to not look in this direction after all) but if you're still interested in the topic - regardless of whether you agree with me or not - you can read Why NFTs are bad: the long version.

Feeling is mutual. We should celebrate symmetry of the situation :D

0x72, I admire you much more now because of your response, had me cracking and it's so nice to see (most of the) art community stand against all that capitalistic BS. Cheers :)

My only regret is I've spent too much time responding to them instead of spending time doing... well, anything else. But what's done is done; I try to not engage anymore.

Indeed, the community's response is so much better than I've anticipated. I should have more faith in people.

Anyway, Thanks for the kind words, but no admiration please, I'm blushing!


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I've deleted your tantrum messages and banned you from here because of ad hominems, lies, spreading propaganda and treating this comment section as a place to lure more victims.

I've got no time for arguing with likes of you.

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NFT = scam (and wasteful)

Go make your own art and sell it as NFT scammer. You actually have the mind to go to another artists page and get mad at them for not allowing you to make NFTs with art you have not contributed to. Take yourself elsewhere. You are on this site to get over on people and you will get called out.  To use any art as NFT you will need to ask the artist directly and is in no way different than selling the assets by themselves which almost NO ARTIST will allow you to do for free. 

Go make your own art and sell it as NFT scammer. You actually have the mind to go to another artists page and get mad at them for not allowing you to make NFTs with art you have not contributed to. Take yourself elsewhere. You are on this site to get over on people and you will get called out.  To use any art as NFT you will need to ask the artist directly and is in no way different than selling the assets by themselves which almost NO ARTIST will allow you to do for free. 

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dont put caps lock please

What is the "caps lock" mean here? Asking for too much?I'm Chinese ,don't real know it's mean in your culture.

So called "Caps lock" is UPPERCASE letters when more than 2 are used in a word. i tried at least explaining it

That is awkward,i didn't notice his comment is all uppercase. I thought there was some extension mean.Thanks for your patience explaining.I must sounds like a idiot.

1 no problem 2 you arent! you are just learning.

the best program to create sprites

(yeah and its 10/10!)

im a bit of an idiot and new to this sort of thing, is there any way i can download them as a gif with their animations? if anybody can help please do

uh, you cant download an animation as a gif, but you can download frames (and make it into a gif!)! :)

Will it be possible one day to add custom base/heads/faces, or accept community-created content for that? It would be really cool to have things like robe hoods, viking helmets, etc.

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you can already! export config, modify, and import it - still needs some work, but basics like adding hats should work

Interesting, thanks! Might need to look into it some more to figure out how to use it properly.


for time travelers messing around:

in app.js

``getAnimX0`` && ``ModF`` -> Add if's for each animation. return is offset, mod is animation len

``btn.addEventListener("click"`` -> Add elif chains for animations

``TODO:`` -> add animation exports

in conf:

add offsets for each animation in the parts object.

heads are 8x8, all initial placement must be the same for all bases.

Great project, a bit unextensible but I don't think it was made to be for others in the first place :)

PS. A nice day was had, Thank you

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I'm making a scratch game with this, i'll send the link soon


Did you ever make it?


Can i see?

still working on it , its gonna take a year

A year for a Scratch game?


This generator is really amazing ! I think i'm gonna use your assets to make a game prototype (i love pixel art games especially when using the simplest color palettes) :) your different projects are all stunning, what a talent...


What an absolute time saver.


Nice Work~~~



I Used Your Amazing Tool For a GMS Horizontal Movement Tutorial... Thanks.


Amazing <3

The app was updated so now you can also <b>export zip</b> to get all the frames separated right from the generator :)


OH Yeah. Now i See!!

I'm Using it Now for a New Game (Can Be my New Game...) Thanks!!.



you're the best 

*You* are the best!

