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Hey man! Thank you so much for this amazing art. I have had trouble with tile-sets before but this is perfect. I recently decided to join a jam and ran into this. Thank you so much for  this! 

thanks! congrats on finishing the jam! always feels good : )

Hi mate!, i am a videogame addict who decided to take that addiction to a better path, so im starting to learn how to develop a videogame, i have come to an idea mixing up some old retro game with d&D stuff.

I have found your assets and i gotta say im not good at drawing pixel art, so may I use your assets? im still going to add some more spritesheets in order to complete this game, but most of them could be yours, is it ok?

Regards and keep the greath work!


Sure thing! That's why I put it here : ) Have fun and good luck with your project; making games is awesome! :D

Great assets! Can you explain how the frames are arranged in the lizard hero sprite though? Thanks!

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Um, yeah, like every other hero it's 9 frames:

"idle" (4 frames)
"run" (4 frames)
"hit" (1 frame)

I've seen people using them differently sometimes though - e.g. only using the first one and manipulate transformations etc.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for making those wonderful dungeon tilesets! The participants of our jam had to make a game using it as it was the theme!

Ha! Amazing, hope you had great time.

3 hours? You guys are crazy! XD

Fantastic tileset and characters! I used one of them as my player in a code-along in Thank you for sharing it!

Godot \o/

Cool game, thanks for writing it!

Hi 0x72, do you have an email address or social media I can reach you on? Cool art by the way :-D

What size are the art?


The tileset size of this pack is 16x16

Thank you for your amazing art! I've been using this tileset to experiment with 2D sprite animations for a personal project:

Heck, I need to get less lazy and learn Rust one day!

This is amazing, thank you soooo much!!

Hi, I loved your 2D art and made some modifications, could you add it to your list please?

I also made a game using some of your sprites :D

Congrats on releasing the game.

Also: added : )

you are amazing, thank you so much for this

just what i"m after thanks for making an amazing tile set sorry i could not donate i don't have an money though when i get some i will

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Thanks for the kind words. Don't stress about money too much. It's free on purpose :) Go makes awesome games!


This an amazing asset thank you very much for it.

Here is a little arena action game that I made:

Cool game! Great it uses Godot!

Got killed by a magician.

It appears as though we weren't the only ones who used your tileset in our submission to the GMTK Game Jam. Although we only used your first tileset, we're still extremely grateful, and it significantly improved the quality of our game! Here's the link if anyone is curious:

Hi! Looks like a lot of people used your tileset for the GMTK game jam! Our team did too, and we made this game:

Yeah, this is one hellova tileset! Here's the game we made:

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Thank you so much for the tileset, we used it for another jam! We added new animations this time, in this one you play as the knight and can turn into the big demon!


So many gmtk2020 entries! Also: did I just blow up like a baloon? O.o gore!

Hi! I use your tileset on a gamejam I recently joined . Thank you !

Thank you for this beautiful tileset!

Here is a game where you control the zombie dude:

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So much inertia, I've managed to gathered 31 coins : )

Thanks so much for this great tileset! I used it (yet another) game jam game:

Go Godot! 

Also, I like being a monster - great idea : )

Thanks so much for checking it out! :-)

Hey, I used one of your assets and modified it cuz i just couldn't draw it after 1000000 attempts lol. Anyways... Here's the link if u wanna check it out!

haha, love the hairstyle XD

Hi dude, really cool art! I've decided to make a game based on it (slighlty modified).

If you want to have a look:

Hey! looks cool, but I'm unable to figure out how to attack, I feel dumb today o.O

Oh, must be my fault, it's not clear maybe, but you have to find the sword first (that's why you can easily avoid enemies at the floor 2).

Hi, I'm developing an Android game with your assets.

I haven't implemented all the enemies, habilities, skills, store... yet. But this is how the game will look like (this is only a basic version).

Hope you like it, you can check it out here:


Hey there, congrats for your nice work, I love your imaginary. I'm working on my "big" project starting from your set.
Have a look, I would also like to collaborate with you sometime.


Hi there! Looks great! but performance issues make it barely playable for me.. My guess it'd be better if it were a native version; dunno.

Anyway, don't worry about performance too much at this stage of your project and keep up the great work!


Uh, I guess you played on a mobile device this browser version? Cause on my laptop it runs smooth, and if I install the apk on my android it's the same

Amazing just used in a game, you are a brilliant artist!

Hey fam, thanks for this amazing tileset. I've used this and the first version in my game.

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Great work, keep up the great work!