Un crack al dejar estos bellos personajes a disposición!! yo pretendo usarlos para hacer un juego de cartas xd pero mas que programador soy ilustrador y tengo muchos dibujos de rostros, bigotes, orejas, cabellos, narices, etc. Mi pregunta es como puedo lograr algo como esto? poner todas esas ilustraciones para que las genere de manera random, como lo hace acá.  O al menos como se llama eso para buscarlo en YouTube, disculpen mi ignorancia y gracias de antemano 

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Gracias! Buscar por algo como “como programar” o “elegir primero lenguaje de programación” o parecidos . 

la mejor lenguaje es lo que tienes un amigo que lo sabe. Si no lo tienes - todas están bien si hay un curso o vídeos con explicaciones en idioma que quieres.

pixeldudes maker está escrito en JavaScript - sólo porque es lo que conozco.

Disculpen mi español, no está bien.

Your Spanish is Fine! Are you sharing the code somewhere? I'd really like to have à look!

tu español no esta nada mal

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While I appreciate the sentiment and you’re free to do as you wish, I just wanted you to be aware that the prohibition on NFT use means that your license can’t qualify as open source (or any of its cousin terms like Libre which are basically the same thing in different words).

The problem is clause 6 of the Open Source Definition, which the prohibition on evil in the JSLint license also tripped over:

No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor

The license must not restrict anyone from making use of the program in a specific field of endeavor. For example, it may not restrict the program from being used in a business, or from being used for genetic research.

(Also, if you decide to change it, I highly recommend going for a standard license. Even some standard ones are landmines in jurisdictions like Germany where you have to tie yourself in knots to explicitly give up various legal protections and protect downstream users from your right to sue them over privileges the law decides to retroactively grant you in the future. For example, CC0 is much preferable to The Unlicense for exactly that reason.)


If disallowing scams in my license is a not enough freedom for someone to label me something. I’m fine with it.

Btw PDM code was never open source; it’s only about pixels.

The problem with the evil clause was that people who do evil won’t see those actions as evil (be it nfts, stealing money, murdering people or the planet) so the clause was too vague to be applicable.


The ambiguity of legally defining “evil” was the bigger problem, but not the only one.

Either way, I highly value being able to pass on the right for other people to carve up my projects and remix the pieces without any unusual license terms, so PDM is still unsuitable for my use-causes.


I hear you.

I'm fine with it.

I don't believe that "Open Source" always has to mean exactly what the Open Source Initiative claims, they have not trademarked the term or something like that.
I think it's very weird to make unfounded complaints on a project that is giving you free access to things. Better to just show gratitude instead!

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They created the term and, from what I remember, it would be a registered trademark if not for a whim of the trademark office deciding it was just a little too generic for them to feel comfortable granting a trademark registration for.

(“Creative Commons” wasn’t too generic.)

I believe it should be a standard term and, even if you disagree, a great deal of the term’s value comes from being basically identical to the definition of Free Software as defined by the FSF’s Four Software Freedoms and Debian Linux’s Debian Free Software Guidelines, except couched in more apolitical language, less confusable with “free as in price”, that companies can feel comfortable with.

Freedom 0 of the Four Software Freedoms is “The freedom to run the program for any purpose.” and point 6 of the DFSG is “No discrimination against fields of endeavor, like commercial use.”

Aside from that, culturally, it’s de facto standardized to be what’s laid out in the OSD and if you try to undermine its meaning like that, you’re just setting yourself up to be seen as a bad-faith actor who’s trying to cheat the system… similar to Microsoft’s “Shared Source” initiative.

(Or like the extreme feminists who get upset when their spin-doctoring of “feminism” backfires and people decide “I guess I was mistaken about being a feminist” and go looking for new words like “egalitarian” rather following along with the shifting definition of the word they originally chose.)

Fundamentally, the principles that were laid out are intended to allow software to behave like mathematics. You don’t get to use the pythagorean theorem for free normally, but have to pay a license fee if you decide to use it for NFT purposes.

If the OSI were to change the OSD to allow restrictions like that, it’s very likely that people would reject the changed version, declare the OSI to have become infiltrated by corporate influences, and start referring to the current version of the OSD (Version 1.9, last modified, 2007-03-22) as the authoritative definition of what “open source” is.