Tiny suggestion: when skipping messages I'd expect the first click to show me the whole text and the next to actually skip the text-window; this is useful for me when I can read faster then the text animation and I'm impatient but I actually do care about the story/messages.

also: it actually was shifted 2px to the right XD XD XD

Thanks for the feedback, I didn't think about that cause I was in a hurry. And shhhhhshh! No spoilers ;)

Here's a project I made with your artwork!

Looks polished and cool.

But I rage-quit very early because of those bloody spikes...

Sorry : )

Haha! Patience is all you need to get past that corridor. Thanks for playing though!

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very good

This set rocks

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I did a stealth game using only your assets for graphics.
That was a pleasure to wrote the music for them!

You can try the game here:
There is also a trailer :P

Super cool!

Found a bug: I've encountered invisible walls in level 3 and also got stuck there (as in, my character does not move any more) : (

anyway; keep up the great work!

Thanks! I will keep it up. I'm curios what is a feeling when you play the game with your assets :D

About bug: Daaamn, is there any chance of screenshot where I can find this bug? Hope that didn't ruined your play, you can always restart level using "R" key or back to menu and select level

It did screw my run, and I didn't know about the "R", but you can go to any level at any time so not a big deal (also, space for the pause? this is weird :))

As of the feeling - I get a bunch of those every now and then, so maybe not as enthusiastic like the first time, but it does bring a smile on my face every single time! thank you!

I used space, because itch is disabling ESC button for HTML5 games :p
Great I brought a smile to your face! Keep you work, you are creating great assets!
Thanks for feedback!

Hi! I want to know if there's any way to contact you for requests. Also, i loved your sprites.

Thank you! ^_^

My email is there at but I don't accept jobs currently (working on a new project, not enough time). I could do something to improve one of my tileset, so it benefits all the users. If you have any particular and not too big of an idea, just drop a comment here. No promises though.

Awe, thanks bru for the update.

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You absolute legend, this sprite pack is so thoughtfully layed out and I have found it very easy to work with. Nice art, mechanically sound. Props to you. The only issue Ive found is that in the text document for 1.3 that lists the postitions/sizes there is a double space after "hole" in the list, this can disrupt some data parsing methods, such as splitting by spaces.


Thank you, both for the kind words and for letting me know about the bug.

fixed in 1.3.1!

Cool asssets

You're on fire! So many games :) keep up great work :)

used your pack for our first official game. love the art and please do check out our game :D

Man, so intense; the music and all!

My poor heart!

Fun and all, and difficult.

I love the glowing eyes that chase you from the darkness.


Restarting the game from menu (after I died) didn't work, but might be related to the fact I was using wine, reporting anyway.

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Thank you.
This asset is really impressive for its quality and the inspiration it provoked! thank you, i made a 48 hour gam jam with your assets :)

I was killed by the boss, don't worry, it happens to me all the time.

Little bit too dark imo, although, it's in the name so I guess it makes sense : )

Thank you for creating this asset. I developed a little android app with it. You can find it by clicking the badge on the following site:

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No android phone around to test it but look cool.

I see it's you first thing you've released in the Play store, Herzliche Glückwünsche!


A windows desktop version is now available. Hope you can test it now.

Thank you for this beautiful assets <3 We created a small roguelike with it:


Cool, love the screen shake.

I just need the dead screen so I can confirm the level I've managed to get to.

Otherwise perfect! :D

it is possible to order and cooperate privately, if so please contact

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Hi there Bartek.

I currently don't accept commissions. Sorry, I'm rather overworked recently.

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Someone did a magnificent artwork inspired from the knight sprite:

in the community hub of Selfless Heroes on Steam

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Wow! this is super-cool : ) Thanks for sharing!


Hey there, me again lol, This time, I used ur assets as INSPIRATION, check it out lmao thx

Hello, I am quite new to game development and I want to use your wonderful spritepack to make a little game for myself to experiment with things and learn about game development. I've been trying to import your pack into unity and looked at a few different tutorials. but usually I end up with wrong sprites since in the one image there are 16x16 sprites and bigger ones (like the ogres) so unity cuts them up.. am I missing something here or should I alter them all manually in the sprite editor?

I doubt that Unity does not have tools for cutting sprites of variable sizes but I must admit I know next to nothing about Unity. 

There is a chance that someone will help you here in the comments (guys, feel free to step up!) but you'd have better chance in some unity forum.

So you want to cut the sprites from the spritesheet?

Show some image so I could help you. I ended up making sprites for every frame of animation and if you want I can send you all the folder with everything ordered.

If you were so kind and put it up as a project on itch, I'd link to that from here and send all the unity folks there :)


Just follow the instructions. In asset might be some new tile that I've made if you want to use it.


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