I'm sure we could have a fun debate about license technicalities or rms's and Kant's disregard to consequences. Nothing wrong with a small talk. It's just that I already don't know what your point is.

Also: your anti-feminist non sequitur is not appreciated

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I’m sure we could have a fun debate about license technicalities or rms’s and Kant’s disregard to consequences. Nothing wrong with a small talk. It’s just that I already don’t know what your point is.

My point is that “Open Source” has an agreed-upon definition and companies have a history of trying to language-lawyer and spin-doctor it in bad faith in the past (both directly and through terms like “Shared Source”, “Open Core”, etc.), so odds are that anyone who tries to argue the definition is just going to be assumed to be a bad-faith actor by the community at large.

Also: your anti-feminist non sequitur is not appreciated

I proudly call myself a feminist. My issue is with extremists (feminist or otherwise) ruining that and other terms for the rest of us in their attempts to “voodoo doll” people’s perceptions and affiliations by spin-doctoring the language.

In fact, if you look at it fully generally, it’s the same phenomenon which drives what Steven Pinker dubbed the euphemism treadmill. People keep trying to escape the bad associations of words but, because the “bad thoughts” and “bad intentions” (to borrow George Carlin’s phrasing) remain, the euphemism eventually takes on the same corrupted association as society acclimatizes to using it.

(In a sense, it’s yet another expression of humans looking for simple solutions to complex problems.)

I don’t believe it’s a non-sequitur because, from the beginning, I’ve been talking about terminology and how people see its use.

Likewise, I’ll readily admit that RMS is an extremist, and I think his argument that “Linux” should be called “GNU/Linux” is based on a deceptive and unhelpful definition of what is and isn’t part of an operating system and completely ignores the relationship between humans and syllable counts in English terms.

(Seriously. X11 contributes more to the platform than GNU, but he hand-waves that by declaring that you don’t need a GUI to self-host operating system development with console emacs and GCC (which is a not insignificant part of GNU’s size) counts as part of the OS despite not being installed on most systems unless you need it to compile the nVidia proprietary driver’s “GPL condom” because the definition of an OS is, according to him, everything you need to self-host its development and not one jot more. …and if you want to talk about it from a binary compatibility standpoint, then it should still be glibc/Linux or X11/Linux, not GNU/Linux.)

I like this guy.

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Love the update, could you make some more bases (similar to the ones in your dungeon tileset) i.e. larger

Great idea ^^


Awesome update, I used this tool as a base for the sprites in a little game I made for a jam.

Thank you so much for this very cool and awesome artwork <3

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Thanks for making this available to everyone! I used this to make the hero in my game for Metroidvania Month Jam 13:

This is very cool. I can buy this tool ?. i can change picture input ?


<3 Very cool tool! More customization pls


Amazing tool! one thing though, even if it’s x16, when I tried to use id on Unity for a grid size object (16x16) some sprites are way bigger (specially the ones with hats). Do you know any workaround? I just need a SpriteRenderer to be 16x16

well, the idea is they are to be used on a level that is build of 16x16 tiles but the characters themselves are 16x24 so they kinda spill out to the top tile.

this works well both from 3/4 tilted view (like nuclear throne, crypt of necrodancer, enter the gungeon and similar) or entirely side view (most platformers, Mario could be 2 tiles big after eating the shroom!) 

Don’t know your use-case but hopefully it helps :)

thanks for the fast answer! yes, I understand. I’ll see what I can do. thanks again for the help :)

whew this is so cool. I'm probably gonna make a game with this!

Deleted 2 years ago

yeah, you free to use it however you want


it is beautiful



Lmao its funny


Very noice.


Can you make a custom dude?


You can make a custom dude with :)


I made this game with these, thanks dude. You awesome :)

may i use the character i made in my games?

yes, this is the whole point

ok, phew. lol


nice job with the different customizations!

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Can I get the source?

Feel free download the app from itch; I don't have anything else.


wheres the download?



amazing tool!

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